Easter is one of the greatest religious holidays. Each year, its date varies depending on the day of the first spring full moon after the equinox.

In 2022, for all Orthodox Christians, the holiday will be April 24. On this day, they celebrate the miracle of Christ's resurrection and organize mass festivities. Usually, Easter is celebrated on the day after the end of Lent, which begins seven weeks before the Resurrection and lasts 48 days.

Catholic Easter, in most cases, comes earlier. According to the Gregorian calendar, Easter for Catholics in 2022 is April 17.

And while there's plenty of time left by the time of the holiday, we want to offer you different ways to celebrate Easter. Already interested? Read on, there is more interesting.

Paint Eggs  

Easter painted eggs

Let's speak frankly: is there anyone who has not heard of the tradition of painting eggs on Easter? It seems to us that there isn't.

Since ancient times, it has been thought that the egg is a symbol of life, and this Easter element seems to allude to the story of the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Chicken eggs are the most commonly used, and for centuries they have been painted red. You can ask your grandmothers what they used to paint them with, and there is an 80% chance you will get the answer - onion husks. Nowadays, however, fewer and fewer people paint eggs this way. 

There is an abundance of different paints, stickers, and ways to decorate eggs. You could paint them blue or even green, and paint them different funny faces. Or maybe you want a more elegant look? Then, you could consider traditional egg coloring. Either way, if you're looking for ways to have a fun Easter celebration, this option is sure to bring your family together.

Grab the Easter Baskets

Easter baskets

When people wonder what to do for Easter day, a second obvious answer may also come to mind - fill an Easter basket. What do you need an Easter Basket for?

Well, it is common for families to assemble Easter baskets to go to church and consecrate the contents. It is believed that in this way, you attract prosperity to your family. Let's put together your basket for Easter celebrations!

  • The first thing you need is the basket, which in the run-up to the holiday you can buy in any market.
  • Then, prepare two towels, one you need to cover the bottom of the basket, and the second to cover the contents of the basket on top.
  • And then, proceed to fill the basket. It is believed that the main attributes in the basket should be a wax candle, Easter cake, and Easter eggs. However, if you want, you can add other products there as well. Some people put sliced meat and cheese in the basket and may also add salt.

If you want to assemble an Easter basket with all the traditions, try to have all the main products in it. And then the whole year you will be accompanied by the health and well-being of your family.

Bake Some Special Treats

easter bakery

What else do people do during Easter? How about another obvious answer? They bake! The most common Easter baking option is Easter Kulichs.

A kulich is a traditional Easter pastry. The Easter Kulich symbolizes the memory of Jesus Christ eating with the apostles after the Resurrection.

The Easter Kulich recipe is essentially yeast bread that has come to be given religious meaning. Kulichs differ from others in form and recipe. Recipes, in general, are quite varied. 

But, where you can give free rein to your imagination, it is in the decoration of kulich. Decorating is done with icing, chocolate chips, and confectionery fondant. In addition, you can even decorate the kulich with fresh flowers, then they will look just magical. Rosaholics will help you find the best flowers to decorate your croissants. 

We suggest you look at a pretty good recipe and try to bake a kulich for each member of the family.

Give a Gifts

easter gifts

Anyone would love to receive a gift, so why not prepare gifts for your family and friends? We have prepared for you a small list of possible gift options that you could give:

  • Little Kulich. As Kulich is a traditional dish for this holiday, why don't you bake lots of little kulich and give them as a treat to your friends and family? We are sure that they will appreciate your efforts and care.
  • Flowers. It often happens that people are far away from each other, but they still want to make a surprise. In this case, there is a perfect gift option: flower delivery. Rosaholics has a lot of great options, there you will surely be able to pick up a bouquet to your liking. Check out the option with spring bouquets, some of the most delicate options.
  • Toy. Do you have children/nephews/friends' children? How about an Easter Bunny toy as a gift? Not only is it a traditional gift, but it's also very cute. That's why we think not only children will appreciate it, but adults as well.

Do you want more gift ideas? Take a look at our Easter Bouquets for 2022 

Go on Egg Hunt

Egg hunt

Why not have fun with your family or friends? How about Egg Hunt? Egg Hunt is such an Easter game that has spread throughout the whole world. In various countries, in parks, children's centers, art sites, alleyways, and even nightclubs, adults and children are searching for hidden eggs, hare people walk the streets, and everyone is immersed in the holiday.

Maybe you want to set up a game like this just for your inner circle. Hide chocolate eggs in the yard and ask your friends to do the same. Draw maps of where you hid your eggs and exchange them with your friends. Whoever is fastest to find all the opponent's eggs is the winner!

Play the Games with Family 

easter games for family

In spite of all the wonderful ways we have suggested for Easter celebrations, we can offer you one more - play games with your family.

Spending time with family is something that many people don't appreciate when they are young. Still, believe us, there's no turning back time, just do it now! Get your whole family together, and play games.  You can be sure that all your family members, from the oldest to the youngest, will appreciate this. Moreover, it's funny! Do not miss your opportunity. 

Games to play:

  • crocodile - guess who your relatives are.
  • monopoly - build your business.
  • word chain - say the word to the last letter of the previous word.
  • associations - think of an association to the word you've guessed.

Bottom Line 

Well, now you know exactly how to celebrate Easter and have no problem finding something to do. You can also bring the whole family together because it's more of a family holiday. But we think that if you have friends, they're part of your family too, so invite them to celebrate together!



Why do we celebrate Easter?

We pay homage to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What dates are the Easter holidays 2022?

In 2022, the Catholic Easter is on April 17 and the Christian Easter is on April 24.

Is Easter celebrated all over the world?

Not really, some denominations do not celebrate Easter.

What is Easter called around the world?

It can be called "Great and Holy Pascha", "Easter Sunday", "Pascha" or "Sunday of Pascha".

April 14, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik
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