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Memorial Day is a distinctive national celebration day. On this day, people honor all soldiers who have given their lives while upholding the nation's interests and defending them in all the wars that have ever been in the nation's history. To pay your respects to those who lost their lives, present them with a Memorial Day flower arrangement, showing that you are grateful to them.

Almost all service members, whether they are in their country or flying thousands of miles away, do not see their family and friends for a long time. And unfortunately, some families will never see their defenders again. On Memorial Day, you can remember those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom and prosperity of your country. Memorial Day bouquets will show that you still remember and will never forget. If you have friends with such a loss, you can send them flowers for Memorial Day, showing that you care.

There is a tradition of celebrating this holiday at the end of May, specifically on the last Monday of the month. In 2023, the celebration of this day will take place on the 29th.

If we turn to the history of the origin of this holiday, its celebrations began after the Civil War. Since then, the main purpose of the holiday has been to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers in the war. 

Patriotic Roses

By the way, the holiday used to be called Decoration Day. However, it has nothing to do with everyone decorating houses, just like on New Year's Day or Halloween. At that time, soldiers' graves were decorated; people usually left the U.S. flag and flowers on them.

To remind family and friends that you remember and care about them, send them  patriotic roses with Rosaholics on Memorial Day. Roses painted in the American flag colour look original and set a pretty high patriotic spirit for this day. Rosaholics also offers another version of painting roses in the colors of the American flag. Choose according to your preference.

If you want something more simple and classic, Rosaholics has those choices too. The company has even developed a separate tab with Memorial Day flowers options. Check it out, and you're sure to find the right one for you.


What is the Memorial Day flower?

Flowers on Memorial Day are a symbol to show that people have not forgotten the heroes who gave their lives for a peaceful and happy future.

Should I give roses on Memorial Day?

Yes, it will be a wonderful gift for your family and friends to show your care and respect for them.

What are the best gifts for Memorial Day?

You should not give any significant expensive gifts on this day. Bouquets of flowers for Memorial Day will be enough to remember the past.