Ahh, sending roses to a special someone—it’s a classic symbol of love, a gesture reserved for the most joyous celebrations and sincere occasions. But this particular story is one of pursuit—sending roses as a way to impress. So it’s a classic case of gifting flowers to win affection, right? Well, not exactly. Drinks led to social media, which led to scrolling through photos and reading profile details (let’s be honest, we’ve all been there), and that’s exactly when Theresa, a few drinks deep, decided to send roses to Nina, only that Nina wasn’t her partner, love interest, distant family member, or friend. No, not even an ex. Nina was a cat! 

Yes, Theresa ordered a dozen of the finest roses to be professionally delivered to a cat. 

Many of us can relate to that “morning after” feeling of facing last night’s drunken decisions. But this wasn’t a bad argument, a vindictive voicemail to an ex, or an uploaded video of an ear-splitting karaoke performance. Nope—she sent flowers to an unknown cat. Where to even start?!! Trying to fix her crime of passion, Theresa contacted the team at Rosaholics, who listened to her story and agreed to refund her order. But the team was so touched (and a bit amused) by Theresa’s actions that they decided to go ahead and deliver the flowers to her anyways as a special treat.


Animal lovers might find it easy to relate to the abundant emotion you feel for a beloved family pet. Some might be reading this now—sober—and thinking, “Ordering flowers for my cat, Mr. Jingles—why haven’t I done that?” Hey, we won’t judge, because the heart wants what it wants! But it turns out that Nina wasn’t even Theresa’s own pet.

“When sober I thought, ‘I should've just sponsored her adoption fees,’” Theresa later confessed to Rosaholics. “But I was drinking and trolling through the cat cafe's IG where they show all the cats up for adoption. They list likes and dislikes [for each cat], and it said Nina likes roses.”

Yes, you’re reading that correctly: Theresa sent a dozen roses to a cat that was up for adoption at a local shelter. Whether drunk or not, she was being thoughtful, empathetic, and kind. In the end, Theresa was just trying to do something nice for someone in need. And that’s the sort of crazy idea that we can all fall in love with quite easily. And that’s why Nina wasn’t the only one to receive roses—Theresa also received flowers from Rosaholics, just for being awesome.


Theresa’s story is just like thousands of others that Rosaholics has been part of. There is no gift that touches the emotions quite like a bundle of fresh roses delivered directly to your doorstep. The close-knit team of 400 at Rosaholics understands this, which is why they are so passionate about perfecting every detail on every order. The Rosaholics team helps customers cultivate beauty and present an amazing gift that captures real emotion. 

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April 14, 2023 — Viviana Guerrero