What could be more important than celebrating a wedding? The hall decoration, chairs, photo zone, alley - all this has been entrusted to florists for years. After all, flowers are one of the essential elements of marriage. So, here are some of the most incredible wedding flower trends:

  • Petite wedding bouquets;
  • Structural set flower design;
  • Wedding table decorations;
  • Bright wedding flower trends.

Summer and spring bring many colors and beauty to nature with their flowers. Thus, many brides decide to hold wedding ceremonies in these seasons. After all, there are so many options for stunning blossoms in spring and summer to create fantastic arrangements. Choosing them correctly for your wedding flower style is the main thing. And florists cope perfectly with this. Every year they come up with unique ideas for blooms that become a trend. So, their creativity with the use of flowers will definitely attract the guests' attention at your wedding. 


1. Latest Floral Design Trends - Petite Wedding Bouquets

Petite Wedding Bouquet

If you don't like excesses, look for inspiration for floral decoration in minimalism. It is one of the most popular spring 2023 floral trends. And it doesn't matter that the bouquets are petite. If you arrange and harmonize them correctly, they will be noticed. Bouquets can be monochromatic or in a combination of many colors. The main thing is to choose the wedding theme and design:


  • Light Roses
  • Roses are romantic flowers that symbolize love. So, this is an ideal option for bridal bouquet flowers for a wedding. The wedding atmosphere will get tenderness by creating a petite bouquet with a few white, pink, or lavender blooms.

  • Peony and Greenery
  • Combine a pair of pink peonies and add greenery between them. If desired, use multi-colored peonies. Everyone will definitely like such a small bouquet.

  • White Bouquet
  • A bouquet of pure white flowers always remains a trend. Their classicism and elegance attract a lot of engagement. Pay attention to roses, lilies of the valley, jasmine and astrantia. Their white blooms will make your wedding stand out.


    2. Bright Wedding Flower Trends

    Bright Wedding Flowers

    Pastel colors are always in fashion and are a classic color option. But recently, trends have introduced something new. Now pastel colors turn into brightness. It can include vibrant shades of pink, purple, yellow, and orange. Of course, not everyone dares to use such shades at a wedding. But by selecting this option, you will be in the trend and at the center of attention. Here are the popular choices for spring 2023 floral trends:


  • Roses and Sunflowers
  • You create a contrast between shades by picking rich red roses and yellow sunflowers. And it is this combination that draws attention to its colorfulness. It is prevalent in summer and spring due to the seasonality of these blossoms.

  • Ranunculus, Greenery, and Cornflowers
  • The more significant the difference is between the bright shades of flowers, the more vibrant your bouquet is. So, the combination of saturated pink ranunculus and blue cornflowers will blow up the latest floral design trends at your wedding ceremony. And adding greenery to them will make them even more beautiful.

  • Chrysanthemums, Roses, Gerberas, Greenery
  • The exciting thing about this bouquet is that all these flowers have rich shades. So, varying them among each other can become a trendy element of your wedding decor. What colors to choose? It depends on you and your wedding flower style.


    3. Wedding Table Decorations with Flowers

    Wedding Table Decorations with Flowers

    Flowers at a wedding have become such a big tradition that they fill the entire festive space. And the festive table is no exception. It is where your guests spend the most time celebrating the wedding. Undoubtedly, they will appreciate how you decorated the table. And this decor must have a harmonious look with your general wedding flower style. It is precisely in 2023 that floral compositions are a trend for this. Here are some options to impress your guests:


  • Tall Floral Designs
  • High flower arrangements on the tables suit an elegant hall with high ceilings. Their advantages are that the base of the tall structure does not take up too much space. Thus, rising above the festive table, such decor will always be in the field of view of photographers. And, of course, the guests can not miss your modern wedding florals.

  • Eco-Trend: Flowers in Pots
  • The ecological style of the wedding is becoming increasingly popular. And in spring 2023, this floral trend will become massively widespread. If you want your holiday to follow the trends, choose pot flowers as the central composition. Such decorations will serve you not only on a festive day. After the event, you can safely decorate the house with them. For this, choose such flowers as roses, lavender, or sunflowers.

  • Hanging Flower Decor
  • Hanging decor has become a real wedding flower trend. Fresh flowers, greenery, and twists of plants can become chic decor for your holiday. Flower garlands above the table will make the space more interesting in terms of the use of space. And if you mix it with bulbs and diode garlands, it will evoke only positive and exciting emotions.


    4. Oversized Flower Installations

    Oversized Flower Installation

    If we talk about the sizes of modern wedding florals, they can vary. In 2023, we expect both miniature bouquets and massive flower installations to be trendy. As for the second option, it is becoming increasingly trendy. After all, the more flowers there are at the wedding, the more atmospheric it looks. For this reason, brides want to fill the festive space with flowers as much as possible. And in this case, oversized flower installations are a win-win option:


  • Florist Alley
  • Create an alley of plain flowers or a combination of two colors. For the general look of the festive alley to amaze all your guests, spring trends suggest making it under the decoration of blooms and extra greenery. The use of greenery is also necessarily widespread this season. So, adding branches of it around the entire alley will make it stunning.

  • Flower Photo Zone
  • You can't do without a photo zone on your wedding day. Its presence is mandatory for creating memorable shots. And for the photos to be atmospheric, use wedding flower trends such as a floral photo zone. Create it entirely from flowers. Popular color options can be both pastel and bright. The main thing is to harmonize with each other.

  • A Ceiling of Flowers
  • This wedding flower trend is suitable for those who love unusualness and creativity. Fill the ceiling of the entire hall with flowers. These can be roses, alstroemeria, calla lilies, and so on. Use them close together. Then your wedding hall will become a fabulous place to celebrate such an event.


    Order Wedding Flower Delivery with Rosaholics

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    Our variation of blooms allows you to create the most diverse compositions. You can use them to create an elegant and luxurious look on any holiday. And the wedding is no exception. With the help of our unrivaled roses, you can design your own bridal flowers bouquet. Our arrangements will complement your wedding arches, festive tables, and photo zones. You only need to make an order for this:

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    What arrangement of flowers to choose for a wedding? Are you torn between several choices? We know exactly what you need and how to help you. Keep the top trending bridal bouquet flowers from Rosaholics:


    Lover bouquet

    1. Lover

      Red roses are a classic, and their beauty never loses its popularity. Thus, this bouquet is a win-win option for a wedding. The deep red hue of the roses symbolizes the couple's love for each other. And the scent of the roses adds an extra layer of elegance and beauty to the bouquet. It fills the air with a sweet fragrance. So, such bouquets are perfect for both the bride's dress and the decoration of the wedding hall.


      Breathless Fresh

      2. Breathless Fresh

        A bright bouquet of roses can be an exquisite sight with its vivid colors and lovely fragrance. This composition contains red, purple, and orange bright shades. The bridal bouquet flower of these colors symbolizes excitement. And their beautiful glowing petals evoke a sense of joy and energy at a wedding. So, explore all popular wedding trends with this bouquet.



        Golden Sun

        3. Golden Sun

          This bouquet blows up all wedding flower trends. And the most important thing is that its shades of petals are suitable for any wedding theme. The sunflowers would add a bold pop of color. In comparison, the yellow roses would provide a soft touch. The result is an eye-catching bouquet that grabs the spirit of a romantic celebration.



          The bride and groom prepare for the wedding in advance. And one of the most important things is floral organization. However, choosing them takes a lot of work and effort. To speed up this process and give you confidence in your choice, Rosaholics will help you. We will create any flower arrangement for you thanks to our various flowers. And we can also help you select shades of flowers for wedding flower style. So, with us, you will always be in trends.



          How far in advance should you buy a wedding bouquet?

          You should plan to order a wedding bouquet 2-3 weeks in advance. It is to book your order in advance and be sure that you will receive it. But buying flowers is better a couple of days before the wedding celebration.

          What is the best flower for a wedding bouquet?

          Roses are the most suitable. These flowers are a symbol of love, loyalty, and tenderness. And it doesn't matter what shade of rose you choose. After all, these flowers are the best for a wedding in any design and shade.

          What is a traditional bridal bouquet?

          The bridal bouquet is a composition of tiny flowers for the bride. Brides use this bouquet while walking down the path to the altar at the wedding ceremony. Usually, brides choose such floral arrangements to match the style of their dresses.

          What is the wedding bouquet for?

          A wedding bouquet brings happiness and satisfaction in marriage. Thus, brides often use it for such symbolism. Also, a wedding bouquet is usually an addition and decoration to a wedding dress.


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