A wedding is a very important event. When preparing it, you should not miss the slightest detail. Everything should be perfect, starting with the clothes of the heroes of the occasion and ending with the decoration of the hall. The main attention, of course, goes to the bride and groom. Therefore, grooms should prepare their outfits with the utmost care. 

Here is an important detail. And you can not leave out such an element as a boutonniere. The modern canons of weddings in this age give free rein to the imagination. It works even in such little things as the design and concept of a boutonniere. Men often wonder what it is for the groom and how to pin a boutonniere. Many do not know that this accessory decorates the jacket's lapel. It should also be in harmony with the bride's bouquet. We recommend picking a matching style of flowers, buds or leaves in advance. Then you will look irresistible at your wedding. Read our article below to learn the fastest and easiest ways how to pin on a boutonniere on a tux.


How to Pin a Boutonniere?

A boutonniere is a very important element of the groom's costume. It is the most accentual. Products can be of:

  • different material;
  • different styles;
  • shapes;
  • colors. 

However, it is almost always a small (8-12 cm) accessory that takes a certain place at the top of the man's suit. The groom's attire will determine where the attribute clings:

  • Traditionally, the place of the miniature bouquet is the lapel of the jacket. But this suit element also makes you think about where to attach the item. Pin the boutonniere  along the fold of the lapel below the shoulder by about 5-10 cm. The same rule applies if a man wears a vest instead of a jacket.
  • But how to pin on a boutonniere on a tux if it is impossible or inconvenient for some reason? For this purpose, a breast pocket will do. But if there is one, it is not always visually suitable for the attribute's location. In addition, the pocket is unreliable. Because an object can fall out of it or disappear during the celebration.
  • If you wonder how to pin a boutonniere on a vest if it lacks pockets and even the lapel? There is no need to panic because you can do it simply on the fabric closer to the buttons. You can also safely decorate the left strap with such a bouquet. It works if the groom at the wedding has suspenders.

There are several ways of attaching boutonnieres to the lapel. But the most widespread and actual now is on the gala clip and the corsage pins. About them now, and we will tell. 


Way 1: How to Attach a Boutonniere with Pins?

How to Attach a Boutonniere with Pins

It must have a special mount if you bought this decoration in a bridal store. If there is not, or you made this decoration with your own hands, you can use large pins, safety pins, or various clips. It is better to glue the fastener closer to the flower heads with double-sided tape. To pin boutonniere  on the jacket, you need to put the pin in the buttonhole on the jacket's lapel and fasten it. If the clip is not attached to the accessory, you can attach the boutonniere as follows:

  • Take an ordinary pin and pierce the lapel on the back side.
  • Next, pierce (preferably through) the flowers in a softer place.
  • Pierce the embellishment again, and return the pin to the wrong side.
  • Secure the pin and adjust the bouquet.

When pinning a boutonniere with the pins, it is important that they are not visible. The head and tip of the pin should pierce the leg of the boutonniere from the wrong side of the lapel as if embracing it:

  • you have to place the first pin as high as possible toward the boutonniere;
  • the second pin as low as possible on the stem. 

This way, you can fix the boutonniere securely. The tips of the pins bend to the side.


Way 2: How to Pin on a Boutonniere on a Tux with a Gala Clip

How to Pin on a Boutonniere on a Tux with a Gala Clip

Consultants in bridal salons most often attach boutonnieres on a gala clip. It comes with a decorative stem in the color of the wedding bouquet or its ribbon, which should be visible to support the ensemble and create integrity in the image of the couple. 

It's very sad that grooms still put it in their pocket. As it reduces its artistic value. And in the photographs, the boutonniere in the pocket does not look good, often making the impression that it is placed there as if by accident and is about to fall out of the pocket. When pinning a boutonniere to the gala clip, the principle is about the same. But the pin that is already on the clip serves as the top pin. Here you can do without it. Although if the boutonniere is heavy or the flower is large, you can secure the bottom of the stem with a pin. So that it does not pull away the lapel and does not hang over to any side.


Way 3: How to Attach a Boutonniere Without a Pin?

How to Attach a Boutonniere Without a Pin

Many grooms do not wear a jacket or vest, limiting themselves to a shirt and tie. In this case, you attached the bouquet to the pocket or on the left side, closer to the collar's neckline. You can place the decoration over the pocket if it is small so as not to pull away the fabric.

A mini bouquet attached to the left straps of the suspenders looks original.

In this case, you can choose a bright flower or an unusual brooch under the wedding theme. 

If you need an emergency method, use duct tape to pin the boutonniere:

  • Cut the piece of duct tape you need. As a rule, it is 4 cm long. 
  • Remove the upper part of the tape. Carefully glue it to the boutonniere. 
  • Then, cut off the excess tape. 
  • Next, remove the other side of the protective tape on the tape and glue the boutonniere to the shirt.

How to Pin a Boutonniere to the Jacket: Basic Mistakes


Let's break down what you can't do when attaching this element:

  • A boutonniere in the pocket. It is possible in some situations, but this arrangement of this element is unacceptable. It spoils the appearance. It is also inconvenient because it can fall out during the celebration.
  • Too weak a pin. A weak fastening element will not withstand the weight due, and the groom will simply lose the flower. Choose a medium-sized pin, and for large sizes, use two.
  • Hidden stems. A boutonniere is more than just flower heads. It is a complete element with a bud and stems - a miniature bouquet. Don't try to hide the stems in a pocket or under a lapel while pinning a boutonniere.
  • Apply a large clip or magnet. We recommend better hiding the attachment under petals and beads.
  • Too bright color of flowers in the boutonniere. Choosing too bright, the dazzling accessory is a bad tone. It should look harmonious with the cut of the suit and the bride's dress. Specialists recommend choosing miniature cream-colored shrub roses.

Now you definitely won't make the typical mistakes and know how to put on a boutonniere.


About Rosaholics Rose Delivery Service 

Remember that the boutonniere should harmonize not only with your suit but also with the dress and bouquet of your beloved. To choose a beautiful wedding bouquet, you can contact our store. We have the best florists and masters of their craft. They will choose a bouquet based on your preferences. It can be cream roses or bright hydrangeas. Also, you can get free delivery with your order. Hurry to arrange it and make your other half happy.



Where did boutonnieres come from?

According to a long tradition, the boutonniere was part of the bride's bouquet. After the groom handed the bride the bouquet, she took out one flower, cut it, and attached it to her lover's jacket.

How to hang a boutonniere correctly?

Attach the boutonniere on the left side to the lapel or pocket of the wedding suit. If the witness, close relatives or guests are not married, the boutonniere is attached on the left side, but if they are married, it is on the right side.

Where to put the boutonniere after the wedding?

According to tradition, the groom's boutonniere should be at home all the time after the wedding and be kept as a family heirloom. Sometimes the bride's wedding bouquet is also kept with it. However, you can not observe these traditions and do as you wish.

What should a groom's boutonniere be like?

In terms of size, the boutonniere for the groom should not be noticeable enough to become the center of attention - it should only complement the image. If you prefer fresh flowers, it is better to order two copies at once, so that the decoration can be exchanged for a new one when the flower begins to fade.

What flowers to use for boutonnieres?

If you want a classic boutonniere, consider white carnations or roses. The size of the flower should match the width of the lapel. It can slightly go over the edge. It is important to keep this edge so that the boutonniere does not look bulky.


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