Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, which is why so much thought goes into a bridal hairdo. No matter what style you’re going for, adding fresh-cut roses as a finishing touch can add jaw-dropping elegance to embrace on your big day. 

Some roses are better suited for wedding hair than others, which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you pick the best flowers for your bridal hairstyle. From color to rosebud size to petal shape, there are so many details to consider! Take a look at our list of some of the most gorgeous wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers.

Classic Bridal Hairstyles with Roses

Up-dos are a classic pick for traditional brides who want a clean, put-together look for their wedding hair. Most up-dos incorporate a gentle sweep towards the top of the head, where the hair is tightly secured in a neat bun. Small roses surround the bun, creating a modern look that remains timeless.

A loose, romantic braid or ponytail is a great way to show off long locks in a flattering way. Most brides who choose to go with this bridal hairstyle will complement it with a hair accessory, either a low crown or a gathering of small flowers tucked in. This creates a gorgeous, carefree look that feels effortless.

Another popular bridal hairstyle with fresh flowers is a side-part with a giant statement jewelry piece or fresh-cut rose. Gathering all the hair to one side of the head creates a bold, confident look, while a delicate touch of flowers to the side brings out additional beauty. Huge, oversized roses are great for creating this bridal hairstyle.

Fresh Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are a great way incorporate Mother Nature in the ceremony. Fresh flowers are a must for outdoor weddings, whether it’s a beach wedding with a laidback feel or a classy garden wedding in a backyard estate.

Roses are the perfect flower choice for outdoor weddings, as they keep a romantic tone in the surroundings while letting people embrace the natural setting. Fresh flowers are always an excellent addition to bridal hairdos for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Roses are Ideal for Wedding Hairdos

If your bridal hairstyle is designed to make a big statement, then you’ll want to go with large, bold-colored roses that will grab attention. Otherwise, smaller roses are ideal for tucking into the hairdo without stealing the show.

For this reason, spray roses are an excellent choice for creating bridal hairstyles that require several small flowers. Spray roses are like baby roses. They’re petite flowers with fully formed buds, and they come in all different colors. Because of their smaller size, spray roses are perfect for making subtle flower crowns or for tucking into up-dos or loose bridal braids.

Rosaholics has a wide assortment of roses in a variety of colors, like lavender, light pink, and cream. These soft-colored roses look absolutely gorgeous when tucked into wedding hairdos, and the thin stems make it easy to secure roses in place, giving you full flexibility to create the perfect wedding hairdo that you have in mind.

Want a few different options in different colors? Assemble your own bouquet and order roses stem by stem to get exactly what you need for your bridal look.

Best Fresh Flowers for Wedding Hair

Full-size roses can also be used to create amazing wedding hairstyles. From flower crowns to side-part statement styles, fresh-cut roses are a wonderful way to add elegance and romance to your wedding day hair.


Rosaholics has fresh-cut roses in every color imaginable, making it easy for you to pick the precise tone that will look great with your hair color and skin tone. Or, if you’re looking for fresh roses to match your wedding colors and party décor, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find it at Rosaholics. Just imagine the fresh flowers in your hair matching your groom’s tie or suit flawlessly!

No matter what your goals are for your bridal hairstyle, Rosaholics has an amazing selection of premium roses that will level-up your look, flatter your wedding photos, and create unforgettable wedding day memories to cherish for a lifetime. Here are a few of our top picks for elevating wedding day hair:

Ivory White Roses

Classic white roses can't be beat, especially if the bride will be wearing a traditional white wedding dress or sheer white veil. White roses like those found in the Casablanca Bouquet are an excellent choice, as they showcase a classic rose shape with delicate curls on each petal. Tuck one or more of these into your wedding hairdo, and you'll instantly feel like a bride!

Vintage Roses

Vintage roses are carefully grown so that they have a muted color tone that fades towards the tip of the petals. Gorgeous and soft on the eyes, vintage roses are a great choice for getting a truly romantic look. Check out Vintage Fresh or Say Yes for an idea of how beautiful vintage roses can be.

Baby's Breath, Hydrangeas and Alstroemeria

Okay, so technically these aren't roses, but they are excellent flowers for tucking into bridal hairdos. Baby's breath, hydrangeas and alstroemeria have small, delicate petals and thin stems, so they are absolutely perfect for securing in place, whether you're placing just a small sprig of flowers on the side or weaving them into a long, loose braid the whole length down.

Edgy Black Roses

Not all brides like to do things the old-fashioned way, and we've got the perfect roses for women who have fun ideas on how their wedding day will look! For those wearing a black or maroon bridal gown, tuck a beautiful Black Dragon Rose into the hair for a magnificent style statement that guests will be talking about for ages!

No matter what rose variety or wedding hairdo you decide on, know that you can count on Rosaholics to provide hyper-fresh roses that will look and smell amazing on your wedding day.

Want to try out a few different roses before the big day? Go ahead and assemble your own bouquet, including all the different flower types you'd like to experiment with.

We'd love to see pics of your pre-wedding day test run and the big day itself! Tag @rosaholics to show off how you're using fresh roses for your wedding day hair!

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