Actually, there is no single technique that you should use. You can do it the way you want. We have selected some interesting ideas to decorate a Christmas tree, such as:

  • Christmas tree in candy theme;
  • Multicolored tree;
  • Modern white tree;
  • Christmas tree in vintage style;
  • Forest tree;
  • Citrus and tin;
  • Cozy tree house;
  • Ribbon garland;
  • Small miracle;
  • Berry joy;
  • Unusual garland;
  • Paper candles;
  • Colorful flowers.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a pleasure for everyone, regardless of age. It is a good reason to take a break from work and spend fun time with loved ones. Take out your balls as well as other toys. Don't forget to unravel the garlands and buy new attractive ornaments. Do not limit yourself to ready-made ideas. Give free rein to your imagination. Perhaps you will be able to invent new ideas and share them with others.

In this article, we will look at modern ideas for Christmas tree decorating.


Christmas Tree in Candy Theme

Christmas candies and gifts decorate a white-frosted Christmas tree

We have prepared for you a few steps to decorate the Christmas tree with various sweets. It will be one of the best-decorated Christmas trees for kids. In the beginning, you will need to install a Christmas tree. Think over the general theme of it. You will need to do it in any style. Therefore, these rules will be universal for each case. 

Also, you do not have to follow every point we have prepared. These are just examples of what you can do. Be guided by your imagination and use any ideas to decorate this Christmas tree. However, please do not eat the sweets you use to decorate your Christmas tree. An exception may be unopened gingerbread and candies with a long shelf life.

So, let's look at the step-by-step guide:

  1. Determine what kind of Christmas tree you need. It can be artificial or natural.
  2. Determine the length of your desired tree. You should calculate the size of it as accurately as possible.
  3. Set up a Christmas tree in your home or office.
  4. Determine the colors and theme you would like your Christmas tree to be.
  5. Start decorating the Christmas tree with traditional Christmas tree decorations. It can be garlands and ribbons. Start hanging them on the tree's lower branches, moving towards the top. Periodically step back to look at the current result.
  6. Set up a top for your tree. It can be any toy you want to see as a topper for the Christmas tree.
  7. Decorate your Christmas tree with toys, frames, and wooden pieces you like. You can add them to the branches themselves and put them next to each other.
  8. Now, it's time to add sweets. You can arrange poinsettias and candy canes on the side branches of your spruce.
  9. Complete it with candies, candies, and other sweets. Because of these decorations, kids consider this one of the best Christmas tree decoration ideas.
  10. You can bake some cookies to hang on the Christmas tree. Do it with your children. Such preparation for Christmas will be remembered by them for a long time.
  11. Sculpt your salt dough stars and paint them a color that matches your overall theme. However, remember that you can not eat such decorations!
  12. You can melt candies to make stained glass sugar cookies. You can also hang them on your Christmas tree.
  13. Decorate yours with popcorn and cranberry garlands, and apples. In addition, you can use red bows that perfectly complement your Christmas tree.


Multicolored Tree

It is the next modern idea for Christmas tree decorations. To decorate your Christmas tree in a multicolor style, simply use colorful toys. Add any colored ornaments you like, blue ribbons, and warm lights. To keep your Christmas tree bright and elegant at the same time, try to use three to four primary colors. You can match the toys to the color of your lights. It will be good color-matching practice. Decorate the tree with whatever you want. The brighter it looks, the better. Put gifts under your Christmas tree that you have prepared for your loved ones. This tree is especially suitable for those who have children. This decor option will look very bright and colorful.


Modern White Tree

One of the following Christmas tree decoration ideas might be a white tree. This option can be one of the most elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas. All you need is bright lights, red bows, and a set of balloons. A white Christmas tree looks modern and sophisticated and creates a festive mood.

White is a neutral color. It will be easy enough for you to fit an artificial white Christmas tree into any home design style. A white Christmas tree can be paired with pastel-colored ornaments, rustic forest-themed decorations, and nostalgic old-style items. Choose any color and design theme for your white Christmas tree. However, keep in mind that the main element is a large number of flickering lights.

One good idea would be to use red toys and lights for the white Christmas tree. Just hang toys and various red items on the branches of your Christmas tree. At the end of decorating your tree, hang a plush white skirt and a Moravian star.


More examples of Christmas tree decorations

In addition to the described ideas to decorate the Christmas tree, there are many other options. Our team has reviewed a variety of decorated Christmas trees. So, we selected the best examples for you. Let's look at them in more detail.



golden toys on a Christmas tree with silver tinsel

Christmas Tree in Vintage Style

You can use a vintage style with old-style glass toys. Just decorate your Christmas tree with pastel-colored glass Christmas decorations and gold tinsel. You can add a beaded garland, and old-style gold wind chimes.





forest-style Christmas tree

Forest Tree

A forest-style Christmas tree is another excellent idea. Such options can also look like the best decorated Christmas trees. You can also use a white Christmas tree for this style. To decorate your Christmas tree in a forest style, simply decorate it with forest cones. Add artificial snow to the branches. You can add gold decorations in the form of stars and copper glass decorations. It can even be mushroom toys to the branches of such a Christmas tree.



dried orange slices on the Christmas tree

Citrus and Tin

To decorate your Christmas tree in this style, paint pine cones and dried orange slices. It will perfectly match rustic wind chimes and galvanized tin stars.






red and burgundy toys on the Christmas tree

Cozy Tree House

To create a Christmas tree in this style, decorate it with red and burgundy toys. Also, add a classic beaded garland and a thick snowflake ribbon. It will give your Christmas tree a cozy and warm feeling.





red checkered ribbons on the Christmas tree

Ribbon Garland

It is not uncommon for people to use red checkered ribbons to wrap Christmas gifts for their loved ones. This ribbon is one of the perfect ideas to decorate a Christmas tree. Collect all the pieces of ribbon you have and hang them on the tree. Place them on your Christmas tree as a garland. Decorate your Christmas tree with toys, bows, and decorative cones. Use any little things to decorate your Christmas tree.



Christmas tree and presents

Small Miracle

Perhaps your tree is not too big. Or your home just doesn't have the space to put up a big Christmas tree. You may be worried that a small tree won't get you in the Christmas spirit. However, it is not. A small Christmas tree can also be dressed up as modern and original. Regardless of the size of your tree, you can get the perfect Christmas spirit. Simply place your small Christmas tree on a table in the center of the room. You can place it in another place. The main thing is that the tree looks harmonious and attracts attention. Arrange gifts for your loved ones around the tree. Decorate it with any toys, and place a voluminous and large star or other decoration on top. It will make your Christmas tree look bigger.


white Christmas tree with red berries

Berry Joy

It’s also one of the excellent Christmas tree decoration ideas. For this Christmas tree, you will need berry branches. Place them on top of the tree instead of the traditional star. This style of Christmas tree decoration will look good if it is white. In addition to berry branches, decorate your Christmas tree with white and pink balls. Hang a red garland. Also, use cones and any other decorations. All objects on such a tree should be white, red, or pink. So, your decorations will resemble sweet berries.



Unusual Garland for the Christmas tree

Unusual Garland

Agree, we usually use traditional garlands with light bulbs. However, why not come up with something more original? We suggest you use flags instead of the traditional garland. Attach colorful paper flags to a long piece of ribbon. Hang this decoration the way you would hang a traditional garland. Also, use various balls and toys. Your garland flags and decorations should be in the same color scheme. Place a star on top of your Christmas tree.



Paper Candles on a Christmas tree

Paper Candles

Candles in the form of ornaments will look good on a Christmas tree. However, use paper candles. Such candles do not pose a danger to your home. In addition, they will decorate your Christmas tree without electricity and batteries. Just make figures of candles from thick cardboard. Also, do not forget to finish the orange light. Hang these candles and cones on your Christmas tree. You can place a paper star on top of the Christmas tree.



Christmas tree with red flowers

Colorful Flowers

It is another way you can decorate your Christmas tree. When we speak about the decoration of a Christmas tree, we should say that you can also use flowers as decorations. Just decorate it with artificial or fresh flowers. Add flowers evenly throughout the tree. You can use flowers in various colors or stick to two or three shades. Decorating your Christmas tree with flowers is becoming more and more popular. You can use flowers such as roses, poinsettias, lilies, or other flowers. Flowers will give the Christmas tree a natural, fresh, and organic feel.


Bottom Line

So, we've covered some fresh and exciting Christmas tree decorating ideas. Do not limit yourself to ready-made ideas. Also, it's not necessary to use traditional Christmas tree decorations. Use whatever items, toys, and garlands you think would look good.

If you decide to use flowers, you can order them from our flower shop. We have a huge selection of roses that will look great as decorations on your Christmas tree. Also, we have other kinds of flowers that you could use. Take a look at the sections on our website and pick the flowers you like.


What is the correct order to decorate a Christmas tree?

To properly install the Christmas tree, use the following steps:

  1. Unpack the Christmas tree and place it on the floor or a table;
  2. Fluff up the branches of your Christmas tree;
  3. Turn on the light;
  4. Add a top to your Christmas tree;
  5. Start adding toys, ornaments, and read decorations;
  6. Add pickaxes and sprays;
  7. Use tinsel and artificial snow.
When you decorate the tree, step back a short distance from time to time to check the current result.


Do you decorate a tree with the lights on or off?

Don't decorate a Christmas tree with a garland on. It is a security violation. Decorate your Christmas tree completely first, then turn on the garland.

How do you make my Christmas tree look fuller?

If your Christmas tree has started to look thin over time, use these tips to make it look bigger:

    1. Use wide ribbons and tinsel;
    2. Add flower picks;
    3. Wrap rare parts of the tree with a garland;
    4. Use large Christmas decorations;
    5. Add artificial snow to the branches of the Christmas tree;
    6. Add reflective decorations to the Christmas tree;
    7. Use big bows.


    What are the colors for the Christmas tree in 2023-2024?

    As colors for decorating the 2023 Christmas tree, use metallic silver and gold, classic reds and greens. You can also pay attention to natural, pastel and rustic tones.

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