Looking for Valentine's Day inspiration? We'll make it easy for you to play Romeo this year with a knockout selection of romantic blooms, including extra long stem roses and gorgeous bouquets perfect for sending family and friends.


But why stop there? We've got your back on some extra ideas for making this V-Day one that your better half will never forget. Check out our list of ideas for making Valentine's Day weekend the best yet!



Start the day by leaving a love note for your sweetheart to find. Loss for words? Keep it short and sweet by listing a few things you admire about your partner. A charming note is the type of keepsake they'll tuck away and cherish for years to come – no matter how bad your handwriting!



In addition to handwritten notes and poems, handmade gifts are always a good idea for Valentine's Day. If you've spent years perfecting a craft, like woodworking, pottery, or painting, consider creating a special keepsake to gift your significant other on Valentine's Day. A handmade gift carries a lot more significance than a generic box of chocolates from the store.

And for those who aren't so crafty, you can't go wrong with a special framed photograph of your first date, first vacation together, or other special occasion. Tip: have the photo professionally printed and framed.



Gifts are great, but making time for your loved one is important, too. Take your better-half out to lunch for a mid-day treat on Valentine's Day. Keep it a surprise and plan something sweet, like a picnic in the park with their favorite foods or the place you had your first date. Tight on time? Pick up a coffee and deliver it to their office to let them know you care, even if their schedule is super busy.



And for the late afternoon or evening, plan a fun activity to do together – something that's new for both of you! Sharing new experiences is a great way to bond. Check out your local community center or tourist office to see what's available in your neck of the woods and pick something that neither of you has done before. For example, sign up for a glass blowing class, scavenger hunt, escape room, hot air balloon, or dance-aerobics class. Even if the activity turns out to be silly, you'll share some laughs and bring some fun into your relationship!



Last but not least – fresh flowers! Long-stem roses are a classic way to express heartfelt love and affection. Even if you've managed to goof up the rest of the big day's surprises, you simply can't go wrong with a stunning bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day.



To make V-Day preparations even sweeter, we've got awesome new collections ready to go! Whether you're playing Romeo or sending flowers to close family and friends, check out our exclusive Valentine's Day Collections for the best ideas on sending bouquets this year.

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June 16, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik