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Do you not know what to give on a birthday? Are you thinking of whether your gift will surprise the celebrant? 

Why not try sending a bouquet of flowers. Roses are the traditional gift for celebrating birthdays, so why not send a beautiful arrangement of roses? There are many different types of arrangements that you can make out of roses. A bouquet can be made up of just one type or multiple types. You can also have different colors in the arrangement by using other flowers such as daisies and tulips to add color and variety to your bouquet.

Rosaholics offer a wide range of stunning roses of different colors and shapes and an option to create your own arrangement. Everyone will find what they are looking for by choosing from our long list of gorgeous blooms.

What Roses Are Best for Birthdays

It is easy to pick the perfect roses to congratulate someone based on the purpose or meaning behind each color. 

White roses. Of course, the most obvious and versatile option is white roses. The real meaning of white roses is innocence, purity, and new beginnings. These flowers are suitable for the best old buddies, colleagues, and even business partners as they represent respect, friendship, and good intentions. These flowers will make an excellent birthday rose bouquet.

Red roses. This color speaks unambiguously about passion, romance, and love. Therefore, it is worth giving a bunch of roses for birthdays to those you love or have romantic feelings for. Red Explosion will please the celebrant’s eyes with a crimson hue and fantastic scent. Or, if the recipient loves a bouquet with different flowers, we are happy to advise you Rebbles Romantic or A Classique for exquisite taste.  

Pink roses. Best suited for birthday greetings to a young girl, sister, daughter, or girlfriend. However, a mono bouquet of pink roses will also delight your mother, grandmother, or beloved one. Pink roses mean love, friendship, and romance and, according to legends, are the symbol of femininity and fertility. Each bouquet has its charm and special color.

Yellow roses. If you feel gratitude and want to say to someone special "thank you", yellow roses are definitely for you.  They symbolize the sun, joy, and friendship. Therefore, yellow roses are ideal for any non-romantic relationship. Want to say these warm words in an unusual way? Choose Blue Coast roses.  

Peach roses. A fairly rare and gorgeous rose. Delicate ruddy play on the bud will tell about your open heart and sincerity.

Orange roses. Bright and even rarer colors of buds, which, nevertheless, can be safely called the most festive. Hardly any of your friends have seen such a rose live. You can pick up bouquets with orange and peach roses in our store. Our florists select only the ideal buds for bouquets. As you would expect from such a fiery flower, it symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, admiration, and victory.

You can order birthday flowers online of any color, and they will come to you on time.

Do not hesitate to contact us on +1 (786) 206-0183. If you are not sure what to pick, our assistants will help. 


How many flowers should a birthday rose bouquet have?

You can order a bouquet of any number of flowers. It all depends on your budget. Usually, it can count up to 5 average-sized buds.

How to choose the color of the bouquet?

Men are usually presented with monochromatic flowers of deep, rich, dark shades of burgundy, deep red, lilac, blue, and violet. While for women, you can give flowers of any color.

Are the colors of roses natural?

Most of our roses have their natural color. But for color options, many natural paints have been used to obtain unique shades.

Do you care about the environment when growing your flowers?

Yes, we are trying to reduce costs and make our farm even more environmentally friendly. We are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and you can rely on our attitude towards cultivation and delivery.