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Sweet Scent Rose Bouquet
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Sweet Scent Rose Bouquet

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Are you looking for the best way to make your lover love you even more? Do you want them to think about you all the time? Then you should try our Sweet Scent Rose Bouquet today. 

It is a collection of gorgeous blue rose flowers you’ve ever come across anywhere. It is a widely known fact that blue roses are some of the rarest kind of roses on earth as rose flowers are more accustomed to other colors. 

At Rosaholics, we fully understand that blue roses are very rare, and this makes them very high in demand with a meager supply capability, which is why we have dedicated years of research into engineering the ordinary rose flower into a magnificent blue rose flower without any changes or effects on the other properties of the plants. 

Blue roses delivery

The Sweet Scent Rose Bouquet is the perfect gift item to someone special. It is not only a beautiful collection of roses but also accompanied by a very refreshing fragrance which attracts people from all walks of life as shared by some of our very active clients. 

At Rosaholics, we’re more predisposed with satisfying your requests to the best of our abilities, and therefore, we’re more interested in more than making a sale. We are also heavily invested in the study of consumer behaviors, and we’re well-equipped to make the best decisions concerning the growth of your sweet scent rose bouquets. 

We always want to know more about a sale to understand the nature of your order and how best to serve you which is why our interactive website is designed to extract all the necessary information we need to process your request. 

Our Sweet Scent Rose Bouquet is one of the best-priced flowers in the market today; it costs a total of $106.00, which includes $91.00 for the bouquet and an additional $15.00 for shipping. We also want to know if your sweet scent rose bouquet purchase is a gift or not. If it is a gift, then we would need you to write down a message for the recipient. 

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Your sweet scent rose bouquet delivery can come in three different wrap types, and they are; the Standard Wrap which costs $0.00, the Luxury Wrap which costs $4.99, and the Organic Wrap which also costs $4.99. Another essential detail which we require you to fill in is the date which you will prefer your sweet scent rose bouquet to be delivered.

At Rosaholics, we’re not just interested in selling you our rose bouquets, but we’re also interested in ensuring that your gift is well received and appreciated, which is why we also offer two optional features to accompany your delivery. These extra-features are a gorgeous flower vase which costs $15.00 and 150 petals of all colors, which cost $7.99, a fair price compared to other products. 

All our rose bouquets are professionally grown and cared for until they reach harvest stage after which they’re processed for sale almost immediately. This fast process is our trade secret and is made possible because we own our farms where all our roses are grown except a few. 

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