Giving back Rosaholics

In addition to providing the freshest, healthiest roses in the world, the Rosaholics team is strongly committed to giving back to our planet and to our local communities as much as possible. Acknowledging that our work-force is a critical driver towards our business's success, we have introduced several benefits to empower each worker to become their very own micro-entrepreneur.

This innovative program is called "Mis Plantas", and it provides every field worker with plants to nurse so they can share the profits of what they produce.

We carry only Rainforest Alliance Certified products. In addition, we are a Fair Commitment Farm--an invitation only label awarded to farms that inspire others with their social programs and environmental efforts.

Every time you make a purchase at Rosaholics, you are directly participating in our efforts to transform the community! Thank you for your support--together we can make a difference.