The tradition of using flowers in Memorial Day ceremonies dates all the way back to the beginning of this important day of remembrance. Decorating the graves of late soldiers has remained one of the most powerful and moving gestures on Memorial Day, but traditions have expanded to include many more.

Today, many people choose to send flowers to surviving family members who have lost a loved one in service, and some even use red, white, and blue roses to decorate Memorial Day gatherings, like BBQs and family dinners.

Rosaholics has the perfect fresh flowers for celebrating Memorial Day 2023. Take a look at our top picks for every type of Memorial Day celebration. 

Memorial Day 2023: A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day is an official day of remembrance that dates back to 1868, when the nation decided to honor fallen soldiers from the Civil War by decorating their graves with flowers. Originally known as Decoration Day, the month of May was selected for the ceremony because that would be the perfect time for flowers to be in full bloom in North America.


Flowers are a symbol of hope, peace and life, which is why they carry special significance in honoring those who have died. The first national tributes towards fallen soldiers became a powerful moment of patriotic remembrance and an annual event for Americans.

Nowadays, people sometimes associate Memorial Day with BBQs and the "unofficial start to summer", but it's important to remember the original meaning behind Memorial Day. This holiday is a special time to honor soldiers who have died in the line of duty. Memorial Day observances are held throughout the country in various ways – parades, tomb decorations, family gatherings, and more.

Best Flowers for Memorial Day Events

Fresh flowers in red, white and blue – what a perfect way to show off your full patriotic flair on Memorial Day. Whether you want the freshest flowers around for your Memorial Day picnic or you’re sending beautiful roses to the family of a fallen soldier, Rosaholics has great selections for finding the perfect Memorial Day flowers.

Most Patriotic: The America Bouquet. For a softer shade of red, white and blue, check out the America Bouquet, which features and intricate display of stars and stripes on each rose.

Best for an Elegant Gathering: Explosion Bouquet. This deep red bouquet is a collection of 10 different types of red roses, making for a moving display that looks elegant and pristine.

Send Patriotic Bouquets to Loved Ones on Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is often spent with family and friends, but distance doesn’t need to break up this important day of remembrance. Rosaholics delivers nationwide, which makes it easy to send fresh flowers to loved ones afar. Surprise your parents, grandparents, or friends with a Memorial Day bouquet delivered straight to their door! 


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