Winter flower centerpieces look festive and can be used not only for Christmas❄️ or New Year's Eve☃️ but also for any celebration or even for a wedding party (in winter). Here are some of our recommendations on winter arrangements:

  • Put the roses in a glass or a small rounded vase. It doesn't matter whether you put a tiny bouquet or just one rose - the arrangement will look fantastic and surprise your guests.
  • White flowers are a great choice for a family celebration!
  • Winter dried flowers arrangements - a delicate, pleasant aroma will fill the room and give a sense of comfort!
  • You don't have to hang the Christmas wreath on the wall! It can serve you for decorating a festive table. Place it in the table center. Put a white or thematic red with goldish dust candle in the middle of the wrist and feel the magic in your house.
  • Plants, berries, fruits, Christmas tree decorations, spruce branches, and sweets can be turned into a complex bouquet - the main thing is not to limit your imagination.
  • For minimalism or budget options - choose one plant for the vase.

Winter Flower Centerpieces for Christmas and New Year

Winter flower centerpieces for Christmas and New Year look lovely and unforgettable. To assemble wonderful compositions, people use spruce, pine branches, balls, cones, shiny decorations, candies, and sugar sweets. We will tell you how to make beautiful winter floral arrangements. They will decorate your interior and add a New Year's mood.

Winter Flower Centerpieces for Christmas and New Year

What materials and tools can be used for this arrangement? 

  • Red carnations and roses;
  • Pine branches;
  • Plastic Christmas balls;
  • White paper;
  • Glass vase;
  • Scissors and glue;
  • Thin shiny tape;
  • Candies;
  • Wooden or plastic skewers.

Steps for making a winter flower arrangement:

  1. Take a vase and fill it with water just below the middle of the container;
  2. Lower light Christmas balls into the water so that they stay on the surface;
  3. Cut off the ends of the stems of the flowers;
  4. Place branches, carnations, and roses in the water;
  5. Take sweets and make a loop from the tape. Then hang sweets on pine branches;
  6. Take tangerines and put them on skewers;
  7. Cut out paper snowflakes from paper using scissors. You can also use white napkins instead of paper;
  8. Glue snowflakes to tangerines;
  9. Add tangerines on skewers to the design.

And now one of the winter flower arrangements is ready!


Winter Flower Arrangements for St. Valentine's Day

This holiday is a perfect occasion to give fragrant flowers to your soulmate. You can choose a beautiful bouquet of different flowers in the store, of various sizes, or you can make a one-of-the-kind flower arrangement on your own. You can create original compositions with all your love❣️. You can make one of the most beautiful winter flower centerpieces according to the following instructions:

red roses

What you need:

  • Delicate flowers. Carnation, peony, and rose will look beautiful and harmonious together;
  • Cardboard box-heart;
  • Round piaflor;
  • Foil;
  • Tools for work: knife and scissors;
  • Capacity for water;
  • Water and krizal.

Now you can create such a Valentin heart that you can give to a loved one!

  1. Line the bottom of the box with foil;
  2. Cut the piaflor in the shape of the heart;
  3. Mix water with chrysalis in a container and lower the piaflor until completely immersed, then remove;
  4. Put piaflor in a box;
  5. Cut off flower stems up to 2-3 cm long;
  6. Distribute the carnations and peonies in the piaflora, and fill the gaps between them with roses.

Bottom Line

Beautiful winter flower centerpieces are always pleasing to the eye in winter, especially if it is done by hand.  In our store, you will find exactly what you want! In order to create such a composition, you just need a little free time and desire, as well as flowers that you can buy in our Rosaholics store. In our store, you will find exactly what you want!



What materials do you need to create a winter composition?

To create a composition, you can use whatever you want. For example, it can be plants, fresh and dry flowers, berries, fruits, Christmas tree decorations, spruce branches, and sweets.

For what winter holidays can you make winter floral arrangements?

There are many different winter holidays and occasions. International winter holidays are Christmas, New Year, and St Valentine’s Day. Each individual has special dates they celebrate, and perhaps, roses will be the best choice for a gift.

What flowers are better to give in January?

Magnificent roses, delicate lilies, cheerful gerberas, unusual callas and democratic chrysanthemums will help to form a luxurious bouquet for any celebration.

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September 04, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik