Father's Day is coming up quick! Most countries will celebrate Father's Day on Sunday, June 19, 2022. And we have compiled a list of 20 personalized ideas to surprise your dad this year. Fathers wear many hats; in addition to being role models, they are also friends, teachers, supporters, and mentors. Father's Day is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude and admiration for your dad.

gift ideas for Father’s Day

Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is widely credited with inventing this holiday.  A Civil War soldier, her dad raised five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. Sonora came up with the idea about this holiday in 1909 while listening to a speech on Mother's Day, which was just becoming popular as a holiday at the time. She proposed the 5th of June (her father's birthday) as Father's Day. But the holiday date was changed to the third Sunday in June since the church needed more time to prepare sermons after Mother's Day. In 1966, US President Lyndon declared the third Sunday of June a public holiday. Over time, it became Father's Day, as it was also grasped by other countries where is declared respect for family values.

To choose a gift for your father, you should consider the following:

  • the area of his interest;
  • his professional orientation, a place of work;
  • features of his character and temperament;
  • how your dad spends his free time;
  • where he likes to rest.


Best Surprise Ideas for Father's Day 

There are several solutions available, but only some of them are truly worthwhile. We have chosen the best options. Put a smile on your dad’s face by creating a personalized surprise gift for your father. Thank him for what he has done for you. Show him how much you value all those special family memories. 


Display framed photos or quotations 

Display photos of his or your youth where you are together. You can also show him images you took with him each year since you were born. Beautiful statements or comments about how much you love him can also be framed. Put them all in his room before he gets up.




Write a letter and express your feelings 

A handwritten postcard is another one of the most heartfelt gift ideas that will always make a father happy. Even if he is not very empathetic, you can be sure that he will appreciate such a present. Decorate the letter nicely, expressing all of the moments and wishes that you shared.



3. Flower arrangements

It's just a myth that only men should give women flowers; men can also be delighted with the gift of a bouquet. Try to determine your dad's favorite color and preferences, and feel free to present him with a bouquet. Not sure what he'll like? We suggest these color options for dad: dark blue (associated with wisdom and sincerity), black (the color of influential and authoritative people), red (symbolizes love and devotion), orange (symbolizes vitality), and silver (colors for the most brutal men). 


Choose a perfect rose bouquet for your dad in Father's Day Flowers Collection


Purchase tickets to his favorite event

Is your father a fan of a certain music or sports team? Are there any forthcoming sporting events or concerts in or around the city? It's time to purchase his ticket!




Fathers Day Surprise Ideas at Home

If you are not planning to go anywhere, then organize a holiday at home. If you are looking for a Father's Day activity to do at home, consider these ideas.

Presents for a dad who likes to be at home

He will be glad to receive as a gift:

  1. exciting board games;
  2. a stand for magazines and newspapers;
  3. a new TV with different functions;
  4. or an updated router for receiving a wi-fi signal.


video games

1. Play video games

What can I do with my dad for fun? Perhaps it's a cliché, but video games are top-rated activities extremely popular among fathers. If your father is a football or racing lover, you can spend a fun time playing these video games together. If you only have one console, and there are not very many games, then buy a couple of new ones and refresh your playing library. And if your father does not have a console or game collection, then you can buy them as cool gifts.


flower garden

2. Go camping in your garden

If you don't have time to go to the forest, set up a campground in your backyard. The essential feature of camping is a tent, so prepare a place for it ahead of time. Because camping entails sleeping outside, you will want sleeping bags, sleeping covers, or even air mattresses. 

Furthermore, you must decide whether to give a section of grass or acquire a portable barbecue to replace the fire. A portable mobile grill will suffice if it is impossible to build a fire. You should also be responsible for the event planning. You can play ball games, tennis, or badminton in the daytime. 



musical instrument

3. Teach your father a new musical instrument

Musical instruments are statistically highly beneficial for the brain. Teach your father to play a musical instrument if you have the knowledge. If you don't have an instrument, enroll your father in a drum, guitar, or exotic instrument class.




Father's Day Surprise Ideas from Wife

Father's Day celebrating

On such a lovely celebration, wives also give their children's fathers presents. Here we have listed personalized ideas appropriate to your husband. 

Versatile Options

They differ in that they do not depend on age, status, and financial position. They include:

  • car accessories;
  • computer accessories;
  • clothes;
  • sets of towels and bed linens.
  • household appliances;
  • shaving cosmetics;
  • perfumery;
  • product sets;
  • alcoholic drinks;

1. Prepare his favorite foods for him

Who doesn't enjoy tasty food? Prepare his favorite foods and set the table for a family dinner. Or, perhaps it is worth spending the evening in a restaurant with just the two of you, after having a late lunch in the afternoon with your family.

2. Make a picture album

Collect and decorate all of the funniest and oldest images. These might be his school images, wedding photos, or even family photos. Ask his parents to find some amusing photographs of him.

3. Presents for bringing good luck

In this case, you can give bracelets or pendants made of silver with the image of a family tree. To make a dream come true, a small model of the desired thing can be presented, for example, a model in the form of a car or a boat. A good surprise on Father’s Day will be figurines made of metal, wood, plastic, or dice.

4. Buy him a membership in a sports club

Perhaps he has told you that he has always wanted to try boxing or another sport. Locate a sports club in your area and purchase a membership for your spouse as a Father's Day gift.


Gift Ideas for Father

gift for father

A dad is the closest relative to you. So, you would like to present something special and memorable, bringing him joy. These suggestions are intended for sons and daughters. 

1. Give him presents connected with his hobbies

A customized present is one of the greatest. What does your father do, and what attracts his interest? Purchase items for fishing, sports, or driving. Discover anything unique about his own life. 

2. Seek an adventure

Choose an exciting surprise on Father's Day for your father if he likes anything hazardous and high in adrenaline. Zip-lining, sky diving, and white water rafting are excellent ideas.

3. Presents for intellectuals 

If your dad likes to spend a lot of time reading, appreciates art, antiquity, and is fond of politics or history, then it is suitable to give him a gift that draws on his intellectual side. Here it is important to know what exactly is interesting to your father. It can be:

  1. Colorful encyclopedic edition.
  2. Reprint of an old book.
  3. Subscription to an interesting glossy magazine.
  4. Book by his interests.

4. Organize a thank-you-dad celebration

Another idea is to throw a surprise party for your dad. Invite his friends, acquaintances, and coworkers with whom he is at ease communicating. Order or make his favorite foods and beverages. Decorate the house and offer to watch his favorite movie or play his favorite game with him.


How to make Father's Day Special

surprise for father's day from daughter

Given his interests and personality, picking up something useful might be challenging. If you haven’t decided on a present, check out some variations for Father’s day inspiration.

1. Send him to his favorite location

Remember which cities or countries your father enjoys visiting and book a trip! It might be a tour or simply a casual visit to his favorite places. Distraction from everyday life will benefit your father, especially if he is a hard worker.

2. Indulge him during the day

Another option among the Father's Day surprise gifts is to take on some of his everyday duties. For example, wash the dishes or make the bed for him. Perhaps bring him breakfast in bed.

3. Go shopping with him

Another one of the Father’s Day surprises is going shopping and accompanying him. Make yourself useful and carry the bags or follow his direction, so that it feels like a fun outing for him instead of a chore. Perhaps he needs specialized goods from a home goods store or auto shop. Even just going food shopping and helping with bags will be a tremendous assistance.


Bottom Line 

Father's Day is a significant event for all men who proudly play the role of "Dad." Regardless of what they say, every father wants something special from his family on this day. Surprise him with any of these best surprise ideas for Father's Day and put a smile on his face. Have a wonderful Father's Day!



How do I make Father's Day happy?

It is sometimes simple to make a parent pleased. Just think of what your father likes most of all! Thoughtful gifts and gestures are the best.

How can I express my love to my father?

A flower or a personalized present will enhance Father's Day. Cook something very tasty and with a focus on his preferences. Give small, but very nice gifts to him. Take the opportunity to participate a little in his work or hobby and show your sincere interest - this is a very nice gesture for any parent.

Who is the founder of Father's day?

Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is widely credited with inventing this holiday. A Civil War soldier, her dad raised five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. Sonora came up with the idea about this holiday in 1909 while listening to a speech on Mother's Day, which was just becoming popular as a holiday at the time.

Why is Father's Day in June?

Father's Day is observed in June to commemorate the birth month of the holiday's founder's father. On June 19, 1910, the first Father's Day was observed.

When did Father's day begin?

The inaugural Father's Day started to be celebrated on June 19, 1910. In 1966, US President Lyndon declared the third Sunday of June a public holiday. Over time, it became Father's Day, as it was also grasped by other countries that value respect for family values.


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