Blossoms in the paintings of modern artists keep a symbolism laid down from time immemorial. By knowing their meaning, you can reveal more fully what the authors put into them. Here are some vivid examples of famous flower paintings. You can catch the above symbolism in them:

  • "Flowers in a vase";
  • "Irises";
  • "Meditate Rose".

People have been aware of the beauty and majesty of flowers since ancient times. Floral paintings are very popular among many art connoisseurs. Often, blooms in the paintings of great artists perform not only a decorative but also a symbolic role. Some allow themselves to depict roses simply because they love them. But for most artists, these flowers are a symbol of love. That is, magical flowers can carry a beautiful picture and a secret meaning for solving. With their elegance and uniqueness, they can inspire many artists and viewers. Flowers have a deep sense of painting, and their beauty surpasses all other works of art.


Why Flowers are One of the Best Inspiration

Flowers are an inspiration because they are an objective standard of beauty. From the point of art view, flowers are the true embodiment of natural magnificence. The sophisticated geometry of the petals and the tremendous depth of shades can give aesthetic pleasure even to an untrained viewer. Their endless variety and range of colors positively affect human emotions. It is one of the reasons why floral painting is a source of great inspiration. 

Paintings with flowers were famous at the beginning of the birth of art. It is not surprising because every artist strives to depict something beautiful. And there is nothing more gorgeous than flowers in art. You can draw inspiration even from an ordinary image of a delicate hydrangea. Nobody can count the number of paintings of flowers by famous artists. In the entire history of painting, they are hundreds of thousands. Artists draw simple and luxurious flowers, decorative and field. And any options for such pictures are greatly appreciated. After all, flowers are such a thing, looking at which the soul blossoms. That is why many artists attach great importance to such paintings. And some of the most popular are:


1. Vincent van Gogh: Irises

    The painting "Irises" by Vincent Van Gogh is one of the famous flower paintings. A contrasting image of yellow and blue colors characterizes this still life.

    Vincent van Gogh: Irises

    In the painting "Irises," Van Gogh depicted a part of the field, everywhere strewn with flowers

    • There are not only irises but also other flowers. Though, of course, irises occupy a central place in the composition. 
    • Blooms fill almost the entire surface of the canvas. But the picture does not look monotonous and static. 
    • The paint is that the eye involuntarily goes diagonally up to the left. It allows you to look at irises from a more exciting angle.
    • Van Gogh made the viewer's attention focused only on flowers. It is a very unusual perspective, almost never seen in Western floral paintings before.
    • Monumental flowers of bright shades are bursting out of the canvas. Van Gogh himself describes this painting as "an impressive view from afar. It is a beautiful picture, full of air and life."


    2. Salvador Dali: Meditative Rose 

    Salvador Dali: Meditative Rose

      A red rose is depicted in the sky instead of the sun. It radiates a warm, soothing, and attractive atmosphere. There is an opinion in art history that the artist could mean that the red rose symbolizes love. That is, it illuminates human life in the same way as the sun: 

      • This painting of flowers by famous artist attracts exceptional attention. 
      • The picture shows a sky with clouds and a red rose with a dew drop. Besides, there are people standing under it with sharp shadows and a sandy landscape. 
      • It indicates surrealism without characteristic flowing forms and abstractions. 
      • Salvador Dali painted this painting in Spain before the "French period". "Meditating Rose" is full of bright colors and joyful anticipation. 
      • The picture captivates the eyes and remains in the memory for a long time.


      3. Vincent Van Gogh: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

      Vincent Van Gogh: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

        It is one of the most famous flower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Thanks to him, sunflowers became a symbol of the artist's painting. About the picture: 

        • He painted it in such a way that everything seemed blurred and not clear. All objects have a chaotic and careless look. When glancing at this picture, there is often a desire to adjust the flowers in the vase.
        • On the one hand, the picture's plot is painfully boring and simple. But it contains a lot of emotions. 
        • This flower art painting seems alive. Its bright color affects a person's mood, making its way into his consciousness. 
        • Van Gogh created paintings with sunflowers bouquet using the impasto technique. Often, instead of brushes, he applied paints with the help of an ordinary small knife. 
        • Thanks to this, the picture does not look flat. It certainly encourages viewers to take a closer look at the canvas.


        4. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Flowers in a Vase

        Pierre Auguste Renoir: Flowers in a Vase

          Pierre Auguste Renoir liked to paint genre scenes and portraits. But the flowers became just rest and entertainment for him. And this is what led to the drawing of famous flower paintings. One of them the audience liked the most. It is a "Flowers in a vase". What do we know about it:

          • The beautiful flowers contrast with the rough board of the table on which the vase stands.
          • But if you look closely, you can see that it has its pattern. 
          • Various garden flowers are collected in the bouquet. These are peonies, daisies, water plants, and many other plants. 
          • And a lot of flowers are in lavender color. That is why many viewers have such an impression of the riot of a blooming garden. 
          • The background behind the bouquet continues the theme of nature. It is so similar to the greenery that grows on a slope. 
          • It is in the colors of forest moss and earth. The shadow, as it were, balances the composition, making it harmonious.


          5. Chrysanthemums: Claude Monet

          Chrysanthemums: Claude Monet

            This painting of a flower by famous artist Claude Monet enchants even those who do not like chrysanthemums. Claude Monet was a lover of nature throughout his life. So the appearance of flowers in his paintings is not a big surprise. Only in  "Chrysanthemums" their beauty becomes clear to everyone: 

            • The delicate variegation of the flowers is so attractive that you want to touch them. 
            • Claude Monet's floral painting technique is so filigree. So flower petals drawn with small strokes gain volume. 
            • If you look closely, you can see that each bud is unique. That is, they have no similarities, and each one looks fantastic. 
            • They fascinate with their tenderness and lightness. And this is precisely what this painting full of chrysanthemums conveys.


            A Few Words from Rosaholics

            Humanity appreciates the beauty of flowers throughout their existence. Sometimes looking at flower art paintings makes you want to get them in reality. And Rosaholics will help you to feel this flower art. Thanks to the incredible assortment of our flowers, you will feel like you are in an art gallery with them. You can choose any blossoms you like, from roses to alstroemeria. If you don't know what to choose, we will assemble a composition especially for you.



            What do flowers represent in paintings?

            Flowers in paintings mostly symbolize certain emotions and feelings. It can be love, positivity, passion, or sadness.

            What female painter is famous for flowers?

            Georgia O'Keeffe. She is popular for her close-up or large-scale flower paintings.

            What flowers are good in art?

            All flowers, without exception, are appropriate in art. Some good options are sunflowers, roses and chrysanthemums.

            What does a rose symbolize in a painting?

            In painting, this flower is a constant symbol of love. Besides, artists gave it a sign of royal power, loyalty, and sensuality.


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