In celebration of Gender Equality, it’s vital to recognize the significance of inclusivity and diversity in our lives. It includes the traditional gesture of giving flowers.

Society progresses towards greater equality. The symbolism behind floral arrangements takes on a deeper meaning. It reflects values of respect, empowerment, and unity regardless of gender. In this spirit, we present the "7 Best Bouquets for Gender Equality Month 2024". They're curated to embody the principles of inclusivity and appreciation for all individuals.

These bouquets transcend stereotypes, offering a blend of colors, textures, and blooms. Whether it's lavender roses or delicate orchids, it doesn’t matter. Each arrangement serves as a testament to the diverse spectrum of identities.

We commemorate Gender Equality Month. Let these bouquets serve not only as tokens of admiration. Also, let them be reminders of our collective commitment to fostering a more equitable world for all.

Gender Equality and March 8th

Number 8 decorated with flowers on a teal background

While gender equality emphasizes the fair and equal treatment of all people regardless of their gender identity, a natural focus has remained on women’s rights and the need to elevate women to the same fair and equal treatment that men have historically enjoyed in societies throughout most cultures.

In fact, the reason why the month of March was chosen for Gender Equality Month is no coincidence. March is also Women’s History Month. More specifically, March 8th celebrates International Women’s Day, which can be considered an anchor for the entire focus of gender equality throughout the month of March. (P.S. For tips on how to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 with roses, check out our ideas here.)


Purple Is Symbolic for Gender Equality Month

Raised fists tied with purple fabric

When sending flowers, it’s always a good idea to pick the arrangement carefully, as different colors can communicate different emotions with underlying associations. Purple, for example, can symbolize a wide variety of things, including wealth, royalty, virtue, independence, wisdom, and pride. It’s common for social movements to adopt a certain color for their cause, as this can help create unity, recognition, and spread awareness. Purple is recognized as the color most associated with Gender Equality Month.

The use of the color purple in association with gender equality traces back to the suffragettes. In the early 20th century, the Women’s Social and Political Union, which led the women’s suffrage movement in Great Britain, adopted purple, green, and white as their cause's unique color combination. Each of the three colors was purposefully selected. Purple symbolized a link to royalty, recognizing that women suffragettes exuded greatness and were not to be considered second-class citizens. In addition, white symbolized purity, and green symbolized hope for a better future in which men and women would be valued the same.

The Gender Equality Month color’s significance carried throughout the 20th century as people continued to fight for gender equality beyond the right to vote. Equal pay and workplace discrimination are still major themes within the modern fight for gender equality. Purple was picked up again in the 60s and 70s, as the Women’s Liberation movement selected this color to maintain a link with the suffragettes. This powerful color continues to be widely recognized as a symbol for gender equality today.


Celebrating Gender Equality Month with Flowers: 7 Best Bouquets

Celebrate with our curated collection of bouquets. Let's honor the ongoing battle for women's rights and universal respect. Explore our range showcasing fresh blooms in bold purple hues accented with elegant whites or greens. They're perfect for making a statement.

Adorn the space with roses, serving as a poignant reminder of the struggle for equality. Or send a bouquet to someone who champions fairness and inclusivity.

Discover our top picks or browse our full selection of lavender roses at Rosaholics. Join us in commemorating progress towards a more equitable society.


Purple Stravaganzza Rose Bouquet
Purple Stravaganzza Rose Bouquet

The Purple Stravaganzza Rose has a deep hue and captivating beauty. It symbolizes elegance and individuality. In the context of Gender Awareness Month, it represents strength and resilience. Its vibrant color evokes a sense of empowerment. It encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and stand tall in their identity.



Vintage Rose Bouquet
Vintage Rose Bouquet

The Vintage Rose Bouquet exudes timeless charm and sophistication. It embodies the idea that true equality transcends time and trends. Each delicate bloom carries a message of nostalgia and progress. It reminds us of the journey towards equality while honoring the struggles and achievements of those who paved the way.




Cheshyre Rose Bouquet
Cheshyre Rose Bouquet

The Cheshyre Rose Bouquet has a playful blend of colors and textures. These Gender Equality Month 2024 blooms celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Just as each flower in this bouquet contributes to its overall beauty, so too do individuals from all walks of life enrich our society with their unique perspectives and experiences. The flowers are a visual representation of the beauty found in embracing differences.



Purple Vaughn Rose Bouquet
Purple Vaughn Rose Bouquet

This bouquet exudes a sense of regal elegance and grace. It symbolizes the inherent worth and dignity of every individual. Its deep purple hues convey a message of respect and acceptance. It reminds us that equality is not just about rights. It's also about acknowledging the inherent value of each person, regardless of gender.




vogue - pink rose bouquet
Vogue Bouquet

Introducing the Vogue bouquet - the epitome of feminine elegance with soft pink roses. This bouquet exudes sophistication and charm, captivating the senses with its grace. In the spirit of Gender Awareness Month, the Vogue bouquet reminds us of the limitless potential when equality and opportunity prevail. Like stars lighting up the night sky, each individual has a unique brilliance ready to shine.



Grey Knights Rose Bouquet
Grey Knights Bouquet

The Grey Knights Bouquet stands out with its understated elegance and sophistication. Symbolizing strength and resilience, these flowers pay homage to the countless individuals who have fought tirelessly for gender equality. Its muted tones speak volumes. It reminds us that progress often comes in the form of:

  • Quiet determination.
  • Unwavering resolve.


    Assemble Your Own Bouquet
    Assemble Your Own Bouquet

    This option empowers individuals to create an arrangement for Gender Equality Month 2024. It will reflect their unique tastes and preferences. In a similar vein, this month celebrates a diverse array of identities. By embracing individuality and choice, we pave the way for a more inclusive and fair future.




    Bottom Line

    Celebrate with these seven stunning bouquets. They defy stereotypes and embrace inclusivity. They range from vibrant arrangements to delicate mixes like purple roses. Each bouquet reflects the diversity and strength of all genders. Let flowers be the language of equality, spreading messages of: 

    • Respect.
    • Understanding.
    • Solidarity. 

    Whether gifting to a loved one or adorning your space doesn't matter. These flowers serve as reminders of progress and the journey towards true equality. Let every petal speak volumes. Let's champion diversity and inclusivity.





    Why are flowers significant during Gender Equality Month?

    Flowers symbolize beauty, diversity, and growth. They mirror the principles of gender equality by celebrating individuality and inclusivity.

    Can I customize my bouquet to reflect the theme of gender equality better?

    Yes, you can personalize your bouquet with diverse blooms, colors, and arrangements. It's to embody the spirit of gender equality and inclusivity.

    Are there specific colors or types of flowers associated with gender equality?

    There are no strict rules. However, flowers in hues like purple are often chosen to represent gender equality. It's due to the fact that those colors signify dignity and respect. Flowers with diverse shapes and textures can also symbolize inclusivity.

    How can I involve my community in celebrating Gender Equality Month with flowers?

    You can organize flower-themed events, workshops, or fundraisers. It's to raise awareness about gender equality and promote inclusivity within your community. Encouraging local florists to create gender-neutral arrangements can also foster dialogue and engagement.

    February 23, 2024 — Aimee WF