The most important event in your life is a wedding and it is in spring? Consider these ideas of flowers for an April wedding: 

  • Roses
  • Freesia
  • Tulips
  • Delphinium
  • Peonies

Many brides choose to celebrate their wedding in the spring, especially in April. Because this is the time of flowering of the most significant number of flowers. In April, the blossoming buds cover everything with their beauty. 

It is this gentle, light atmosphere that creates charm at weddings. A large assortment of April flowers allows you to make the most unusual arrangements. It can be an ordinary boutonniere in the form of a delicate rose and a composition of several flowers. 

Roses, alstroemerias, hydrangeas, peonies and many other flowers create an incredible look when combined. Thanks to the charm of flowers, you can create an unreal atmosphere at your spring wedding. 

And it can be not only a bouquet for the bride but flower compositions for decorating the table or aisle. And what flowers to choose? Keep a list of flowers for the April wedding: 


1. Roses

roses bouquet

Roses are a favorite of wedding decor. And these flowers have exceptional beauty in spring. So, these flowers are a win-win option for your wedding. Their colors and types are so diverse that you can get the most incredible bouquets. 

A bouquet of red roses is suitable for the wedding ceremony. And white or soft pink roses can be an excellent addition to the wedding hall decor. Besides, you can combine them, for example, with alstroemeria. Then the bouquet will get even more shades and attract more attention.



2. Peonies

The luxurious tenderness of peonies fascinates many brides. These flowers have a vast range of different colors. It can be both soft pink and light lilac. 

However, their most popular shade is Marsala. Most brides select this flower’s color. It is not for nothing that peonies have long been considered imperial flowers. Luxurious bouquets of these lush buds stand out against the background of any wedding dress.



3. Freesia

Freesia flowers are associated with spring and the beginning of a new life. In a wedding bouquet, freesia means the future spouses' trust in each other. A girl holding such April wedding flowers entrusts herself to her future husband. 

In the palette of this flower, you can find almost all shades. So, you can create a flower arrangement for any taste. Besides the elegance of the inflorescence itself, these plants have a light aroma.



4. Tulips

These seasonal April flowers for your spring wedding create a big stir. They attract everyone with their tenderness and elegance. Thus, this type of flower is an excellent solution for a wedding. 

Tulips can be used in decoration everywhere. You can adorn the banquet hall with them, place them in large vases, or decorate the way to the altar. For a great composition, use any other white flowers and elements with them.



5. Alstroemerias

    Alstroemeria is a unique plant resembling a lily and an orchid. Thus, this is your option if you can not choose flowers for an April wedding that will look mysterious. 

    Thanks to the magnificence of this flower, any wedding style will look luxurious. The main thing is to choose the right shades of flowers so that it has a harmonious combination.



    6. Daffodils

      These flowers are very refined and elegant. A touching white bud with a yellow center resembles the sun. Bouquets with daffodils are suitable for both women and men. 

      Their graceful beauty makes them a versatile addition to the wedding atmosphere. So, you can mix these flowers with others. Also, you can add just a little greenery and wrap the stems with ribbon.



      7. Ranunculus

        The next unique seasonal April flowers for your spring wedding are ranunculus. They look like unusual roses and have their unique spring charm. So, you can complement any wedding dress with them. 

        Moreover, these delicate flowers are symbols of purity of feelings. Blooming ranunculuses indeed evoke a sense of beauty. They give bursts of true inspiration.



        8. Hydrangeas

          To get a large lush bouquet, it is unnecessary to choose hundreds of flowers. It is enough to choose a few hydrangeas, and you will get a voluminous flower arrangement. These seasonal April flowers  have a discreet aroma that creates an atmosphere of joy and peace. 

          Hydrangeas in April bloom in a wide variety of delicate shades. Thanks to this, you can fill the hall, aisle, altar and dress with them. And if you combine them with roses, you will create spring charm.



          9. Delphinium

            Delphinium spike-like inflorescences consist of simple, double, and semi-double flowers. Their shade can be very diverse. It is white, blue, purple, or blue. Due to its extraordinary and organic nature, it is quite a popular April wedding flower. 

            Florists often use delphinium when making bouquets for brides. The severity of blue and elegance of white flowers is woven into the canvas of the wedding atmosphere.



            10. Cornflowers

              The presence of these flowers for the April wedding is enchanting. Blue delicate petals of cornflowers can become an unforgettable addition to a bride's dress or a festive table. 

              And by combining them with roses of a lavender shade, you can impress all guests. After all, the combination of simplicity and luxury, even in such an unusual color, can not help attract.



              11. Stephanotis

                Stephanotis is famous for its wonderful aroma and elegant appearance. Florists usually use these small snow-white flowers in compositions with other flowers. 

                They are ideal for bouquets for the bride and her friends. After all, their spring charm symbolizes marital happiness and optimism.


                Lily of the Valley

                12. Lily of the Valley

                  This delicate and fragrant flower is trendy for wedding bouquets and decorations. It is a symbol of spring, as well as happiness, loyalty, and sweet life. And it is not crucial that its size is not large and in a wide selection. 

                  Combined with other flowers, you can create a refined and elegant bouquet from the lily of the valley. Thus, lovers often choose these flowers for an April wedding.



                  13. Orchids

                    Aristocratic tropical flowers are often accessories for the bride. You can use them to create a bracelet on the hand of the newlywed or hairpins in the bride's hair.

                    And bouquets of such flowers are a separate art. Thanks to their topicality, they give an unusual look to everything around them. 



                    14. Gardenia

                      You can use gardenia not only in the bride's bouquet. It's also great as a boutonniere decoration. This flower blooms all year round. But it acquires a unique charm in April when it has the peak of flowering. 

                      White gardenia buds symbolize purity and happiness. Thus, for the bride and groom, it is not just a bouquet of April flowers but a tangible symbol of loyalty to each other.



                      15. Magnolia

                        The sight of blooming magnolia buds remains in the memory for a long time. They have a luxurious look and create a fragrant spring atmosphere. You can use them in exotic wedding decor and bouquets for brides. It has a classic and unusual look at the same time.



                        16. Lilac

                          Lilac is also a symbol of spring and freshness. Its exquisite aroma inspires and creates a cozy atmosphere. Dozens of shades of purple petals generate a feeling of romance and joy. 

                          That is why there is a great demand for lilacs annually during April. You only need to add some greenery to these April wedding flowers. And your composition will be festive. 



                          17. Hyacinths

                            For girls who love unusual shapes and bright colors of flowers, hyacinth is a gift of nature. Hyacinth is a blossom that is endowed with unsurpassed beauty. Small cute buds have a wonderful aroma and bright color. 

                            A composition of them without any other flowers will look very creative. But if you wish, you can create a brilliant combination by complementing hyacinths with tulips and daffodils.


                            Choose Your Wedding Flowers at Rosaholics Shop

                            The modern floristic industry allows you to fulfill the brides' wishes. And especially in April, it has a particular demand. After all, a wide range of April wedding flowers provides many choices. And it is challenging to settle on any one of their options. 

                            Thus, Rosaholics will create a miracle bouquet for your wedding to simplify this task. Our selection of flowers will become a standard of beauty for married couples.



                            What flowers are available for a spring wedding?

                            In spring, they are roses, peonies, alstroemerias and hydrangeas. These are the most popular options. In addition to them, you can choose lilac, daffodils and gardenia.

                            What are traditional wedding flowers?

                            The most traditional flower for a wedding is a rose. And it doesn't matter which color you choose, red or white. In any case, it is a symbol of love. Moreover, roses are suitable for any theme of the wedding.

                            What color flowers are best for a wedding?

                            The most popular option is white flowers. But any other shades of light will also be appropriate. Orange, purple and red flowers are also some of the best choices.

                            What is the best flower for a bride?

                            The best flowers for a bride are the ones she likes the most. However, the most popular options are roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. If you choose from something unusual, the best option is an orchid or magnolia.


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