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Flower Delivery on Father’s Day

Father's Day in 2023 occurs on Sunday, June 18. Father's Day is an old custom that acknowledges the importance of dads in the family. A Southern European custom dating back to 1508 is mentioned in historical texts. 

A father is more than a title; he is a sincere friend, intimate companion, and steadfast supporter. Father's Day is a holiday that all fathers look forward to. This day is dedicated to all fathers, the unsung heroes who strive tirelessly to provide for their families. On this day, children or partners give men presents to honor males. But how do you pick a gift? 

That's where the blooms appear! For Father’s Day, we propose choosing a bouquet of roses as a present in particular because they are one of the trendiest and most valued presents. The bouquet may be used to decorate both the father's workplace and the bedroom.

Looking for the ideal gift for your father? Consider Rosaholics to choose fabulous Father's Day flower arrangements.

 We offer Father’s Day flower delivery across the US!

It is a fallacy that males are not given flowers, and if they are, they should not be of light and delicate hues. Flowers are frequently presented to guys; however, it is worthwhile to choose which color the person adores.

Colors like independent black, respectable blue, passionate crimson, fair silver, independent gold, charismatic green, pale violet, and confident pink would melt any father's heart. We also provide a variety of colored flowers for dad. Choose a color that your father likes and make him happy on this joyous occasion.

If you want more variants of bouquets for Father’s Day to choose among, consider other options on Rosaholics website as well.

We exclusively sell real, fresh flowers for Father’s Day from our genuine rose farm, and we use artistic ways to produce eye-catching arrangements and unusual colors. To obtain a wide spectrum of hues, our floriculture professionals employ several artisanal techniques. These include dyes, paints, and stains, as well as natural genetic recombination processes.

Our flowers are cut when you request them, ensuring maximum authenticity. For Father’s Day, most flowers are offered a delivery within 3-4 days of being ordered via UPS. Please keep in mind that UPS only delivers on weekdays. We will give you a UPS tracking number after we have delivered your cargo to UPS. You can track your shipment by entering the tracking number at

Send flowers to your dad with Rosaholics!


Is it OK to give flowers to a man who is rigid in his views about masculinity?

Even the most strict father will be flattered by the attention of his daughter, who gives him a lovely bouquet. Above all, he will feel cherished.

What flowers do you give your dad?

Send your father a structured rose arrangement or a tropical bouquet for the greatest effects. He'll appreciate the gesture not just because it came from you but also because these flower selections, with their structured form and bold colors, create magnificent centerpieces.

Are flowers a good Father's Day gift?

Flowers are frequently forgotten as a gift for fathers. However, it might be an excellent Father's Day present because you can personalize the bouquet or arrangement to his tastes. Along with the flowers, you may send other gifts.

What color flowers are best for men?

Choose strong and rich hues such as black, blue, white, yellow, and purple when selecting manly flowers.