Special people should be treated with outstanding gifts – presents that blow them away with emotional significance and beauty. Preserved roses are perfect for going above and beyond the routine habit of giving fresh flowers.

Don’t get us wrong – fresh roses are always a great idea! You can shop our Best Sellers for breathtaking fresh-cut rose bouquets.

But when you’re looking for something extra special – the type of gift that will really impress and leave your loved one in awe – preserved roses are the way to go.


Gift that Forever Feeling

Love that lasts forever – that’s something everyone desires. You can capture the beauty of eternal love with Rosaholics’ Preserved Roses, a breathtaking arrangement that consists of 4 or 9 exceptionally perfect blooms carefully aligned in an acrylic case. It’s a long-lasting gift that delights!

Prepared with a tailored treatment that allows the roses to maintain their beauty for up to 2 years, each set of preserved roses is a wonder on its own. Arranged in a sleek, modern case with outstanding clarity, preserved roses make a remarkable keepsake that can be cherished much longer than a traditional bouquet.

Preserved Roses White

Preserved Roses are REAL – but they last longer!

Preserved roses are REAL ROSES that have undergone a tailored treatment that protects and preserves their natural beauty for up to 2 years. For preserved roses, the natural deterioration process is stalled, meaning they continue to look full and fresh several months down the line.

It’s important to note that our preserved roses are not dried – rather, each rose maintains its luscious appearance with full, plump petals, as if it’s just been cut fresh from the flower field this morning.

Girl and rose

We have a special technique that allows us to protect the cut rose, so that its beauty can remain on display month after month after month. Think of it like pressing “pause” on the aging process.


A Luxury Display Piece that Continues to Impress

Our preserved roses are neatly arranged in a sleek acrylic case that looks elegant amidst any surroundings. When someone receives a box of preserved roses, it’s not just a fleeting gift – it becomes an impressive piece that they can show off to friends and guests in their home for years.

Preserved roses ~ the gift that keeps on giving!

They can decide to add gorgeous gracefulness to the entryway, mantle, dining room table settings, sitting room, bedroom, personal vanity or boudoir. Move them around to suit the season or when rearranging home décor. Preserved roses add opulence and romantic style anywhere they’re displayed.

Furthermore, the acrylic case that houses the collection of preserved roses is intentionally designed to offer incredibly clarity, so you can get a close-up view of the preserved roses from every angle. Each display includes the rose heads alone, without the stems, offering heightened attention to the natural artistry of every curled petal.

The air-tight case also provides a protective environment, meaning the preserved roses are sheltered from dust, pollutants, and other airborne particles that can accelerate deterioration in unprotected settings. With a specialized treatment and a sophisticated, modern case, our preserved roses are prepped for showcasing long-lasting beauty with elegance and panache.


As a Gift, Preserved Roses Are More Valuable

Even with the best flower care, fresh-cut roses can only be displayed for a few weeks before they begin to lose their lush appearance. For the same price as a box of preserved roses, you can get 2 or 3 fresh-cut flower bouquets – which won’t last nearly as long!

Remember, preserved roses are carefully cut, treated, and protected, so they can be displayed as a dazzling centerpiece for up to 2 full years. The higher cost of preserved roses is only a fraction of the long-term value and visual beauty that they provide. It really is a gift that you get your money out of.


A Last-Minute Gift with Next-Day Delivery

Nothing's worse than a present that arrives late. Our top-quality preserved roses are ready to go, which means you can enjoy next-day delivery nationwide. Need a last-minute gift? Forget to order flowers in advance? Ready for a home décor refresh right now? With next-day delivery, you can get a classy case of pristine, preserved roses tomorrow.

When you’re running out of time before a special occasion, ordering preserved roses for next-day delivery is the best way to ensure something beautiful arrives fast for your loved one – so there’s no need to settle for a standard gift, or worse: a late gift. Preserved roses offer the height of elegance and thoughtfulness in a beautiful, long-lasting display of real roses.


A Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

Preserved roses are a memorable gift that will last, which is why they are perfect for marking special occasions and events – especially relationship milestones. As time moves on, the beauty of preserved roses remains, serving as a significant symbol of growth, memory, and affection that lasts through the ages.

Here are some of the most suitable occasions to send Rosaholics' Preserved Roses as a gift:

Anniversary Gift – Naturally, preserved roses also make an excellent anniversary gift, as they serve as the ideal way to say, “My love for you is everlasting.”

Going Away Gift or Visiting Gift – Preserved roses are treasured even more when loved ones are separated by distance. Because they maintain their beauty for up to 2 years, preserved roses are an excellent reminder of a person’s love, even if they’re far away.

Wedding Gift – Newlyweds love to reminisce about their wedding day and marvel at the time that’s gone by since. Preserved roses are a wonderful way to remember the event and keep a part of it present in the home during the first months and years of marriage.

Holiday/Christmas Gift – Running out of ideas for Christmas presents? Preserved roses are the perfect way to treat someone you love with a beautiful token that will last all year – and longer.

Graduation Gift – Similarly, preserved roses make an excellent graduation gift. New grads can cherish the long-lasting love and memories of family as they move to a new city for fun adventures.

Birthday Gift – You can bet that no one else is getting the birthday girl or birthday boy a case of extra-special preserved roses. This is a one-of-a-kind birthday present that will outshine all other gifts.

Any Romantic Occasion – Really, who needs an excuse to show their everlasting love for their significant other? Propel your romance with the long-lasting allure of preserved roses.

Remember, our preserved roses are available for next-day delivery. Level-up your love by sending Rosaholics’ exceptional arrangements of preserved roses!

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