Is your first baby's birthday coming up? Congratulations! It's a day you won't soon forget because the first birthday is often so long-awaited and exciting

The options for celebration are almost limitless. It can be themed parties with animators for the first birthday, lots of invited friends, or vice versa. Whatever parents choose, the celebration can be big or small, with lots of guests or with a small, friendly family. But the essential thing is to create a fun party for adults and children. And, of course, take lots of pictures so that when the baby grows up, they can see how small and happy they were on their first birthday.

Rosaholics has prepared some first birthday party ideas for girls and boys.


  • Cake Smash First Birthday Party

    Cake Smash First Birthday Party

A first baby birthday is an exciting event for parents! To make it memorable, have a cake-smashing party. It's a great way to let your little one pamper themselves in some messy fun while celebrating their big day.

To help you get started, we've put together some ideas on how to decorate for a first birthday party with a cake smash. From invitations to decorations and games, we've got everything covered.


Get creative with the invitations and decorate them in the theme of the cake. You can even include a picture of the baby with a smeared face after the first tasting!


Get into the holiday spirit with fun and festive decorations. Balloons, paper streamers, and, of course, lots of cake are all great ideas. To protect surfaces, you can set up a little "smash zone" with a sheet or tablecloth


Not one birthday party is complete without games! Plus, other children will likely be at your baby's first birthday party. To keep everyone having fun, try some simple games

  • For example, you can leave a lot of coloring books with pictures of cakes for the kids. Each child will be busy and have an exciting time. 
  • For adults, party-goers can have a game with a children's theme. These can be questions about famous babies in history, pop culture, or your child. Whoever gives the correct answers will win a prize.

Another 1st birthday party idea would be a piñata that you could break up and have candy for the kids.


  • Costume Party for Your Child's First Birthday

    Costume Party for Your Child's First Birthday

Dressing up is always fun, so why not make it part of the first baby's birthday party? A costume party is a great first birthday idea for both boys and girls. It will help your little one show their personality.

So you don't have to waste your potential planning a costume-themed party; we've already done it for you.


Take a tasteful approach to the invitations and design them in a costume theme. Write about the fact that all guests can come in costume, even the adults!


You don't need a lot of decorations for your first birthday party idea in costume because all the guests in costume will be decorating the room by themselves. But if you feel  you should add something, then add some flowers and balloons.


Everyone loves games, and in the atmosphere of a costume party, every adult will want to play fun games. You can have a costume contest for children and their parents. Can you imagine how much fun your little one will have among people in costumes?


  • Buy an Adorable Flower Bouquet for Baby's Mom!

    Buy an Adorable Flower Bouquet for Baby's Mom!

A first baby's birthday is a special occasion for parents. It marks the beginning of a child's life, a celebration day. 

One way to ensure the birthday child has a great time is to buy a delightful bouquet for the baby's mom! This will show your love and appreciation for her on this special day since she was the one who was able to give the birthday child to the world. You can also add a personal message to the card with flowers. This will make the gift even more special.

  • Festival Fun First Birthday Party

    Festival Fun First Birthday Party

For a fun-filled first baby birthday party, organize a festival-themed party. This is a perfect way to give your little one a chance to run around and release energy. Additionally, there will be many games and activities at the party that won't leave anyone indifferent.


Start the party with colorful invitations. Choose a design that reflects the theme, such as carnival tickets or a Ferris wheel.


Decorate the room with festive decorations: bright lights, garlands, and balloons are all great ideas. One idea is to set up a photo booth with props to take fun first birthday pictures.


Try classic carnival games with adults and children to make it fun for everyone. For example, you could have bean bags or water balloons. Or try playing your favorite carnival games together, like cotton candy or funnel cake. Or maybe you want to dance the lambada all together.


  • Princess’s First Birthday Party

    Princess’s First Birthday Party

From the name, it is clear that this first birthday idea is suitable for girls. Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess on her birthday. So why don't you organize such a princess-style party for her? It's the perfect way to make her first birthday special.


Start the party with magical invitations. Choose a design with a fairy tale castle or a sparkling crown. Guests will immediately understand the first birthday theme.


Decorate the room with royal decorations. Balloons, paper streamers, and pink and purple tablecloths are all great ideas. You can even hang glittery garlands or set up a throne for the birthday girl.


To make it fun for adults and kids, try hosting classic games with a royal twist. For example, you can have a treasure hunt or a game of "Pin the crown on the princess," but just be careful not to pinch anyone. Or see who can build the tallest tower of blocks.


  • Dinosaur First Birthday Party

    Dinosaur First Birthday Party

While we have picked up the previous idea of a first birthday specifically for girls, this one is focused on boys. For a birthday party that goes great, throw a dinosaur-themed party. This is the perfect way to give your little one a chance to show off their imagination. Moreover, plenty of games and activities won't leave anyone indifferent.


Get the party started with prehistoric invitations. Choose a design with dinosaurs or volcanoes. This is an excellent idea for a first birthday party invitation.


Decorations can be prehistoric. For example, hang paper dinosaurs or put a small digging sandbox. You can also put figurines of different kinds of dinosaurs.


It would be best if you had dinosaur-themed games. These games can be played by both adults and children and help each other. For example, you could have a contest for the best dinosaur out of dough. Or, for example, who can guess the most facts about dinosaurs. Of course, a one-year-old child will not take part, but they can dig something in the sandbox in the meantime.

Beautiful Bouquet From Rosaholic

A first baby's birthday party is a momentous occasion, so we recommend not neglecting the celebration. The birthday child will be happy to see how they spent their first birthday many years later. Beautiful flowers can complete the event.

Do you want to choose a perfect bouquet that will impress everyone with its beauty? Then why haven't you yet looked at Rosaholic's bouquet options?

We offer over 100 bouquet options that every guest will remember. In addition to parents, you can give a bouquet to the little birthday child, because the baby deserves the best on this day.


What do you do for your baby’s 1st birthday?

For your baby's first birthday, you can organize a fun party. It can be a themed party where you invite your friends and other children.

How much do you spend on your baby’s first birthday party?

You do not need to pay a large sum of money to celebrate the first birthday but also do not spare money. In general, you need to be based on your budget possibilities; for example, spend $200-500 on this event.

Is it necessary to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday?

Generally yes, because in this way, the child is instilled with its value. If you do not have the opportunity to invite many friends, you can celebrate the baby's first birthday in a small family circle.

What is 1st birthday called?

Ordinarily, one would call a party for a first birthday a “first birthday party” or might write “first-birthday party” if concerned about ambiguity.

How many gifts should a child get for their 1st birthday?

Usually, children are given toys for their first birthday. You can choose any small toy and give it from yourself, or you can buy one big toy in advance from a group of friends.

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