It's that time of year again. Valentine's day💞 is just around the corner, and love is already in the air. This day is the traditional holiday of love and romance. 

Usually, this holiday conjures up distinctive gifts. These include flowers, chocolates, and signed cards. But don't be afraid to be a little creative! Also, to the present, think about Valentine's day things to do. Whether you're in a committed relationship or just starting to explore your romantic feelings for someone, it can be hard to decide what to do for Valentine's day

Do you want the day to go smoothly and leave lasting memories? Those memories will make your heart happy. That's why we have prepared this guide with the best things to do for Valentine's day. Here we'll review some activities and ideas to help make your holiday party a Cupid's Pride! With our tips, the holiday will be exceptional!

Keep reading to find out the best ways to celebrate Valentine's Day 2023 for your partner or loved one! 


#1 Have a Picnic


Thinking of Valentine's day things to do? Why not have a romantic picnic? Go to the park in nature or indoors by candlelight. You and your loved one can get some privacy for a good time. 

Take some gourmet sandwiches and salads. You can prepare them yourself. Remember the chocolate-covered strawberries! Top the day with champagne and prepare for a picturesque, romantic setting. 


be mine

#2 Cute Notes Around the House 

Valentine's day is a memorable holiday. You need to spend it with the people you love. But what if you can't spend this holiday at home? Leave sticky love notes all over the house. It's a cute Valentine's day idea to show the importance and specialness of your loved ones. 


couple feeds each other

#3 Feed Each Other

Valentine's day is romantic. That means you should show your appreciation to your loved one as much as possible. So why not make a special meal that you can feed each other? 

Feeding each other not only looks cute, but it's a great way to bring you two closer together. You can choose your partner's favorite dish or try something new. These intimate Valentine's day ideas for couples will be meaningful and romantic. 


coctail in the glass

#4 Create Your Cocktail

Why not spice up your special Valentine's Day celebration? One of the things to do for Valentine's day is to create your unique cocktail. It can be a symbolic way to bring the two of you together. You can use different products that the two of you like. Among them, we can highlight the following:

  • spirits;
  • fruit;
  • different syrups.
Rose Petals on the Bed

#5 Rose Petals on the Bed

You can create a Valentine's Day atmosphere with rose petals on the bed. It is a creative and romantic way to show your love. It can instantly turn your bedroom into a unique atmosphere of love. 

It is a romantic yet cute Valentine's day idea. Choose the color of roses that your other half likes best. Arrange them all over the bed in a pattern.


sunset dinner

#6 Cruise With Sunset Dinner 

Give your loved one something special on Valentine's day. For example, one cute Valentine's day idea is a romantic sunset dinner cruise. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking view of the local scenery. You will dine on delicious food prepared by an attentive chef. You can talk about your future and reminisce about the extraordinary past. 


live music

#7 Enjoy Live Music Non-stop

Are you looking for something unique and fun for Valentine's day? Then attend your nearest music event. Spend a night of romance non-stop thanks to a variety of romantic ballads performed by artists. It's a fun idea for Valentine's day that you'll enjoy. 


couple on the ferris wheel


#8 Kiss on the Ferris Wheel

Valentine's day is just around the corner, so you need to find things to do. Why not try a ride on the Ferris wheel? It's the perfect combination of romance and excitement. This unique experience can be a memory to last a lifetime. 

On a clear night, the view from the window can be breathtaking. You and your loved one will get an intimate setting to share a special moment - like a kiss or a proposal! 


romantic dinner

#9 Try a Movie Theater With Wine and Dinner

If you're looking for something unique, why not visit a movie theater with wine and dinner? These movie theaters offer couples a luxurious experience. They go far beyond the traditional popcorn and soda format. 


bathroom with a couple

#10 Turn Your Bathroom Into a SPA 

Feeling like you need to relax on this romantic day of the year? Then one idea for couples this Valentine's day is to turn your bathroom into a SPA! It could be a great way to pamper the two of you on Valentine's Day! 



Walk Holding Hands

#11 A Walk Holding Hands

A walk is a perfect thing to do for Valentine's day. A stroll along the waterfront or a picturesque park can be the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations. The simple act of walking hand in hand can be incredibly romantic.



lottery tickets

#12 Buy a Lottery Ticket 

Buying a lottery ticket is a fun idea for Valentine's day. Plus, it can bring huge winnings! Your adventure is sure to cause a lot of laughter and joy. Spend this valuable time with your significant other.



couple is playing in the game

#13 Play the Game

Thinking of what to do for Valentine's day? Why not try playing games? From board games to more romantic games, you can find something sure to pique the interest of the two of you. Even if one of you ends up being the winner, playing a game together is sure to be rewarding. 


volunteer t-shirt

#14 Volunteering Together 

One of Valentine's day things to do is to volunteer! Acting kindly without expecting anything in return can bring a person closer to someone they care about. Use this Valentine's Day to show your love in every sense of the word. 



man is kissing a woman

#15 Go Stargazing

One of the most romantic Valentine's day ideas is stargazing. Stargazing allows couples to enjoy the beauty of the starry night sky and appreciate a moment of peace and wonder together.




waffles at the table

#16 Install a Waffle Bar

Are you looking for fun ideas for Valentine's day? Try setting up a waffle bar! All you need is the following:

  • A waffle maker
  • A few heart-shaped molds
  • Your favorite toppings. 

Get creative and offer a variety of toppings. 


Scrapbook of Relationship

#17 Make a Scrapbook of Your Relationship

Try making a scrapbook of your relationship on that particular day. You can put photos of special moments you've experienced as a couple. You can add tickets from events you attended together. These are cute Valentine's day ideas.


making something together

#18 Make Something Together 

Making something together is a great way to do something together. It's intimate and personal, and the results can be used for years! With some tools and materials, you can make anything from a woven centerpiece for the dinner table to scented bath bombs that you can use together. 


couple is cooking together

#19 Cook Dinner Together

Valentine's day things to do is to cook dinner together. Not only does it provide an opportunity to spend quality time together. It's a productive way to show your loved one how much you care about them. Plus, you can enjoy a delicious meal you cooked with your partner! 


I love you mom

#20 Write Love Letters to Each Other

Writing a love letter is a great way to put your sincere emotions into words. By reflecting on the moments that brought you together, the hardships you overcame, or simply expressing your admiration for his qualities and character traits, you can express how much he means to you in a letter. It is one of the best Valentine's day ideas for couples.



#21 Sing Karaoke

With Valentine's day approaching, couples everywhere are looking for romantic things to do. If you're looking for something fun to do this year, why not try singing from the heart at karaoke? It's not only an enjoyable activity. It's also an excellent opportunity to show your loved one how much they mean to you! 


smiling couple

#22 Recreate Your Favorite Date 

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to recreate your favorite date. Put some effort into it and think about what activities or moments were the most. Consider spending a little more money to make the event even more special than the first time. Then this Valentine's day idea will be perfect for you.


cabin in the wood

#23 Rent a Cozy Cabin in the Woods

Planning the perfect Valentine's Day can be stressful. Why not make it stress-free by booking a cozy cabin in the woods? You don't have to try to organize the evening. Just take a break from everything and relax with your loved one in nature.  

heart from candles


#24 Fill the House With Candles

What to do for Valentine's day? Do romance, of course! And what could be better than candles? Practically nothing. It's the perfect way to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. 

Choose candles of different sizes, shapes, and scents. This way, you'll decorate your space with a unique flavor. 


dancing couple

#25 Take a Dance Lesson Together

Need more Valentine's day ideas for couples? Together you can have fun learning a new style of dance! A romantic dance lesson can be a delightful way to celebrate your love for each other. 



yoga together

#26 Practice Yoga Together 

Practicing yoga together is a unique way to strengthen the bond between partners. It helps with relaxation and overall well-being. Doing stretching exercises together allows couples to focus on teamwork. This Valentine's day idea is great for building rapport between couples.


smiling couple which is hugging

#27 Have a Fun Photo Shoot

Fun ideas for Valentine's day is a fun photo shoot with your other half. You don't need to be a professional photographer or have expensive equipment. All you need is a camera, fun props, and creativity. 



couple that is reading

#28 Read the Love Story 

Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with a romantic book. Immerse yourself in the power of love stories with your partner. Grab a classic that both you and your partner will enjoy.



couple that is drawing

#29 Plan a Drawing Night

Another cute Valentine's day idea is to have a drawing night. You and your partner will explore your creative side in a relaxed environment. In this case, you will have an exciting experience that will guide and inspire you. 



feet in the water

#30 Splash in the Water Park 

One last Valentine's day thing to do is visit the water park! Experience the thrill of the water rides. Or have fun in the wave pool or soak in the jacuzzi. Enjoy pleasant conversations and walk hand in hand on the beach. All these activities will make a day at any water park exciting.



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Why do people celebrate Valentine's Day with their significant other?

People celebrate Valentine's Day to express their love and appreciation for their significant other. It is a day of romance when people exchange gifts and cards with words of love and sentiment.

Should you give flowers on Valentine's Day?

Giving flowers on Valentine's Day is a timeless way to express love and affection. The gesture can make your significant difference feel special and appreciated. It can be different flowers, from roses to daisies.

How many roses should you choose for a Valentine's Day gift?

It depends on the sentiment you want to convey. A single rose may be enough to express your feelings. A dozen or two roses can signify undying love and devotion.

What is the best way to spend Valentine's Day with your significant other?

There is no single answer. Ultimately, it depends on what your significant other enjoys doing. And also what you both feel comfortable with. Some famous Valentine's Day activities include dinner dates, romantic walks, or spending quality time together at home.

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