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Sure, Valentine’s Day is hyped up to be a day of passion shared between lovers. But the truth of the matter is, love comes in many forms – all of which should be celebrated.

Remember when you used to exchange paper valentines with friends at school? Or maybe your parents would treat you to chocolate or heart-shaped suckers on February 14th. Valentine’s Day traditions are rooted in the very real significance of love. Whether it’s friendship love, familial love, or another type of love, we should never take these relationships for granted.


So, in honor of everyone who’s celebrating this Valentine’s Day without a hot date, here’s a list of 3 very important relationships that are just as worthy of recognition this Valentine’s Day.

Parents/Grandparents or Adult Children

After significant others, parents are one of the most popular recipients of Valentine’s Day flowers. Sending a bouquet of roses to your mom or dad is an excellent way to stay connected, even when you’re living in a different city or don’t have time to visit very often.

And with Rosaholics, you can send flower gifts nationwide! So it's super easy to send fresh bouquets to parents and grandparents at a distance. On February 14th, make Mom and Dad’s day with a special gift that shows them how much you care. And don’t forget your grandparents, too!

Likewise, if you’re the parent of adult children who have already flown the coup, sending flowers is a great reminder that you’ll always love them – even when they’re all grown up.

The Bestie

What more do we need to say on this one? What BFF doesn’t want gorgeous flowers from her bestie on Valentine’s Day?! After all, you earned that title of ‘best friend’ somehow, so prove it! In all honesty, you probably know your best friend more than most, so you’re the perfect person to pick out the right flowers she’ll flip out over – blue roses, black roses, rainbow roses, etc.

If you missed Galentine’s Day (February 13th), there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from sending flowers on the big day itself, February 14th. Sending Valentine’s Day flowers to a best friend is a wonderful way to let them know that you honor and appreciate their friendship. Seriously, who needs a boyfriend when you have a bestie?

You – yes, YOU!

If you’re feeling down about being alone on Valentine’s Day, why not send yourself some love?! That’s right – there’s no shame in treating yourself on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Fresh flowers are an instant pick-me-up – especially our farm-fresh beauties that have guaranteed freshness!

Plus, you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that your significant other chooses the right roses. Go wild and browse the full catalog of farm-fresh roses yourself and pick out the perfect bouquet to send straight to your doorstep. You know what we call that? SELF-CARE.

Seriously, spending Valentine’s Day alone does not mean you need to shut your eyes until the holiday is over. There are plenty of loving relationships that should be celebrated on this special day. From family members to friends – and also lookin’ out for numero uno – make sure to share the love this year!

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June 16, 2023 — Aimee WF