Choosing a gift for your loved ones and friends is easy: you know their preferences, and if you make a mistake, you can turn everything into a joke. But to decide on a presentation to colleagues is more complex, especially if this gift should be for the last day of work for the colleague.

People spend a vast amount of time at work, and, of course, with the people surrounding us during working hours, we all unwittingly get closer and bond quite closely. 

In this article, we will give recommendations on how to choose flowers for a colleague for different events, as well as tips on how to send flowers to someone at work.


When to Gift Flowers at Work?

As a rule, at work, we try not to show our emotions too much so that they do not affect the quality of our work. But sometimes there are events when it is worth expressing your feelings with flowers at work. 

When to Gift Flowers at Work?

Let's break down with you the most popular reasons why we give flowers to colleagues:

  • Birthdays

It is the most popular reason why people give flowers to their colleagues. Such a gift will be relevant for both women and men. For women, you can choose delicate roses in light shades, such as peach or pink. For men, you can select a stricter version in the form of blue or black roses.

  • Significant event

The second popular option for giving flowers at work. If your colleague had a child or received a long-awaited promotion, do not hesitate to congratulate them with a luxurious bouquet from the whole team.

  • Farewell

If it's your colleague's last day at work, feel free to give them a gift of flowers. Your colleague is having a hard time now, but your present will help smooth the moment.

  • Sympathy

Unfortunately, there are unforeseen moments in our lives when a person passes away. If your colleague has a loved one who has died, you can give sympathy flowers to the coworker and thus support them in this challenging moment.

  • Gratitude

We are sure your colleagues have at least once helped you out in a difficult situation. If such a situation happens, you can give flowers to your colleague as a thank you.


Best Flowers to Gift to Your Coworker

Best Flowers to Gift to Your Coworker

Now that you know when to give flowers to your colleague, it's time to decide on a bouquet. For this purpose, we have prepared a small instruction. The flower must be:

  • Suitable for the event;
  • Ideal for the gender of the recipient;
  • Appropriate for the culture of the company;
  • Not too big or small.

If you consider all these points, you can be sure your colleague will be delighted with your gift. In addition, when choosing a floral arrangement, pay attention to the colour scheme of the flower. 

  • White roses

White roses are great sympathy flowers for a coworker. In addition, their delicate and cold hue represents the spiritual unity you will demonstrate to your colleague.

  • Red roses

Although red roses are often a sign of romantic feelings, they can also be interpreted as a sign of admiration for your colleague. For example, you can give a gift of red roses for the last day at work, showing respect and delight.

  • Blue Roses 

The blue colour itself is soothing, helps to relax, and creates an atmosphere of security and trust. And often, blue roses can be given as a gift to male colleagues.

If you're still unsure of your choice, we recommend contacting a florist in advance and discussing all the nuances with the florist. Rosaholics will help you choose the perfect floral arrangement for your colleague.


How to Send Flowers to Someone at Work?

Once you've decided on a floral arrangement, it's time to think about how you will present this gift to your colleague. The most important thing here is not to break the rules of the company in which you work. We've prepared a few options for you, so you can quickly figure out how to send flowers to someone at work without any problems.

How to Send Flowers to Someone at Work?
  • The easiest way is to give flowers to your coworker in person. You can also ask one of your mutual friends or colleagues to help you do this.
  • If you want to keep anonymity, you can use a flower delivery service. In this case, the courier will deliver flowers directly to your colleague's workplace. 
  • You can also leave flowers in your colleague's office or desk before he comes to work. To do this, you need to find out in advance where they will be working that day and leave flowers there.

As a rule, companies have strict rules about accepting gifts from employees. Therefore, it is best to clarify all the details in advance to avoid violating these rules.


Rosaholics for You

We hope that our guide on how and when to give flowers to your colleague at work was helpful to you. Now you know what flower arrangement to choose and how to present it to your colleague. 

If you can't decide which bouquet to choose, visit our website. We have a vast selection of floral arrangements, and you will find something you like.

We wish you luck and believe that your colleague will appreciate your gift!



Is it weird to get flowers for a coworker?

No, it's not weird to get flowers for a coworker. It can be a very thoughtful and kind gesture.

What kind of flowers should I get for my boss?

It depends on your relationship with your boss. You can get any type of flower if you have a good relationship. However, it's always best to ask a florist for advice if you're unsure.

Why gifting flowers to your colleague is a good idea?

There are many reasons why gifting flowers to your colleague is a good idea. For example, it can show your appreciation for their work, or it can be a way to show sympathy after a tough day at work. Whatever the reason, gifting flowers is always a kind gesture.


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September 05, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik