Ready to celebrate the 4th of July with flowers? We've got you covered with a wide selection of colorful red, white & blue flower bouquets that are absolutely perfect for Independence Day.

Decorate your home with patriotic blooms, bring a bouquet to a backyard BBQ, or send red, white & blue roses to friends & family at a distance. No matter how you celebrate the 4th of July, these patriotic flowers will fire up the festive feel and get you excited about this great American holiday.

Check out our top 7 flower bouquets for 4th of July.

Sibonelly Rose Bouquet

Patriotic flair has never achieved such jaw-dropping proportions as this exciting floral display! Painstakingly decorated by our expert artisans, each individual flower in the Sibonelly Rose Bouquet demonstrates the iconic red, white & blue colors that scream "USA!"

Fedora Rose Bouquet

Ideal for outdoor barbecues, Independence Day parades, and more! Off-white petals surround bright red petals that have been splashed in paint for a fun and festive effect. The Fedora Rose Bouquet is a tinted rose bouquet that’s perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or celebrations of any kind.

Classic Red Rose Bouquet

You can never go wrong with bright red roses! The Classic Red Rose Bouquet expresses the grandeur and awe of the Land of the Free with gorgeous blooms and rich color.

Blue Lagoon Rose Bouquet

Vice versa, instead of going with all-red roses, consider going with all-blue roses! This stunning bouquet is truly majestic, featuring real roses with deep blue petals. The striking color of the Blue Lagoon Rose Bouquet is achieved using artisanal dyeing and coloring techniques that are flower experts have been practicing for generations. The result? Real blue roses that will take your breath away!

Dolce Amore Rose Bouquet

Fresh, crisp color contrast makes the Dolce Amore Rose Bouquet an instant hit for fun occasions like the 4th of July! Similar to other two-tone compositions, this tinted rose pairs a sharp and classic red tone on the exterior with creamy white petals at the bloom’s center for a flush of fun and patriotic beauty.

Azure Rose Bouquet

A blend of blue and white color swirls around each bud in the Azure Rose Bouquet, making for a gorgeous wave of breathtaking beauty. Our floriculture experts use a variety of artisanal techniques to achieve the extensive color fusion seen in Azure roses. With blue and white tones, this fresh flower bouquet is perfect for patriotic displays that retain a sophisticated appearance.

Blueberry Rose Bouquet

Featuring a dynamic composition that’s similar to Manchester, Azure, and Eve, the Blueberry Rose Bouquet is a special patriotic flower arrangement that delights with a magical swirl of two-tone colors swept across the petals. Blue and pink blend along each curve, creating a red/white/blue watercolor effect that feels poetic, like an American flag waving in the breeze.

With farm-direct shipping, you can get these patriotic blooms shipped straight to your home and celebrate the 4th of July in style!

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Happy Independence Day!

August 22, 2023 — Aimee WF