Rosaholics guarantees the best price on fresh roses and flower delivery straight to your doorstep.

WHAT: BEST PRICE GUARANTEE on fresh flowers. Yes, you read that correctly. We offer a best price guarantee on fresh flowers that come straight from the farm.

HOW: No middle-man, no markups – just fresh flowers grown by us on our family-run farm, then shipped directly to your doorstep. Our team takes care of everything, from watering and cultivating roses into premium, award-winning blooms to packaging fresh-cut flower bouquets shipped straight to your home. This direct-to-consumer process gives us an incredible amount of control and oversight that other flower delivery services don’t have.

We cut out complicated shipping routes and focus on a simple, no-fuss approach that sends flowers straight from the farm to your home without having to pay for storage, complex delivery routes, or packaging services. In other words, we can sell you fresh flowers at their base price: the lowest price guaranteed for farm-fresh roses from our farms.

WHY: We’re a family-run farm and wildlife rescue center located in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. For us, every single customer counts and contributes to our mission of spreading joy, providing safe and equitable working conditions, bolstering social programs, and helping save the local ecosystem for future generations. We value and respect every customer, because we know that they are an important part of our journey towards a better world.

This is why providing a best price guarantee has always been a top priority for us. Our mission and values go far beyond making a profit – we want to make the world a better place! And by offering premium farm-fresh flowers at the lowest prices guaranteed, we can empower our customers to help make the world more beautiful, too.

Our farm. Our family. Our customers.Rosaholics’ Best Price Guarantee is a natural result of showing respect and loyalty to our community.