One of the easiest and fastest ways to surprise your loved one is to organize a dinner together. Your deed will not go unnoticed. Everyone will be happy to diversify their ordinary day with something interesting. Especially if we are talking about a joint event with a loved one. You can also surprise your beloved with a beautiful bouquet or a bar of delicious chocolate. A weekday is not the best option for a candlelit dinner with your other half. It's better to choose a weekend or Friday night. The more candles, the better. A classic dinner will be romantic if you distribute light around the room. The table should not be full of different viands. Choose light dishes. The table should not be cluttered with all kinds of viands.

How to make a candle light dinner at home for your beloved so he or she will remember it for a lifetime? Very simple. Let's go over all the details of preparing and hosting such a romantic evening. 


Best Places for the Candle Light Dinner

It is important to think of a delicious menu and take into account all the details and little things. Do it to organize a worthy celebration. In the atmosphere of love, you should add romance and passion. Here are very important acts to be able to arrange a romantic dinner correctly. They will help you relax and dive into the fairy tale headlong. Let's discuss such little things for beautiful candle light dinner ideas in more detail:

  • Serve the table. To create a romantic home dinner, it is necessary to set the table beautifully, to choose the right color scheme so that just one look will be associated with the holiday.
  • Get the most beautiful cutlery and glasses. Place candles and flowers in the center of the table.
  • Set the mood. Create the right atmosphere with music. Look for 15-20 romantic, relaxing tunes and songs. You and your partner can have "your own song. It can also be sounds that evoke positive memories and good emotions. Don't forget that.
  • The overall style of the celebration. Pay attention to the room in which you will meet your partner. Of course, you can't rent the apartment's repairs, but you can make adjustments for a candlelit dinner. Move the couch, and make room for dancing.

romantic dinner at home

At Home 

You can do a romantic candle light dinner at your home. It is essential to choose and turn on in time beautiful melodious soft music. Complement and fill your romantic setting with the light of love and tenderness, stylish, elegant candles with flickering lights. Here we have a romantic candlelight dinner, which seems exciting, enchanting, and unusual: 

  • a light casual touch;
  • a sincere smile;
  • excited pleasant words;
  • meaningful glances. 

And she is the main hostess of the romantic dinner - beautiful and eternal, fiery love!

You can make a candle light dinner at home not only with dishes but also with interesting servings. Beautifully fold napkins, and decorate the table with rose petals


romantic dinner at the beach

At the Beach

After the walk along the winding paths, along which grow flowers of divine beauty, go to the seashore, taking a plaid and a basket with provisions. What else do you need for a romantic candle light dinner? Ah, yes, the breathtaking view of the sunset. Followed by the magical wobble of the moon in the evening. It looks like pictures come to life, doesn't it?  You would envy yourself at such hours.


dinner at the lavender field

At the Lavender Field

Purple "sea," captivating with its calm view, stretches near a cozy village. The view is breathtaking in its beauty - lavender, lavender, lavender... Endless...

A trip with a loved one to such a place - isn't it a dream? Especially if you take a basket of food and dine by candlelight with a soft "breathing" field around you. Reading poetry to the crackling of the fire. Looking at the stars, listening to someone's guitar "singing" in the distance. Enjoying the scent of air or tea with smoke. To dream when only moonlight pours from the sky.

Lavender is a fabulous flower that changes color from purple to pink according to the time of the day. Those who have seen it say there could not be a more magical picture: the lavender sea at sunset or dawn.


At the Yacht

At the Yacht

A snow-white yacht, quietly sailing to where the sky touches the sea. On board, the lovers dine by candlelight. The splash of the waves, the light of distant stars, and the whiff of a light summer breeze. To make this candle light dinner idea come true, rent a yacht for a small sea tour. Let it not embarrass you that you are not alone on board. The crew knows how to unobtrusively help you create a dining atmosphere. The captain will make an anchor stop away from the coast, and ... in the world, there seems to be only you two and the vast sea, passing into the night sky. A feeling that is impossible to describe in words. Elegant dinner on the yacht with views of the lights of the night promenade on the one hand and the moonlit path on the other - a beautiful end to the day and the beginning of always a little bit mysterious southern night.


dinner at the bathroom

At the Bathroom

A warm and fragrant bath is a great way to spend a pleasant date, relax, and get closer to each other. You need to create the right atmosphere for a perfect romantic candle light dinner in the bathtub. Read the tips below to do it best:

  • Use bath salts. It will soften the skin, and give the water a beautiful shade and a pleasant aroma. If you want, you can add a bubble bath.
  • Add a scented oil to the water. Lavender oil works best for relaxation, but you can use any other oil.
  • Decorate your bath with rose petals and candles. Be careful with the latter - do not put them near your head.
  • Consider the preparation time. So that the water has not had time to cool down by the beginning of a romantic dinner.
  • Dim the lights. It helps to create the right atmosphere.
  • Prepare a playlist with favorite songs appropriate for a romantic dinner.
  • Consider the menu. The bathroom is not the best place for a hearty meal. Fruit, candies, and a light dessert would work well for dinner by candlelight in the bathroom.

dinner at the tent

At the Tent

Make a tent for a romantic candlelit dinner. It will create an atmosphere of solitude. The whole outside world with its problems must remain outside. It is behind the thin walls of the tent. Follow our instructions to organize a romantic candle light dinner:

  • put up candles;
  • fill the tent with cozy pillows;
  • prepare hot chocolate;
  • make tea with heart-shaped sugar cubes. 

Bonus points if you warm up together by the fire!


couple on the balcony

On the Balcony

Dining al fresco will make any evening charming. If you already have flowers in pots, put candles between them. Bring beautiful furniture to the balcony if the size allows. Prepare luxurious plaids, hot drinks, and warm hugs. You'll need all this when evening comes, and it gets colder.


dinner on the roof

On the Roof

Of course, it's great to have a candlelit dinner on the roof of a skyscraper. But unfortunately, it's not available to everyone. But it doesn't matter. For a romantic dinner, any top will do, where you can lay a blanket and put two glasses on. The main thing is the space and the starry sky.





Best Gifts Ideas

How can the candle light dinner end beautifully? Of course, to please your beloved with a good gift. You can choose a bouquet, perfume, or beautiful jewelry. The man will be happy with a delicious meal or a massage. Read more about good gifts for candle light dinner at home.


Flowers for Candle Light Dinner

Flowers for Candle Light Dinner 

Now there is a huge selection of flowers, ready-made bouquets, and flower arrangements in flower stores. If you do not trust your taste, you can order an individual bouquet from a florist. But you should know that roses are always a win-win. You can also pay attention to more delicate options. They could be hydrangeas or alstroemerias.



Massage for Pleasure

Massage for Pleasure

If you want to make an unusual gift for your loved one, an excellent idea for a romantic gift for them is a massage session. It is the best ending of a romantic candle light dinner. In this case, you can choose a relaxing or restorative massage. And constantly busy man and a gentle, fragile girl will be nice to get into the hands of a professional masseur and, finally, to relieve stress.





It is a win-win idea for a romantic gift. If you're a good drawer, that's great. If not, you can order a portrait from a professional photographer. But be sure to choose the one in which your lover (beloved) likes their pics the most.





Jewellery and white rose


While flowers are usually given mostly to women, men also love jewelry. Especially if you order them from a jeweler according to an exclusive design and, to make the thing unique, decorate it with laser engraving. You can engrave anything, from the date of the meeting to a declaration of love in verse. You can add a beautiful jewelry box to the decoration. But you can give it alone. It's also quite a romantic gift after a candlelit dinner.



Perfume and flowers

Perfumes and Cosmetics

If you still get lost when choosing gifts, giving a certificate to a perfume or cosmetic store would be more appropriate. Beautifully decorate it, put it in an elegant envelope, and write a few gentle and warm words on the back.






If you can cook well, a handmade and elegantly decorated cake is a great romantic gift. Especially it is good on the anniversary dinner by candlelight. On the cake, you can write the date, the name of your loved one, and a declaration of eternal love. It's tasty, sweet, and romantic. If cooking is not your strong suit, you can buy, for example, a chocolate set with a custom design.




Bottom Line

Music and candles are classics that have remained strong over the years. Of course, the best dinner is prepared and decorated initially with your own hands. But also a trip to a good restaurant can be quite romantic. The main thing that the choice is to please both of you. Use our candle light dinner ideas to make a beautiful evening.





What type of candle is most popular?

The most popular are paraffin candles. They are safe and melt as they burn. It means that the candle lasts for a long time. They are also inexpensive.

What candles to use for dinner?

Classic paraffin or wax candles are a universal option for a romantic evening. They can have any shape, color, and size. Classic long candles are suitable for a romantic dinner if you put them on the table.

Should you bring a gift to dinner?

There is no clear rule because it is a gesture of goodwill. If you want to make the person happy, we recommend preparing at least a small surprise.

What can you make for a candlelight dinner?

It is better to serve a light salad and seafood. Oysters are good aphrodisiacs. You can add some good French cheese with honey and nuts. As for alcohol, it is better to choose a dry white wine.


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