TRENDING: DIY Flower Ice Cubes

It’s the ultimate indulgence – cold drinks nestled in a chest of ice cubes containing real roses. You’ve seen the wildly popular trends online. Now it’s your turn to get crafty and create gorgeous ice cube décor that will elevate your next event and blow guests away with awesome extravagance. Check out our guide to crafting floral ice cubes with perfection!


What You Need to Make DIY Flower Ice Cubes

Making DIY flower ice cubes is easy, and you can do it with a very short list of materials – one of the reasons why we love this craft project. Before you get started, gather everything you need, including:

  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Water (cool or room temperature)
  • Small, fresh-cut flowers

That’s all you need! While the material list isn’t long, finding the perfect flowers for DIY ice cubes can be tricky. The flowers need to be small enough to fit in the tray, yet strong and vibrant enough to hold steady and make a gorgeous impact. Tiny flowers with fragile petals, like baby’s breath or forget-me-nots, tend to fall apart and aren’t big enough to make a bold impression for floral ice cubes. Going with more resilient flowers, like miniature roses, can ensure that your DIY floral ice cubes are strong and stunning!

The DIY Flower Ice Cube Kit from Rosaholics is a great way to get the perfect fresh-cut flowers for floral ice cubes. Plus, this awesome kit comes with everything you need to make floral ice cubes, including premium, fresh-cut baby rosebuds, ice cube trays, and ideas for using your floral ice cubes at home.


The Secret to Crafting Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes

DIY crafters who try making flower ice cubes at home usually run into 2 common problems: cloudiness and bubbles. Cloudy ice can really distract from the visual beauty of the flower inside, and bubbles can make the ice cubes appear messy and homemade. Avoiding these 2 problems is pretty easy – if you know the secret! When DIY floral ice cubes showcase exquisite clarity, they can add incredible elegance to events and special occasions, so it’s worth it to take this extra step to get picture-perfect ice cubes.

Pssst. We’ll let you in on the big secret: use distilled water! Tap water can tend to turn cloudy when it forms ice. By using distilled water, you can get crystal-clear ice cubes that spotlight the fresh flowers inside. When water is distilled, the filtration process removes a lot of the impurities that can otherwise be present in regular tap water. In other words, distilled water has a lot less extra ‘stuff’ that can form bubbles or cause cloudiness in the ice. Be sure to use distilled water, and your DIY floral ice cubes should turn out crystal clear.


In addition to using distilled water, there's one more tip that can help boost clarity, and it comes with how you work the freezer. Interested? Read the step-by-step instructions below!


Time to Get Crafty with Ice Cubes

Once your materials are gathered, including the distilled water, it’s time to get crafty! Ready? Follow these steps:

  1. Place the baby rosebuds in the empty compartments of the ice cube tray, carefully positioning them as you like. (Hint: setting the rosebuds at an angle is a great way to keep them visible – and it makes the final ice cube look extra artsy!)
  2. Grab your distilled water and fill each compartment of the ice cube tray all the way up. Be sure to add the water slowly so it doesn't splash off the mini roses.
  3. Gently tilt the tray (just a tiny bit!) to release any air bubbles, before placing the tray into the freezer.
  4. While the ice cubes are forming, you'll want to gradually decrease the temperature of the freezer every 15 minutes or so. This gradual reduction in freezer temp helps the ice cubes to form with even better clarity.

Nice job! Okay, now onto a few design ideas and inspo for using your DIY floral ice cubes…


Best Ways to Use Floral Ice Cubes as Décor

Fancy, gorgeous, and full of that wow-factor, floral ice cubes are excellent décor items that can elevate the tone of any gathering and get you raising that pinky up in no time! While you can’t place these ice cubes directly in your drink**, there are plenty of ways to use DIY floral ice cubes to make gatherings extra fancy and fun. One of the most popular uses involves filling a chest with floral ice cubes and stashing beverage bottles and cans within. Guests get a little reminder of romance every time they grab a drink! Check out a few other ways to use floral ice cubes at your next classy get-together:

  • Champagne Ice Buckets + Wine Chillers
  • Ice Coolers with Cold Drinks and Wine Bottles
  • Ice Trays to Keep Condiments, Dishes and Desserts Cool
  • Cryotherapy Facial and At-Home Ice Spa
  • Post-Workout Ice Bath – with a touch of elegance!
ice cubes

Adding floral ice cubes to the food, beverage and bar settings can add an elegant touch of class and romance to parties. Here are some of the best occasions for using this creative DIY décor:

  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Wedding Reception
  • Baby Shower
  • Girls Trip
  • Mother & Daughter Date
  • Romantic Date Night
  • Spring Fling Party
  • Flower Festivals and Summer BBQs
  • At-Home Spa Session

When it comes to parties and special events, it’s often the little things in the details that make the gathering unforgettable. Fancy and fun to make, DIY floral ice cubes are the best way to elevate events with a thoughtful touch of refined romance and luxury.

cool champagne


The Aftermath: What to Do After the Ice Cubes Melt

All good things must come to an end – or do they? After your floral ice cubes melt, you can still salvage the mini rosebuds inside! After all, if you’re using the Rosaholics DIY Flower Ice Cube Kit, you know that they’re premium fresh-cut flowers! Mind you, the flowers will be soaking wet, so they’re in no shape to place in a vase.

However, you can still enjoy the rosebuds in other ways by giving them a new life. Why not place them in a wide-mouthed vase as part of a floating flower centerpiece? Or toss them into a bath for luxurious rose-infused relaxation. You could even put the baby rosebuds in a small spritzer bottle to make a homemade room freshener! Get creative!


Ready to make your first batch of DIY flower ice cubes? We want to see how it turns out! Post pictures of your floral ice cube craft night or elegant event and tag @rosaholics! We can’t wait to see your creative expressions!



**Are Floral Ice Cubes Edible?

While the floral ice cubes that you can make with the Rosaholics DIY Flower Ice Cube Kit are absolute showstoppers as party décor, it’s important to note that these floral ice cubes are not edible and should in no way be used in food or beverages.


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