Offering a bride-to-be to her closest friends and family members to support her on her wedding day is a special moment. It will make this moment even more memorable. This, in turn, is becoming more and more popular to give potential bridesmaids gifts.

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift can be a daunting task, as it should be unique and meaningful. If you want to make a cool and unforgettable gift for a bridesmaid, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will look at what a bridesmaid proposal is. Also, we have prepared some of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas. They will make your loved ones feel valued. Also, gifts will help you invite them to be part of your special day in style. Let's get started!


What is the Bridesmaid Proposal? 

A bridesmaid proposal is a meaningful invitation from a future bride. She invites a few select close friends to her wedding ceremony. This thoughtful gesture is usually accompanied by a small gift. So she expresses appreciation for their time and participation in events.


A bridesmaid proposes to them after the engagement and wedding dates have been set. This gives the loved ones enough time to plan their wedding. This is usually done within six to nine months.

When choosing a gift for a unique bridesmaid proposal, there are many options. From an individual flower arrangement to a thoughtful card or a planned group event. This is an opportunity to express how much your closest people mean to you. Such a gift is the best way to invite them to your wedding officially.

Also, brides can give their bridesmaids a bouquet. This will add a special touch to their appearance. Such a way to express appreciation for their support. Moreover, it will make them feel even more special on this big day.


Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

The bridesmaid proposal plays an important role in the wedding planning process. This allows the future bride to express gratitude to her friends.

This is a thoughtful way to show appreciation and invite loved ones to join the wedding party. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect gift can be difficult among the many options. Here are 7 gift bridesmaid proposal ideas that we're confident you'll adore!


Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzles

will you be my bridesmaid

Consider using bridesmaid proposal puzzles. Especially if you're looking for a creative way to ask your closest friends to be your bridesmaids. These one-of-a-kind puzzles usually contain the message "Will you be my bridesmaid?" or "Will you be my maid of honor?". Once the puzzle solves, the message reveals. Using such puzzles, you will get a lot of pleasant emotions of a good time. This will create a special and memorable moment for both the bride and her bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid proposal puzzles are available in different sizes and styles:

  • Simple or complex;
  • With your photos or messages;
  • Regular puzzles, 3D puzzles, iridescent and double-sided puzzles.

Puzzles not only provide fun and cute ways to ask bridesmaids to invite friends to join the wedding party. But they can also serve as a treasured keepsake or a unique wedding memento. These puzzles offer a thoughtful and creative way to express your appreciation. This option will suit your closest friends members who will act as bridesmaids. It will also turn out to create a special pre-wedding mood for everyone.


Bridesmaid Invitation Gift Box

gift boxes

Bridesmaid proposal gift boxes usually contain some carefully selected items. It can personalize gifts, delicious treats, beauty products, and more. This must be carefully considered in creating a unique and meaningful gift.

These gift boxes can customize to suit each individual's personality. This is what makes the gift more personal and meaningful. You could include a piece of clothing that monogram the initials of each bridesmaid. A handwritten note thanking them for their friendship. By expressing his feelings in a note and presenting a proposal, he can drive any girlfriend crazy.

Besides, you can include items that are perfect for a future bachelorette party. This makes it the perfect option to start a party theme.


Bottle of Wine With Invitation


It's a simple yet meaningful gesture that conveys your appreciation for their friendship. A wine bottle can be present in a variety of ways, making it a versatile option for a bridesmaid proposal.

One popular way to use a wine bottle for a bridesmaid proposal is to add a custom label that asks questions. This adds a personal touch to the bridesmaid asking gifts and creates a special moment for bridesmaids.


Personalized Wine Tumblers

glasses with wine

Personalized wine glasses have become one of the popular bridesmaid proposal ideas. Moreover, it is quite practical. So it will be not only a beautiful gift but also useful. These glasses can engrave with the name of each bridesmaid. Also, use a special message or date.

To make the gift even more special, you can fill each glass with a small gift. For example, use chocolate or a scented candle. You can also create a fun and interactive proposal. Write a question at the bottom of each glass and ask the bridesmaids to finish the drink.

To add personality, you can pair the wine glass with a bottle of wine or other accessories. They may also associate with wine. For example, such as a wine cork or a corkscrew. This creates a complete gift bag that expresses gratitude. It will also be handy for use on the day of a bachelorette party or any other special occasion.


Bridesmaid Clothes


Bridesmaid clothes are a popular and traditional gift. It is offered during the proposal of a bridesmaid to become one. They can range from matching robes to pajamas. It’s also common for brides to give personalized t-shirts with a funny message.

Bridesmaids' clothing helps to awaken a sense of unity at the wedding party. Matching bachelorette party outfits can create a lively and festive atmosphere.

Bridesmaid clothing can also incorporate in various ways for a unique bridesmaid proposal.

In general, bridesmaids' clothes are a fun and practical gift. It's perfect for a bridesmaid proposal. Clothing contributes to a sense of togetherness at the wedding party. Themed accessories can serve as a lasting reminder of a special day. Perhaps you already have plans to hold a bachelorette party before the wedding. Then immediately offer the bridesmaids a set of clothes. We are sure they will agree. If you are still handing out invitations to girls, you can use the same outfits. To avoid being too plain, add a unique twist to each outfit that’s associated with each friend.


Candy Set With Wedding Invitation

Candy Set

A candy set can be a cute and fun way to invite your loved ones to join your wedding party. You can customize the candy set to include your bridesmaids' favorite candies for unique bridesmaid proposal. Also, don't forget a special message or card asking you to be your bridesmaid.

The great thing about candy sets is that they are versatile and can present in a variety of ways. For example, you can fill a special jar with your bridesmaids' favorite candies. Then attach a personalized tag to your offer message.

Here is a small helper table for you to choose the right option for a gift of sweets.


Candy type

The place where the message will be written

  1. Box (plain or with a transparent top);
  2. Pouch;
  3. Jar.
  1. Chocolate in glaze;
  2. Sweets with exotic filling;
  3. Sweets of various shapes;
  4. Chocolate bars;
  5. Jelly bean;
  6. Sucking candies;
  7. Sweets are covered with a mirror glaze or other unusual coating.
  1. On top of the box;
  2. Inside the box (the inscription will be on the underside of the top cover);
  3. Written under sweets;
  4. On a postcard;
  5. On candy.

All in all, a candy set is a creative and fun way to invite your loved ones to be part of your wedding party. This is a unique and personalized gift that expresses your appreciation. Moreover, your friend can please enjoy a delicious surprise.


Bridesmaid Clothes Hanger

Bridesmaid Clothes Hanger

The bridesmaid clothes hanger is practical and individual. Such qualities make it a great bridesmaid proposal gift. Bridesmaids can use it to hang their dresses on their wedding day. It is also used as a fun and creative way to invite them to be part of your special day.

There are many ways to customize a bridesmaid clothes hanger for your proposal. For example, you could personalize each hanger with the bridesmaid's name. You can also add an invitation quote and a wedding date. Or, you can add decorative items to a regular hanger. Attach a small piece of paper where you write "Will you be my bridesmaid?". You can also use a small poster to make it more visible and bright.

Make the offer even more exciting. Simply attach a robe, piece of clothing, or accessory to the hanger as a symbolic invitation. You can even include a must-have item for a bachelorette party or a fun accessory. It should associate with the personality of each bridesmaid.

In general, personalized bridesmaid clothes are great bridesmaid-asking gifts. Using just such a combination, your loved ones will delight. At the same time, they will be able to use your surprise not only at a bachelorette party.


Bridesmaid Flower Gifts from Rosaholics

We are a popular online flower shop offering a wide range of beautiful and high-quality flower gifts. Here you will find a bouquet perfect for a bridesmaid proposal. Our flowers are sourced from the best growers. They collect by experienced florists to create stunning bouquets and arrangements.

At Rosaholics we have a lot of great features. The main thing is that we offer many options for personalizing our flower bridesmaid proposal ideas. For example, you can choose from a variety of bouquet styles. We can offer classic roses or trendy wildflowers. We can also choose the colors and number of flowers in each bouquet. This allows you to create a unique and personalized gift for each of your bridesmaids.

You can also make your special adjustments to the final bouquet. You can add specific flowers or colors, insert your note, and more. We will deliver the finished bouquet on time to the place specified in the order. It is our flowers that will be able to please your bridesmaids and solemnly announce the wedding!



How many bridesmaids should you have?

The number of bridesmaids depends only on you and your personal preferences. Some brides prefer a big wedding with lots of bridesmaids. At the same time, others prefer a smaller group.

Are bridesmaid proposal gifts necessary?

Bridesmaid gifts are optional. But they can be a nice gesture to show your appreciation to the bridesmaids. It will also make them feel special. It is a common tradition for brides to give their bridesmaids a small gift.

What should I put in a bridesmaid proposal?

When putting together a bridesmaid proposal, you can include a variety of items. Gifts will show your appreciation for your friends and that special role. This shows your special desire for them to play at your wedding.


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