August is always a bittersweet moment for college students and parents alike. Heading back to campus is fun and exciting, but it can also mean leaving the family behind – again.

Most schools are heading back into session in the next few weeks, meaning lots of parents are preparing for goodbye hugs – and starting to plan care packages to send away to school. Surprise roses are an awesome care package.

Students love getting care packages from home. Getting a care package at college can lift the spirits when studying for a big test and satisfy any feelings of homesickness. While cookies and cards are great, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and get something different. Not to mention the huge bragging rights that come with a delivery of super-fresh roses!

Top Reasons to Send Roses as a Care Package

  • Roses are a sentimental gift. They’re a great way to say, “I support you, and I’m proud of you.” Sometimes college kids need to hear that little bit of support from their parents as they work hard at passing classes and living on their own.
  • Roses create a connection to family. Even if they’re living just a few hours away, college kids get busy with balancing all their activities and studies, making it hard to keep in touch as regularly as when they were younger. Knowing their parents took the time to send flowers is a great way to stay connected and deepen that family bond.

  • Roses can jazz up a boring dorm room. If you’ve ever seen a college dorm, you know how stark and dull they can be! Having a fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten the room and make it feel more personalized.

Easy Flower Delivery to College Dorms

Since Rosaholics delivers nationwide, it’s easy to send a fresh, vibrant bouquet to your child while they’re away at school – even if they’re headed out of state.

Keep in mind, however, that student housing may have special rules and guidelines about packages and deliveries. Chances are that the box will go into the mail room, not directly to their dorm room, so it's best to send flowers that are safely protected in a delivery box.

Hint: ALL of Rosaholics' flower bouquets are carefully prepared and shipped in a cute, sturdy box, making them the perfect choice for on-campus deliveries!

Here are a few more tips for sending roses to kids away at school.

  • Give them a heads up that a package is coming. College kids are busy! If they don’t check their mailbox every day, be sure to alert them that something is coming. To look their best and live their longest life, it’s better if the package can be picked up and unboxed the same day it’s delivered.
  • Follow the delivery guidelines for the residence hall. If the flowers are being delivered to a residence hall or on-campus student housing, be sure to follow the rules for deliveries. There may be special instructions or ATTN codes that you’ll need to put in the delivery address. Rosaholics can only deliver according to the info provided, so make sure the mail room is capable of receiving large boxes before placing your order.
  • Choose fresh flowers in vibrant colors. Students are often running on coffee! Bright colors can help them stay motivated and upbeat, also helping to alleviate any stress they’re feeling from too much studying.
  • Include a personalized note. Don’t skip this part! Be sure to include a note with your gift of flowers so they know who sent them. Even a short and sweet line to say hi is great.

When you’re planning to send roses as a care package, it’s much easier to send kids off to college without worrying about them getting homesick!