A bouquet of flowers is an important wedding symbol. In addition to being a beautiful accent piece, bridal bouquets allow the bride to emphasize and express her femininity, add personalized beauty to her outfit, and add special significance to the moment. In many ceremonies, the bridal bouquet is handed over to the groom as another symbolic form of choice, partnership, and the decision to marry. Many brides like to keep their flowers close by, until the end of the event.

What to do with a wedding bouquet? According to the existing tradition, it is advisable to keep it in your home throughout the year. After that, the girl has the right to choose: she can leave the composition that reminds her of one of the happiest days in her life, or throw it away (it is advisable to burn the plants). In the first case, you can try to:

  • make the process to preserve the bouquet, leaving it in a vase or any other suitable container;
  • use dried petals as a filler for a decorative pillow - a very original answer to the question of what to do with the bouquet after the wedding;
  • come up with an unusual ritual - for example, go out with your husband to nature, create a romantic atmosphere, and send flowers along a river or lake. There are in fact a lot of options.

What to do with the wedding bouquet after the wedding day?

After the celebration, you need to know what to do with the bridal bouquet after the wedding and how to give it a second life. The bride can save flowers so that they become a beautiful decorative element:

  • To dry wedding bouquet and put in a beautiful vase.
  • Dry individual leaves and flowers like a herbarium, carefully arranging them in books. After a month, stick each element on a piece of fabric or paper, folding a beautiful composition. Framed and hung on one wall.
  • Burn flowers on your wedding anniversary. This will save the couple from misunderstandings and groundless quarrels.
  • Throw the composition into the river, wish female happiness and talk about desires.
  • Put the petals under the mattress - so that the husband is faithful.
  • Make a decorative candle from dried flowers.

How to preserve a bouquet? You can also preserve the composition with glycerin. This option is suitable for flowers with dense leaves:

  • It is necessary to dissolve one part of glycerin in two parts of hot water.
  • Cut the stems a little from the bottom, and then put in the liquid for 3-4 weeks. Add a mixture of water and glycerin regularly.
  • When the flowers are saturated, become glossy, they are ready. They can be placed in a glass vase. They will last a long time.

If the composition is small, you can preserve it entirely in a decorative container.

How to prolong the life of fresh flowers by preserving a wedding bouquet

How to prolong the life of fresh flowers


Do you want to keep your wedding bouquet after the wedding? But do you know how to do it? We have put together a ready-made guide for setting up a wedding bouquet for you.

If you can find a specific approach to certain types of flowers for longer storage, then with a bouquet collected from different plants, everything is much more complicated. Flowers with different life periods are collected in such compositions. However, there are ways to extend their life:

  • You need to pay attention to the varieties of flowers in the composition to provide them with personalized care. Leaves must be removed from tulips and roses.
  • It is important to fill in new water every day, adding flower fertilizers, and pruning the stems as often as possible, placing them under running water.
  • It will be correct to place the vase away from heating radiators. If there are long stamens, cut them off. The composition must be sprayed daily with water.
  • Preserving bridal bouquet: you can make flowers last longer by using a magical additive (antimicrobial mixture in small bottles or bags) that is added to the water. It can be found in any flower shop.

The advantage of this product is that it is suitable for certain types of flowers as well as for bouquets. But it cannot be used for a mimosa. The drug has a disinfecting effect on other flowers. It contains beneficial substances that prolong the life of flowers.

How to preserve a bouquet before the wedding?

  • If you were brought a bouquet on its own stems, then it must be in a small shipping vase with water. The stems will need to be pruned to renew again the cut so that the flower can "drink". Otherwise, flowers, especially those that need water, will begin to wither.
  • The best place for a preserving bridal bouquet is where the air temperature is more than 0 ° C, but less than 10 ° C. If on the eve of the Wedding you have found a place for a Wedding bouquet in your refrigerator - the basic rule is not to lean the flowers of the bouquet against the back wall of the refrigerator, it often freezes below 0 ° C! Do not forget about this, otherwise, the flowers in your bouquet will freeze.
  • If your wedding is being held on a winter day, and the temperature outside the window is below minus 5 ° C, the courier on foot must bring the bridal bouquet packed in a transport box with insulation so that the bouquet does not freeze during transportation. If you are planning a photo session with a bouquet at minus 10 ° C, then be aware that after you bring the bouquet into a warm room from the cold, the flowers will thaw and wither, wither, the stems will darken. Therefore, in winter for a photo session, order a small bouquet-backup.
  • Floral decorations, like a bouquet, are best kept in a cool place without unpacking until morning.

How to dry a wedding bouquet?

There are several ways to make dry compositions with a wedding bouquet:

  • Outdoors. The composition must be disassembled, the spoiled flowers and branches must be thrown away, the rotten stems must be cut so that the length of each element is the same. Collect the well-preserved branches in a bouquet and fasten the assembled composition tightly with a rope. Then hang them buds down on a balcony or terrace out of direct sunlight. After a month and a half, the bouquet should be dry and firm.
  • Using sand or silica gel. Each item must be dried separately. Flowers should be placed in a container with sand or silica gel, removed after 7 days.
  • In a vase. The easiest method to dry a wedding bouquet after the wedding at home is in a beautiful vase. You need to fill it with water, place flowers in it, and wait until the liquid evaporates. After a few weeks, the greens will dry out.
wedding bouquet

A wedding bouquet is always an integral part of the celebration. But after the wedding, the question often arises of what can be done with flowers. Now you know what to do after the wedding with such an important attribute as the bride's wedding bouquet.



Can I throw out the bridal bouquet after the wedding?

Some people think that getting rid of the bouquet is a must. But in no case should you just throw it into the trash. The following options are considered acceptable: traditionally throw it to friends after the wedding, give it to the river, or burn it.

Why can't you store a wedding bouquet?

It is believed that dried plants draw energy and happiness from people. And you cannot keep a dried wedding bouquet at home, as it can affect the atmosphere in a young family.

What to do with the bridal bouquet after the wedding?

It is better to keep the dried composition in the bedroom so that passion reigns in the relationship. The stems with leaves cut before drying must be burned and thrown into running water.

What to do after catching the bridal bouquet at the wedding?

If the bride got married with the bouquet that you caught in the church - that is, it was consecrated during this ceremony, then it would be most correct to leave it in the church.

June 19, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik