It is a custom to receive flowers on Valentine's Day. And most often, girls are given roses as they are a symbol of love. Therefore, on this day, any girl dreams of seeing a composition of roses. But to admire their beauty for longer, you can use rose petals. The best idea to use fresh rose petals is to create a gift out of them. For example, you can use them as follows:

  • make a home fragrance from them;
  • cover the bed;
  • decorate the table;
  • create a romantic pathway;
  • decorate fruits.

Rose is the queen of flowers. So, to use its petals is to give these flowers a second chance to come to life. Whether you scatter fresh petals or make an original gift from them does not matter. In any case, it looks romantic, glamorous, and unusual. The incredible aroma of roses obliges you to use them for a romantic atmosphere. 

On Valentine's Day, they add a unique fairy tale and feelings between lovers. And a significant rose petal benefit is that they keep their freshness and incredible appearance for a long time. Thus, you can use them in any way.


Guide to Choose Rose Petals

Choosing rose petals is a challenge. After all, the varieties of roses are so diverse that their assortment is endless. You can choose their color in minutes, hours, or days. And each rose petal shade has its special meaning, which leads you into even greater confusion. So, to make it easier to choose rose petals for Valentine’s Day, we have prepared a guide for you:



white roses bouquet

Although the white shade of flowers is classic, white rose petals look pretty unusual. The white color of roses means purity and brightness. So, if you are sure that your feelings come from the heart, give your loved white petals. They talk about sensuality and sincerity.




red roses bouqet

Do you have incredibly hot feelings for your loved one? We are sure that your option is red petals. They are a symbol of deep love, passion, and romance. Their brushed color retains its freshness and incredible attractiveness for a long time.





pink roses bouquet

Unlike red petals, pink ones speak of newly awakened feelings and tender affection. Boys usually give pink rose petals like hidden messages about their affection. So, if you want to express your love, stop at this option.




lavender roses bouquet

Lavender petals are suitable for those who have feelings for a person at first sight. In general, this color of roses is very delicate and sensual. Its elegance remains in memory for a long time. So, you can compliment your girlfriend with lavender petals of beautiful roses.




blue roses boquet

Does your lover prefer unusualness and creativity? Your option is blue rose petals. And it doesn't matter if they are of a light blue shade or dark. In any case, it looks stunning and unexpected. After all, it is not always possible to find petals of this color.




Romantic Ideas To Use Rose Petals for Valentine’s Day

Florists are so fond of floral composition that they have found a way to give flowers a second life. And it's not about changing the water in the vase or cutting the flower stems. It is about the use of rose petals. They are so stable that they can beautify your home for a long time. You can use them as a gift, decoration, or surprise. And in what way? Read below:


Bed with Rose Petals

1. Cover Bed with Rose Petals 

A bed is a romantic place that brings people together. So why not make your bed a place of passion with real rose petals? Scatter the petals on the pillowcase and the floor by the bed. The main thing here is not the petals' color but their number. The more, the better.




Prepare Rose Bath Petals

2. Prepare Rose Bath Petals

Just imagine how you return home after a wonderful time together with your partner. Of course, you want to relax and share your feelings on such a holiday. A bath with rose petals is ideal for this. The main thing is to prepare this surprise in advance and use the brightest petals possible.




Make a Romantic Pathway

3. Make a Romantic Pathway

Do you want to surprise your loved one from the doorstep? Lay out a fairy-tale path of rose petals. You can make it all over the house or place it only in the bedroom. Just remember to make a surprise at the end of such a path.




rose petals in a box

4. Pack a Gift 

Rose petals are a fantastic idea for Valentine's Day. They can make your gift packaging unexpectedly pleasant. Before packing your present in a box, fill it with petals. Its aroma and beauty will impress your partner.





Petals near glass of Champagne

5. Use Petals in Champagne

You can't do without champagne on such a holiday. So, you can use this opportunity. Pour champagne into clear glasses and add some petals. The drink's additional pleasant taste and beauty will add romance to you.





rose bouquet on the car seat

6. Scatter the Petals in the Car

This idea will suit your boyfriend perfectly. Imagine how your boyfriend opens the car door, and everything is in real rose petals there. Could you guess his pleasant emotions? If so, hurry up to choose the color and number of petals for him. With the right choice, your partner will be delighted with such a surprise.





Delicious Ideas to Use Rose Petals 

An interesting fact about roses is that their petals have many benefits. For example, they contain essential oils and vitamin B, which are beneficial for human health. That is why this flower can be found in various beauty and medicinal products. 

When looking for the right rose petals for delicious ideas, look for fresh, chemical-free roses. This is an important rule! But how to get this benefit if you only have fresh rose petals? We have some delicious ideas for you:


Cubes with Rose Petals

1. Ice Cubes with Rose Petals  

You can describe this idea as beautiful and delicious. Freeze ice cubes with colored petals. You can use them simply in a vessel as decoration or add them to a drink. The light aroma and taste of the petals will give you a feeling of euphoria.




tea with petals

2. Tea 

At first glance, this is a classic option. But tea with petals is more than a classic. After all, the romanticism of this idea can appeal to any partner.






cocktail with petals

3. Cocktail

Add a touch of romance with the help of rose petals to your cocktails for your loved one. It will not only give beauty to your drinks but also add flavor to them. The main thing is to choose the petals' shade beautifully and not overdo it with their number.




dessert with petals

4. Cook Dessert 

Probably every girl shows her culinary skills on Valentine's Day. After all, on this day, you want to impress your boyfriend. And to make the surprise really successful, prepare a dessert with rose petals. It will be romantic, delicious, and unexpected at the same time.




ice cream with petals

5. Ice Cream

Do you like ice cream? Why not add some pink rose petals to it? Vanilla or plum ice cream is best. The shade of the petals will be best visible on it.






Decorative Ideas to Use Rose Petals

Roses are such incredible flowers that you can use their petals as decor. Even if you pour them with water in a transparent vase, this will be enough to give the interior freshness. And the most exciting thing is that there are no limits here. You can use as many petals as you like. The main thing is to choose an idea:



1. Garland 

Hanging real rose petals on a thread can be a great decoration for your home. The main thing is to use large petals. Then this ornament will give you romance on Valentine's Day.






red rose on a bed

2. Message on Bed With Rose Petals

Write pleasant words for your partner with the help of petals on the bed. An excellent phrase can be "I love you", "You're the best", or "Love". The main thing is to do it sincerely.





a Fragrance With Rose Petals

3. A Fragrance With Rose Petals

A transparent bowl filled with rose petals can be a wonderful fragrance for your room. Also, it can be used as a decor element to create a romantic atmosphere.






Tender Ideas to Use Rose Petals 

The first thing that lovers associate with Valentine's Day is passion. After that comes tenderness. It is this feeling that brings partners even closer. And to give it features, use rose petals. We have several ideas on how you can use them to create a gentle surprise:



1. Candles 

Candlelight and rose petals are perfectly combined. Scatter the petals around the room and place small candles between them. You will get the highest dose of romance from such an atmosphere.





Balloon Filled with Petals

2. Balloon Filled with Petals

It is a simple but, at the same time, unusual surprise. Fill the balloons with multicolor petals. If you wish, you can burst them and scatter the petals on the floor.






Rose Petals for Bath With Pathway From the Hall

3. Rose Petals for Bath With Pathway From the Hall

Make a pathway of petals. Scatter petals from the corridor directly to the bathroom. It will make your holiday evening hot.







4. Envelope With Rose Petals

Writing a letter about your feelings for your beloved is a great way to get closer. But to give it brightness and romance, pour rose petals into the envelope.






Unusual Ideas to Use Rose Petals


1. Frame 

Do you want to leave a gift with rose petals for Valentine's Day in your partner's memory forever? Place the petals in the shape of a heart on the frame. Or you can make them write "I love you." 





Rose Petal Bath Bombs

2. Rose Petal Bath Bombs

Do you want to prepare an unusual and romantic surprise for your beloved on Valentine's Day? DIY bath bombs with roses are precisely for you. Imagine taking a bath with your partner. You throw these bombs into the bath, and when they dissolve, rose petals open from there. Romantic!




wall art

3. Wall Art 

It is a way to keep roses in your home for years. All you need is tweezers, hot glue, and flower petals. Stick them on the wall in the living room, hallway, or bedroom. You can do it anywhere and in any shape. In any case, it will look incredible. 




Fresh Rose Petals for Valentine's Day by Rosaholics Florists

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Are rose petals romantic?

Of course. Roses are the most romantic flowers that symbolize love. That is why boys often choose these flowers for girls on Valentine's Day.

Can I give rose petals to my boyfriend?

Yes. Boys, like girls, enjoy receiving flowers as a gift. And if you make a path in the bedroom from their petals, your boyfriend will be even happier.

How can I make my bedroom romantic with rose petals?

Place them on the bed in the shape of a heart. Or you can use them to make inscriptions on the floor like "I love you" and "Marry Me."

Which color of rose petals to choose?

It depends on your and your partner's preferences. The most romantic color of roses is red. But if you want something different, you can choose pink or white.

How long do rose petals last in the refrigerator?