Preparing for Christmas includes not only decorating the house and organizing festive food. It is also decorating the table. Instead of covering the table with a boring tablecloth and placing your usual dishes with festive dishes, use modern and inspiring table decoration options. Here are some ideas for Christmas dining table decorations:

  1. Decorate the table with flower baskets;
  2. Scandinavian style;
  3. Rustic elegance;
  4. Holiday suite;
  5. Glamor table;
  6. Golden style;
  7. Apples and pine cones;
  8. Tulips and persimmons;
  9. Lebanese muse;
  10. Pink dream;
  11. Rural evening;
  12. Autumn vibes

Decorating a Christmas table is quite a pleasant part of preparing for the holiday. Today, the internet is full of options for decorating your Christmas table. We have selected the best holiday table decorations for you. However, don't limit yourself to advice. You can create your ideas.

In this article, we will give you some Christmas table setting ideas.


1. Decorate the table with flower baskets

Christmas table with flower basket

It's the first idea for Christmas table decorations. This decor option looks good on a round table. However, you can certainly use this for a table of any shape. As an option, you can place a basket of warm-colored flowers in the center of the table. We can advise you to place a watertight bowl inside the basket and place a fine mesh ball in it. It will help you maintain the shape of the centerpiece of the bouquet that you can use as Christmas table decorating ideas. You can start with half a dozen fake chocolate universes. Then add long branches and thick-stemmed dahlias. So, you get a structured composition and proper weight distribution. When decorating the table with flowers, do not forget to cut the leaves from their stems. It will make the bouquet look neater.


2. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style for table decoration

It is one of the popular options for decorating the New Year's table. This design style is made in rich red and white colors. In addition, it is important to add natural decorations such as pine cones and spruce. Think about every detail you plan to use for your table decor. So, you can even use ruby-colored dishes or napkins. One of the best options would be to lay out white plates and ruby-colored glasses. Arrange cutlery and crystal glasses nearby. Some also place hand-tied cinnamon sticks and a red rose on each plate. Excellent Christmas decorations can be red roses as the centerpiece for the table. Such a bouquet will look just amazing on this table.


3. Rustic elegance

Romantic candlelit table with dark glasses and rustic decor

You can inspire your table with natural beauty. This Christmas table decoration option proves that you don't have to stick to traditional themes. Table decoration can be absolutely anything. So, for example, the rustic style we are discussing now. It uses soft pinks and greens to contrast with the natural logs. All this gives the decorated table a rustic charm. Arrange plates for each guest's plates. Let them be white. Place cutlery and crystal glasses nearby. Also, use wooden utensils. Place a wooden vase of flowers in the middle of the table. Arrange fruits on wooden stands. You can harmoniously decompose spruce branches. This style of Christmas table would look good in a country cottage.


4. Holiday suite

Lavender and pink floral centerpiece with candle votives

This table decoration option also applies to modern and bright options. You can use flowers such as larch, orchid, and calla lilies for this decor option. Arrange the larch and orchid so that their branches run down the Christmas centerpiece for the table and the architectural calla lilies rise above them. Also, you can arrange a large number of candles on your table. For a holiday luxe style, you can use colors like ice white, lime, and purple. These may not be the most traditional colors for this style of Christmas tree decoration. But they can also be beautiful. Purple pine cones also make a great addition to your holiday table.


5. Glamor table

Table setting with pink flowers and clear wine glasses

Add chandeliers decorated with amaryllis to spruce up your table. These flowers are traditional Christmas table decorations. Also, add other exciting flowers like exotic orchids and hanging leaves. You can use red and pink shades for this New Year's table decoration option. It will give your table a vintage look. Cover the festive table with a soft pink tablecloth. Add glassware to your table. Arrange two plates for each guest. Let the top plate with small pink patterns. The bottom plates should be white. Place a knife and fork next to each plate. Don't forget to provide each guest with napkins. Let them be white. Fold them carefully and wrap them with a red ribbon.


6. Golden style

Dimly lit table with candles and glassware for a warm ambiance

The main idea of this style is to use gold table decorations. Carved trees and golden candlesticks can be placed on the table. Dishes and tablecloths can be white. However, not covering the Christmas table with a tablecloth is also of a good idea. You can put small festive canvases in the middle of the table. It is desirable that your holiday table is wooden. Arrange wooden chairs or small armchairs around it. In the middle of the table, you can put a small Christmas tree. However, it should be white or golden. For serving, use white dishes, crystal glasses, and wooden glasses. Place paper towels on each plate. They may be light gray. The combination of white, gray, and gold on your table will give a good result.


7. Apples and pine cones

Candlelit centerpiece with berries and a pinecone

Another modern and exciting option for decorating the Christmas table is to use natural elements and products available near your home.

This style of decorating your table consists of using nature's organic treasures. Such Christmas table ideas are attractive. It’s because we constantly observe these decorative elements. We make them the main decorations of our table. Do not cover the table with a tablecloth. A dark-colored table is perfect in this case. Place a stand with spruce branches and cones in the middle of the table. You can arrange pine cones all over the table and even place them on small coasters. Arrange green apples, limes, and pumpkins on the table. Use bowls or a pedestal for this. Place the plates on wooden stands. Use wooden glasses and cutlery with wooden handles.

8. Tulips and persimmons

Intimate dinner setting with white tulips and vintage glassware

You can use a great example of Christmas table decor in the form of decorating it with mini stone dragon figurines, gilded vegetables, and fresh persimmons. This table looks just as elegant and festive as other options. You should not cover such a table with a tablecloth. A dark table will look good. Place a vase of white tulips in the middle of the table. Place a vase with persimmons near it. Arrange a few plates for each guest. Place the patterned plate on a white plate. Place metal cutlery and crystal glasses nearby. Be sure to put napkins next to each plate. They may be green. Roll them up carefully and tie them with ribbon. Arrange small candles evenly on the table.


9. Lebanese muse

Opulent table setting with red roses and vintage glassware

Another interesting option for decorating the Christmas table. You can use blue as the main color for your decor. Cover your holiday table with a blue tablecloth. A vase of cream and peach roses is one of a good centerpiece Christmas ideas. Set out two plates for each guest. They may be white with blue patterns. Be sure to place cutlery next to each plate. Use crystal glasses and goblets. In principle, you can arrange such a table in a minimalist style. Do not load the table with a lot of fruit or decorations. Harmoniously put dishes and festive dishes.

It will be good proof that, in some situations, bright colors can be the perfect finishing touch.


10. Pink dream

floral centerpiece on the table in pink tones

It may seem that this is a rather unusual way to decorate the Christmas table. However, using pink as the main color for your Christmas table decor can also be a good idea. Use any pink items you can find as decoration. It can be a tablecloth, napkins, dishes, or vases for sweets. However, the pink color you choose for your decor should be soft and light enough. In addition to pink, you can use white and light yellow. In the middle of the table, put houses and Christmas trees also in pale pink. You can find simple wooden houses for decoration and paint them white or pink. Use beautiful and fragile glasses with thin legs and glasses. Also, place a golden bowl of cookies on the table. Along the Christmas centerpieces for tables, people can lay out a garland. It can be white, pink, or golden. In addition, you can put Christmas balls in matching colors on the table.


11. Rural evening

Festive table with candles, baubles, and a Christmas tree

Wouldn't it be great to decorate the Christmas dinner table in a rustic, calm style? You can set the table like a forest scene that you have given a bit of glamor. This way, you can create a space that breathes magic and celebration. Such a New Year's table will cheer you up and delight your loved ones and friends you invite to the holiday. Cover your Christmas table with a plain white tablecloth. You can also leave the table unmade. It will especially look good if you have a wooden table. So, you can convey the atmosphere of nature and the village. Decorate your table with rustic houses, spruce branches, cones, and nuts. You can also add other little things that will make you associate with the village. All items, including utensils and decorations, must be white, gold, or brown.


12. Autumn vibes

Elegant table setting with gold ornaments and candles

It is a fact that we celebrate Christmas in winter. But decorating a festive table in autumn is one of the best ideas. Choose a composition in warm colors. For a tablecloth, choose a plain white or light gray canvas. Some people add a bouquet of autumn flowers, twigs, and leaves to the Christmas centerpieces for the table. It will look very good on a New Year's table and a herbarium. Also, you can put long candles in narrow candlesticks on your festive table. Basic utensils such as plates and glasses should be white or cream. Use multiple shades. If you choose a cream-colored dish, place white napkins next to it. Place a plate of fruit next to the bouquet. Don't forget to add pumpkin, apples, cones, and nuts.


Bottom Line

In our article, we have shared with you some examples of how you can decorate your Christmas table. Go beyond examples and advice. You can create any new ideas. Use flowers, fruits, fir branches, cones, sweets, and other things for table decor. Decorating a table for Christmas, use the centerpieces for the main decorating objects. You can also use this place for the main dishes. If you need fresh flowers to decorate your Christmas table, we are here to help. In our flower shop, Rosaholics, you can find bouquets of beautiful roses. We offer them in various colors, as well as a range of other flowers.



How do you make a Christmas table look special?

You can use flowers, fruits, and various decorative items that you like. You can start by choosing a base color for your table decor. Also, you can add a few other shades to make the decor more attractive.

Can I decorate my Christmas table for cheap?

If you want to decorate your Christmas table in modern way without spending a lot of money, use the following:

  • Pine cones;
  • Fruit;
  • Christmas tree greens;
  • lollipops;
  • Gingerbread house;
  • Candles;
  • Ribbons for decor.
These inexpensive items will help you decorate your table in style for Christmas.


Is it OK not to decorate for Christmas?

Decorating the Christmas table is part of the tradition. It is an exciting activity for adults and children. Such an event helps people to unite and strengthen relationships. Also, decorating the Christmas table increases the level of dopamine in the human body. It makes you happier.

What are the rules for a table centerpiece?

There are no clear rules and restrictions on the decor of the Christmas table. You can place flowers, fruits, dishes, and candles however you see fit. As for the center of the table, as a rule, vases with flowers or the main decorating item are placed in it. Also, you can set the main festive dish you have prepared in the center of the table.

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