Welcome to "The Sweet Guide to Making Candied Roses"! Have you ever marveled at the exquisite beauty of candied roses adorning elegant cakes and desserts? Then you will be delighted to embark on this delightful journey with us. This detailed guide will guide you through creating these stunning confectionery masterpieces.

In this text, we will reveal how to make sugared roses. You can make sugared works of art that will leave your guests in awe. Are you an experienced baker looking to add a new skill to your repertoire? Or are you an eager beginner looking to discover the world of sugar art? Either way, this guide will help you at any level of expertise.

Get ready to unleash your creativity. After all, we will share with you instructions on how to make sugared petals. Not only do they look adorable, but they also taste amazing. Let's dive into the world of sugar and petals. Let the magic of sugar roses unfold before your eyes!

Which Types of Roses are Edible?

edible roses

Several types of roses are edible and safe for consumption. However, it's crucial to ensure that the roses you use for culinary purposes are free from pesticides, herbicides, or any chemicals that could be harmful when ingested. The most commonly used edible roses include:

  • Rosa damascena. You may also know it as the damask rose. It has fragrant and delicious petals. People often use them as candied rose petals. But additionally, you can use them for making rose water.
  • Rosa centifolia. Known as the Cabbage rose. It has large, full flowers with a sweet fragrance. It makes it suitable for candying and sweet.
  • Rosa gallica. Rosa gallica is historically used for medicinal purposes. It imparts a slightly bitter flavor, perfect for the candying process.
  • Rosa rugosa. Rosa Rugosa has a subtle apple flavor. It is also great for making desserts.

Always keep an eye on the roses you choose to eat. They should be organic and safe for food purposes. At our Rosaholics store, you will find only quality and organic roses. We grow them on our home farm, so they are safe!


How to Make Petals Candied?

how to make sugared roses

Exquisitely candied rose petals are not only a stunning garnish for desserts. It is also a delightful treat in its own right. Many people praise the taste and flavor of rose petal candy.


The art of candying the petals allows you to preserve roses' natural beauty and essence. However, in doing so, you can turn them into sugar candy. They are enchanting to both the eye and the taste buds.


Below, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating these edible gems. We will give you the necessary techniques and tips for success. So whether you're looking to decorate a cake, add elegance to a cocktail, or simply indulge in a flavorful snack, learning about candied rose petals will open up a world of creative possibilities.


Making Ready All Necessary Equipment

You probably want to learn how to make sugared roses as soon as possible. But first, you need to gather all the necessary equipment. This way, you can make the process smooth and enjoyable. Preparation plays a key role in achieving the perfect candied petals. Here's what you'll need:

  • Roses. Choose fresh roses that are pesticide-free. Make sure they are safe to eat.
  • A small brush. You will use it to coat the rose petals with beaten egg white, providing a sticky surface for the sugar.
  • Beaten egg white. Lightly beat the egg white until frothy, creating the adhesive for the sugar to adhere to the petals.
  • Superfine granulated sugar. Opt for this type of sugar as it dissolves quickly, giving the petals a smoother finish.
  • Wire rack or parchment paper. Choose a suitable surface for drying sugared roses. They should not stick and should retain their shape.
  • A clean, dry bowl. Use this to hold the beaten egg white, making it easier to dip the petals.


Prepare all these items. You will be ready to embark on a journey of sugared petals. You will be able to create exquisite edible works of art.


Preparing the Sugaring Mixture

Preparing the sugaring mixture is a crucial step in candying rose petals. To prepare this delicious mixture, lightly beat the egg white. You must form a foam with the egg white. The frothed egg white will serve as the adhesive. It allows the superfine granulated sugar to adhere to the rose petals evenly.


Dip each petal into the beaten egg white, coating both sides evenly. Next, gently sprinkle the superfine sugar over the moistened petal, covering it entirely. The sugaring mixture is the heart of the candying process, providing the roses with their enchanting sugary coating and transforming them into delightful confections.


Coating and Drying Techniques for Rose Petals

The coating and drying of sugared roses are the final stages. They allow you to bring your confectionery creations to life.


Gently sprinkle each petal with powdered sugar. Achieve an even and delicate coating that preserves the beauty of the petals. Once coated, place the sugared petals on a wire rack or parchment paper in a cool, dry area to dry for at least 24 to 36 hours. Be patient during this process to achieve the desired crispness and longevity. Avoid touching or moving the petals while drying to prevent damage.


Once completely dry, store rose petal candy in an airtight container. For better preservation, put parchment paper between the layers. This way, you get an attractive look and charming flavor.


Useful Tips for Handmade Sugared Roses 

candied rose petal

Creating handmade sugared petals is a delightful and rewarding process. It allows you to add elegance and sweetness to your culinary creations. To ensure your sugar roses turn out as beautifully as possible, here are some helpful tips:


Use Fresh and Organic roses

Choose fresh, pesticide-free roses with petals that are at their peak. It is best to choose organic roses to ensure they are safe for consumption.


Avoid Humid Conditions

Humidity can affect the sugaring process. It will make it difficult for the petals to dry properly. Choose a dry and cool place for drying.


Work With One Petal at a Time

Want to keep the petals from drying out before you sprinkle sugar on them? Then work with one petal at a time during the coating process.


Use Premium Sugar

Premium granulated sugar is best for sugaring rose petals. It dissolves quickly and provides a smoother surface.


Remove Excess Sugar

After dusting each petal with sugar, gently shake off the excess sugar. The coating should be even and delicate.


Preserve the Candied Roses

Once the sugared roses are completely dry, store them in an airtight container. Place parchment paper between the layers to prevent sticking. Store them in a cool and dry place.


Experiment with Flavors

The traditional way to make candy is to use regular granulated sugar. But feel free to experiment with other flavors. Try using granulated sugar or add edible flower essence to the mix. You can get unique and delightful results.


Combine Colors

Create a stunning composition from candied rose petals. Use rose petals of different colors. The combination of hues will give your desserts a charming look.


Be Mindful of Allergies

Are you going to serve your creations to other people? Then make sure you know people's possible allergic reactions before serving.


Use Candied Roses Wisely

Candied roses are very fragile and can become sticky when wet. Use them as a final garnish just before serving to preserve their beauty.


Keep these helpful tips in mind. This way, you will be able to create exquisite handmade candied roses. They are sure to impress both the eye and the taste buds. Enjoy the art of sugarcraft. Let your creativity flourish as you create these delightful edible treasures!


A Few Words from Rosaholics

At Rosaholics, we passionately believe in roses' enchanting beauty and timeless elegance. We are proud to carry a wide variety of roses in our store. You'll find different colors and even lengths. With us, you will find the perfect roses for your rose petal candy.


Adhering to the principle of quality and freshness, we source our roses from our home farm. It ensures that each flower is at its peak when it arrives on your doorstep. In addition to roses, our collection includes other flowers to complete your floral fantasies.


At Rosaholics, we understand the significance of flowers and the emotions they convey. That is why we strive to provide an unforgettable experience. We will deliver not only exquisite flowers but also cherished memories. Learn the language of flowers with Rosaholics, where your floral desires come true.



How long can you keep sugared rose petals?

Sugared rose petals can be kept for 1 to 2 months in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Are rose petals ok to eat?

Yes, rose petals from edible varieties like Rosa damascena or Rosa centifolia are safe to eat.

What do sugared flowers taste like?

Sugared flowers have a delicately sweet flavor that enhances their natural floral essence.

Can you use other edible flowers for sugaring besides roses?

Yes, you can use other edible flowers like violets, lavender, pansies, hibiscus, and calendula for sugaring.


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