Is it okay to send flowers to a man? YES. While it may seem like a strange idea, more and more people are realizing that the gift of fresh flowers is something universal. Everyone can appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers – regardless of gender.

After all, it’s 2023! Time to drop the ‘tough guy’ act and embrace the fact that everyone can find beauty in nature – it’s no different when it comes to sending roses to a man you love.

Sending flowers to men is no longer a taboo in this neck of the woods. And we LOVE this recent change in attitude. Seriously, who can argue with the gift of fresh flowers?! They smell great, they look awesome, and the gesture always makes you feel special. That’s something that every human being can appreciate.

5 Reasons Why Flowers Are a Great Gift for Men

1. Flowers are sincere and heartfelt. Flower delivery is an amazing business to be in, because most of the time, people are sending flowers as a gift to a loved one. Getting fresh flowers delivered to your door makes you feel loved and cared for. Unlike a tech gadget or gift card, fresh flowers are an extremely personal gift, and the emotion they evoke is timeless.


2. Men like beautiful things, too. The idea that men are only interested in sports cars and tools is SO outdated – not to mention entirely untrue. Men can appreciate beauty just as much as women can, so let’s dissolve that stereotype right off the bat. There’s something poetic about setting up your vase, carefully tucking in the blooms, and literally ‘stopping to smell the roses’ each day before you leave the house. Fresh flowers are beautiful – and everyone can benefit from having a little extra beauty in their life.

3. Flowers are deeply symbolic. Want to send a message? Flowers are a great way to do that. In fact, each color carries a lot of meaning. Yellow roses are a great choice for spreading positivity and optimism, while black roses can be a cool symbol of strength and courage. Celebrating an anniversary? White roses are an awesome choice! This extra color symbolism adds depth to the gift of flowers for men.

4. The gift of flowers can be a surprise – in a good way! Because of all those old-fashioned stereotypes, lots of men don’t expect the gift of flowers on special occasions like Father’s Day or their birthday. Flowers are a fun and fresh surprise that can keep things exciting. (Psst. This is also a good idea for men who are really tough to buy for! If they have everything under the sun but you still need a gift, go with flowers!)

5. You can never have too many flowers. Forget about the risk of ‘re-gifting’ or getting him something another person already got for him. Flowers are always welcome! Even if you’re not the only person to send him flowers, every bouquet is unique, and you can simply never have enough flowers.

People Are Buying Flowers for Men – A LOT!

While sending flowers to guys is a good thing, some people may still feel like it’s a risky gift. As a flower delivery service, we can assure you: sending flowers to men is common these days! People send flowers to their boyfriends, husbands, brothers, dads, and other family members all the time.

Some of the most popular bouquets being sent to men are those with black roses, silver roses, and red roses. Artistic roses with tie-dye colors and exotic hues are also popular choices when people are shopping flowers for men.

But truly, any of our fresh bouquets can be sent to anyone. Don’t feel like you need to stick to a certain color combination or style – each and every bouquet is carefully grown and cared for so that it displays breathtaking beauty. If you think he’ll like it, send it!

Whether it’s an impressive achievement (like a graduation or promotion) or a special occasion (like a wedding anniversary or Father’s Day), men are getting flowers delivered as a thoughtful gift.

If you feel unsure about sending flowers to a guy – but you’re still curious and want to try it out – consider shopping some of our curated collections for men. When you're not sure what to send to a boyfriend, husband, or family member, these flower bouquets are all very popular choices, making these collections a great place to start!


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July 21, 2023 — Aimee WF