We are sure that your wedding was an unforgettable moment in your life. It is a significant event that has changed everything in your life since your wedding. Now your marriage is growing stronger. Your relationship is becoming more vital every day. That's why you celebrate your wedding anniversary every year! Wedding anniversaries are a great reason to throw a celebration for your other half. The main thing for choosing a wedding anniversary idea is understanding what format is more acceptable. Then you can organize a family holiday in accordance with it:

  • from a feast for the whole world;
  • to a secluded romantic moonlight stroll. 

There are lots of ways to celebrate. 

Have you run out of ideas? Don't worry, because we're here! We'll give you some different wedding anniversary activity ideas to revive your relationship. That way, you can keep that fluttering excitement, spend time and enjoy it together.


Book Tickets to the Theater

Book Tickets to the Theater

Booking tickets to the theater can be an excellent way to celebrate your anniversary. It's a classic and romantic wedding anniversary idea. So, it allows you to enjoy a live performance together and create lasting memories.

You can choose:

  • play;
  • musical;
  • opera.

The main thing is that you both enjoy or want to see it. Consider splurging on premium seats or a box to make the experience even more special. Dress in your finest attire and enjoy a pre-show dinner or drinks. So it will add romance to your relationship.

The theater is a timeless art form. It has the power to transport us to different worlds and evoke powerful emotions. So book tickets to the theater for your anniversary. Your partner will receive an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for years. Celebrating your love and time together thoughtfully and romantically.




Plan a short trip for the next weekend to celebrate a happy one-year relationship anniversary. It's a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So you fill your life together with bright colors. Believe us, you will never forget an anniversary spent walking the streets of Paris.

We advise considering a country hotel for those who are tired of the noise of large cities. There you can rent a separate house for two and enjoy being close to nature. Or you can just rush to Amsterdam to watch the sunsets on the bay and walk on the rooftops!


Oath Renewal Ceremony

Oath Renewal Ceremony

What could be more romantic than saying the vows of love and fidelity? This is one of the best wedding anniversary activity ideas. You can also reflect on the road you've traveled and dream about what lies ahead. This beautiful tradition is a very recent one. And why not do it now if you didn't have a roadside ceremony on your wedding day?

Invite close friends or, on the contrary, run away from everyone and say the most important words in private. This tradition will unite you even more and remind you again why you chose each other.




Disconnecting from everyday life is always one of the most adorable ideas to celebrate your anniversary. You can relax in a romantic spa or just in nature in the woods. Nevertheless, both options are extremely romantic. After all, spending a few hours together is always nice. Especially if you are among:

  • the bubbles of a hot tub;
  • the warmth of a sauna;
  • the contrasting temperatures of Turkish baths.

What's more, you can relax even more with a stone massage or a chocolate wrap. We also recommend using essential oils, and you will not regret it!


A Chamber Party for Loved Ones

A Chamber Party for Loved Ones

A great wedding anniversary idea for couples who want to "replay" their wedding. Maybe something went wrong that day, or you couldn't fulfill your cherished dream. For example, you always wanted a wedding in a barbecue party format. But for one reason or another, your celebration went for a more classic style. Or you dreamed of having a family holiday at a villa in Italy, but the wedding was unsuccessful.

An anniversary is a great excuse to organize the wedding of your dreams, you can:

  • realize the craziest idea;
  • buy the most unusual dress;
  • gather in a close circle of family and friends and once again feel the emotions of joy, unity, and family warmth.


Stylized Photoshoot

Stylized Photoshoot

An anniversary is the best reason to add new cards to your family photo album. When else will you do professional makeup and wear that gorgeous dress? We are sure such photo shoot ideas have become a good tradition to celebrate your anniversary. Watching yourself change and your family grow is priceless!

You can work with your photographer to choose a location that has special meaning to you. Or it can be simply a place that inspires you. The photographer will help you choose:

  • the perfect wardrobe;
  • hair;
  • makeup.

All these things will create a cohesive and stylish look. You can also incorporate props or elements that reflect your personality and relationship.

The result of a stylized photo shoot is a collection of stunning and unique photos. So they capture the essence of your love to show the celebration of a happy one-year relationship anniversary. These photos can create a beautiful photo album or wall art for your home. 


Romantic Date

Romantic Date

Since you got married, have you stopped going on dates? Anniversaries are a great excuse to fix that. Going on dates with your husband is awesome! Do you still remember those emotions? After all, you were very reverent about it at the time:

  • you had to choose an outfit for a long time;
  • flirting;
  • even get a little nervous before the meeting.

Spend the evening the way you used to. Going to an evening movie or amusement park is one of the funniest wedding anniversary activity ideas. And then have dinner in an atmospheric and beautiful place. Do not forget to bring beautiful roses for your beloved ones. And promise each other not to discuss any domestic issues that evening!


Get Your Friends Together at the Party

Get Your Friends Together at the Party

It's a good opportunity to bring together all the friends and family who were also at your wedding. So you can remember that day together and relive it again. All you have to do is find yourself a good venue, food, drinks, and music. You can host the party at your home or at a venue with special meaning to you and your partner. We are sure that your friend like  these  ideas to celebrate your anniversary. Consider choosing a theme or color scheme that reflects your personality or interests. You can also hire a DJ or band to provide music and entertainment for the evening.

Decorations can add to the festive atmosphere of the party. It can be everything, such as:

  • balloons;
  • streamers;
  • customized banners. 


You can also serve food and drinks that are meaningful or special to you as a couple, such as:

  • your favorite cocktail;
  • interesting cuisine.

And if you want to make the party even more exciting, you can set up a DIY photo box. It always gets everyone's attention, and they'll enjoy it for hours - like it's a second wedding!


Enroll in an Interesting Course

Enroll in an Interesting Course

The best idea to celebrate your anniversary is to spend time together. But if you learn something new, it becomes twice better. It could be anything:

  • a cocktail course;
  • learning how to make sushi;
  • baking;
  • a photo shoot;
  • painting 
  • even acting. 

You have many options! You just need to find one that you enjoy. The most important thing is to consider the desire of the two partners.

And don't forget to practise at home so you don't forget everything you've learned! Also, if you have kids and want to include them in your plan, they will love it!


Bouquet of Roses for Your Anniversary with Rosaholics

A bouquet of roses is a classic and timeless wedding anniversary idea to express your love. Rosaholics, a leading online florist, offers many beautiful, high-quality rose bouquets. So they are perfect for any anniversary celebration.

Our collection includes a variety of colors:

It lets you choose the perfect bouquet that suits your partner's personality and preferences. You can also add a personalized note or message to make the gift even more meaningful and heartfelt.

With us, you can trust to receive the freshest and most beautiful roses available. Our bouquets are carefully handcrafted. And we will deliver them directly to your doorstep or the location of your choice. So, read below to discover more of the best arrangements for this happy one-year relationship anniversary.


Extra Long Roses
Extra Long Roses

Extra-long roses that soar up to 40 inches can be an impressive anniversary gift. These roses, also known as "infinity roses," are specially preserved for our clients. They are carefully treated to maintain their freshness and beauty for up to a year. These roses' long stems and blooms create an elegant and dramatic look. So it will surely wow your partner. Infinity roses require minimal maintenance. They make a stunning centerpiece or addition to any anniversary.


Blue Bay
Blue Bay

The "Blue Bay" bouquet is a beautiful and unique floral arrangement. We made this ideal anniversary gift for your loved one. This bouquet features a stunning combination of blue and white flowers. So you may add your wedding anniversary activity ideas  to it. They evoke a sense of serenity, calmness, and elegance. This gift will make you appreciate and cherish your partner. Beauty and significance will create a lasting memory of your special day.


Golden Sun
Golden Sun

This vibrant and cheerful flower bouquet will bring a smile to your loved one's face. This bouquet features a striking combination of:

  • yellow roses and alstroemerias;
  • one sunflower in the center. 

It creates a beautiful and eye-catching display. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy, and optimism. So it is definitely perfect for an anniversary gift. On the other hand, alstroemerias represent devotion, loyalty, and long-lasting friendship. The sunflower, the centerpiece of the bouquet, symbolizes happiness and positivity.


red roses
Classic Red

Red roses are elegant and sophisticated and convey a sense of warmth and intimacy. So it is a perfect choice to celebrate a happy one-year relationship anniversary. The fragrance of red roses is also intoxicating and creates a romantic ambiance that is perfect for a special occasion.

The classic red rose bouquet can be arranged in various ways, from a simple bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed roses to a more elaborate display of mixed flowers and greenery. Regardless of the arrangement, the beauty and significance of the red rose to remain unchanged.


Bottom Line

Sending a bouquet of roses from Rosaholics is a romantic and thoughtful way to celebrate your love and commitment to your partner on your anniversary. It's a perfect gesture to create a lasting memory of your special day. So, do not hesitate to contact our flower shop to get the best bouquet.



How do you celebrate your anniversary on a low budget?

You can try cooking a special meal at home, planning a romantic picnic, or walking in a scenic location. You can also consider making a handmade gift, watching a movie together, or writing a heartfelt love letter to your partner.

How can I make my anniversary special?

You can make your anniversary special by planning a thoughtful and personalized celebration. So it reflects your unique love story and shared experiences.

What are the flowers for the anniversary?

Traditionally, the flowers for an anniversary are roses, with different colors symbolizing different milestones, such as red for the 1st and 15th anniversary, yellow for the 50th anniversary, and white for the 25th anniversary.

How many flowers should I put in the anniversary bouquet?

We recommend starting with two dozen. It is a perfect quantity of flowers that can definitely show your appreciation and serious intentions.


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