Every year, girls dedicate their time to their boyfriends on one wonderful day. This day is called National Boyfriend Day. National Boyfriend Day falls on October 3. It is not official, but girlfriends remember and dedicate it to their boys. There are several options for making this day unforgettable:

  • Arrange a date in an unusual place;
  • Give your boy something unique;
  • Organize an evening of cooking dinner together;
  • Give a bouquet;
  • Go to the spa together.

All people need love, care, and affection. Men are no exception - everyone likes to know they care about them. So, October 3 is an excellent opportunity to make your boyfriend joyful. If you want to arrange an unforgettable holiday for your partner that will touch him to the very core:

  1. Try to imagine what could touch him.
  2. Consider his preferences, wishes, and hobbies.

Put the puzzles in a pile, and the idea for a celebration or a gift for National BF Day will come to you by itself.


When is National Boyfriend Day?

If you have a boyfriend, you should not miss one important date to congratulate them. And it is not their birthday, but October 3. On this day, all boys receive greetings from their girls in honor of their day. It is the day when you should let your boyfriend know how much he means to you. 

candles on the table

National BF Day in 2024 is also celebrated on October 3. The date of this day does not change. So, you can prepare for this in advance to surprise your loved one. Take him to the movies or invite him to dinner. Even the most minor surprises will be excellent gifts for boys. 

The main thing is to show how important they are to you. And it doesn't matter if it's a new or experienced relationship. So, make sure not to forget about it to avoid upsetting your partner.


History of Boyfriend Day

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No matter how unusual it sounds, this holiday was formed with the help of the Internet. It happened in 2014 on October 4. Some people on the Internet said that it was necessary to make a holiday for boys. After all, there was a public holiday for girls, but there was no boyfriend's day.

Then this idea started gaining momentum, and by 2016 it attained popularity. But only in 2020, people have given particular importance to this holiday. As a result, now every year, on October 3, we celebrate it. So, it is essential to remember National BF Day and congratulate your loved one in 2024.


Is There National Girlfriend Day?

Yes, there is also National Girlfriend Day. It originates in the USA. Usually, people celebrate it at the national level, and it has certain traditions. The official celebration is on August 1 every year. For real true friends, this day is another reason to appreciate their friendship. 

Girls meet in squares, in cafes, make new acquaintances, and give flowers to each other. So, this day is as crucial as Boyfriend Day.


How to Celebrate National Boyfriend Day?

As soon as this holiday comes, girls ask, "what surprise should I organize for my boyfriend?". Everyone feels differently about this day. Someone believes it is not such an important day and gives trinkets as a sign of attention.

And someone considers it a great day to care for their loved one. In any case, you should prepare a surprise for your boyfriend. And it doesn't matter if it will be some trinket or something precious. The main thing is to pay attention to your boyfriend and make him happy. 

How to celebrate? Think first about which place you want to do it. If your partner likes active recreation, organize a trip somewhere. If the guy loves sitting at home, you can come up with something to do there. 

The main thing is to meet your boyfriend's wishes, and the surprise will be successful. But if you lack ideas for this, we will help you. So, keep a list of ideas for celebrating National BF Day in 2024:


kissing couple

1. Invite Your Boyfriend on an Unforgettable Date

Boys also like to receive attention and care from girls. So, October 3 is the perfect opportunity to take control of the organization of the date. Before embarking on such a surprise, think about where the meeting will take place.

It can be a regular date in a restaurant. If you want something unusual, organize it on the rooftop with a panoramic view. And if your boyfriend loves nature, arrange something outdoors. The guy will be pleasantly happy by such ideas for National BF Day.


Trip to Another Place

2. Arrange a Trip to Another Place

If your partner likes trips, travel, and new things, this idea is definitely for him. May you have long wanted to visit some attraction in a nearby city? Do you want to go to the mountains? 

One of these wishes would be great to organize on Boyfriend Day. Such a gift is an ideal moment to be together, experience new sensations, and have fun. After all, trips unite and give unforgettable emotions. So, choose a place your partner would like to visit and manage a trip for him.


Couple Cook Dinner Together

3. Cook Dinner Together

Imagine how you text your boyfriend, "don't plan anything today. You and I have plans for the evening." After such a message, the guy will be a little enthusiastic and will have intrigued. And this is just the beginning. 

Next, you need to come up with a menu for Boyfriend Day and buy products. And in the evening, use them to prepare dinner together. Turn on romantic music in the background, light candles in the rooms, and cook meals together. Such an atmosphere brings people together and relaxes. Thus, such a gift is a pleasure for boys.


massage together

4. Go to the Massage Together

If your boyfriend works a lot and needs relaxation, arrange a massage for him. Now there are many certificates for different types of it. It can be a massage of the back, the whole body, or other parts. 

So, choose the one that you and your partner like the most. Such a relaxing procedure will help you exchange feelings with your boyfriend and give him rest.



5. Organize a Party

National Boyfriends Day is a big holiday that is gaining popularity. Why not throw a party to celebrate it? Gather all your and your boyfriend's friends and secretly plan a party. Come up with a theme, venue, and menu. It can be a party in the house or outdoors.

Here you need to focus on your partner's preferences. As soon as you have everything ready, start having fun. Such an idea is ideal for uniting all your friends and giving your partner a pleasant surprise.


What to Give for National Boyfriend Day?

Have you looked at the calendar to know when National Boyfriend Day is? Only a few days left? Do not worry. It is enough time to buy an incredible gift for your boyfriend. Let's start with that it is unnecessary to arrange glorious celebration ideas. 

Of course, these are ideal options for your partner, but not everyone can do this. So if it's easier for you to buy something for your boyfriend rather than organize something, that's also a good idea. A good gift will leave a mark on the memories of your partner. 

How to do it? Choose what your boyfriend wants. Maybe he has given you hints or talked about how he wanted a new perfume. If you have not noticed this, ask your boyfriend directly what he would like to receive as a gift. But boys rarely confess their desires. In such cases, you can use our National BF Day gift ideas for 2024: 



1. Wristwatch

Give your boyfriend a wristwatch if he often needs to keep track of the time in the office or likes to look elegant. It will give him seriousness and style. The main thing is to choose a watch strap according to your boyfriend's taste. They can be leather, silicone, or silver. And which one suits your boyfriend?


Notebook and a pen

2. Notebook

If your boyfriend works in a company, he needs a personal notepad or organizer. To make the notebook special, make it personalized. It can be tailored to his name, for example. The guy will have pleasant impressions from such a gift and will remember you every time he writes there.


Accessories for the Car

3. Accessories for the Car

If your boyfriend has a car, why not please him with accessories? Any driver will appreciate such a gift on National BF Day. You can choose anything from a GPS navigator to a key fob as a gift. Thus, decide what your boyfriend will like more. Does he need car perfume, a phone holder, or a key fob?


Leather Bracelet

4. Leather Bracelet

Jewelry on a boy's hand is always attractive. Why not complement your partner with such a beautiful gift? You can choose bracelets with emblems or inscriptions for a unique look. 

There is also a wide variety of colors. Maybe such a gift is difficult to pick because of the many options and types. But depending on your boyfriend's preferences, you will choose a bracelet quickly.


man with flowers

5. Flowers

We know that flowers are a gift for any holidays and events. But when we need to congratulate a guy, we are not always sure whether flowers will be appropriate.

But there is an answer to this - flowers for boys are pretty normal. The main thing is to choose the right type of flowers, so there are no inconveniences. On National Boyfriends Day:

  • Red roses are a great choice of flowers. They symbolize love and care, which is so essential on this day. 
  • Sunflowers are also great for boys. Their optimism gives boys a smile and pleasant emotions. 
  • You can't do without hydrangeas, either. If you want your boyfriend to feel tenderness from you, choose these flowers.

If your loved one likes uniqueness, choose a composition of several types of flowers.


Do Guys Like Being Given Flowers?

Everyone loves flowers without exception, and this also applies to boys. According to statistics, about 70% of guys are happy to receive flowers as a gift. So why not give a beautiful composition to your boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day

Flowers for men are appropriate as a gift for any occasion. It can be a solemn event, a promotion at work, a birthday, or Valentine's Day. On any of these holidays, the guy would not refuse flowers. They also like to receive them as a sign of attention and care. They just don't talk about it often.


A Word From Rosaholics

Although National Boyfriend's Day has not yet been recognized as an official holiday, it is no less important than all the others. All girls who have partners should remember this day and congratulate them. Organize various trips to the cinema, salons, or restaurants as a surprise. Or choose gifts for your partners. 

Even a classic bouquet of roses will be a charming sign of care for them. And if you don't know which flowers to choose, Rosaholics florists will solve this problem. We have many ideas and flower options to surprise your boyfriend.



Is National Boyfriends Day a real holiday?

Yes, of course. National Boyfriends Day is an unofficial holiday. But despite this, on 3 October, all girls congratulate their boyfriends on it and celebrate it.

What should I do for National BF day?

On this day, it is essential to say to your boyfriend how crucial he is to you. Say pleasant words to him and give him a surprise. It would be the best thing for him on this day.

When is National Boyfriend Day in 2024?

The date of this holiday is unchangeable. So, in 2024 people will celebrate it on October 3 as usual. This holiday falls on Friday.

Who created National boyfriends day?

Twitter users created this holiday. They decided to write a tweet to thank the boys with the hashtag #NationalBoyfriendDay. It spread and became the reason for creating a new holiday for boys.


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