March is Gender Equality Month, so it’s time to highlight some creative ideas for including symbolic flower colors in your springtime celebrations. Whether you’re using loose petals to decorate Women’s Day parade floats or you just want to jazz up your home with festive, on-trend bouquets, we’ve got the scoop for how to pick the perfect roses to celebrate Gender Equality Month 2021.

Gender Equality and March 8th

While gender equality emphasizes the fair and equal treatment of all people regardless of their gender identity, a natural focus has remained on women’s rights and the need to elevate women to the same fair and equal treatment that men have historically enjoyed in societies throughout most cultures.

In fact, the reason why the month of March was chosen for Gender Equality Month is no coincidence — March is also Women’s History Month. More specifically, March 8th celebrates International Women’s Day, which can be considered an anchor for the entire focus of gender equality throughout the month of March. (P.S. For tips on how to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 with roses, check out our ideas here.)

Purple Is Symbolic for Gender Equality Month

When sending flowers, it’s always a good idea to pick the arrangement carefully, as different colors can communicate different emotions with underlying associations. Purple, for example, can symbolize a wide variety of things, including wealth, royalty, virtue, independence, wisdom, and pride. It’s common for social movements to adopt a certain color for their cause, as this can help create unity, recognition, and spread awareness. Purple is recognized as the color most associated with Gender Equality Month.

The use of the color purple in association with gender equality traces back to the suffragettes. In the early 20th century, the Women’s Social and Political Union, which led the women’s suffrage movement in Great Britain, adopted purple, green, and white as their cause's unique color combination. Each of the three colors was purposefully selected. Purple symbolized a link to royalty, recognizing that women suffragettes exuded greatness and were not to be considered second-class citizens. In addition, white symbolized purity, and green symbolized hope for a better future in which men and women would be valued the same.

The color significance carried throughout the 20th century as people continued to fight for gender equality beyond the right to vote. Equal pay and workplace discrimination are still major themes within the modern fight for gender equality. Purple was picked up again in the 60s and 70s, as the Women’s Liberation movement selected this color to maintain a link with the suffragettes. This powerful color continues to be widely recognized as a symbol for gender equality today.

7 Best Bouquets for Gender Equality Month 2021

In honor of Gender Equality Month 2021, we’ve put together a list of some of our best bouquets that can be used to honor the ongoing fight for women’s rights and the equal treatment and respect of all people. As you’ll see, a lot of these fresh flower bouquets feature strong purple petals and distinctly beautiful arrangements with touches of white or green. Decorate your home with a powerful display of purple roses to keep the fight for women’s rights top of mind, or send a bouquet to a person in your life who has forged their own path and fought for the fair treatment of people within their community. Take a look at our top recommendations, or check out all the lavender roses available from Rosaholics.

1. Purple Stravaganzza Rose - Intense color creates a captivating bouquet, as deep purple petals produce a bold effect. 

2. Vintage Fresh Rose Bouquet - This beautiful bouquet offers a softer shade of purple that looks dainty and delicate.

3. Cheshyre Rose Bouquet - With a marvelous mix of lavender roses in three hues, you can't go wrong with this gorgeous arrangement.

4. Purple Vaughn Rose Bouquet - Absolutely stunning, each petal features a white base that extends outwards into a rich purple flare.

5. Moondust Rose Bouquet - A two-tone bouquet of lavender and white, this particular arrangement is sweetly breathtaking.

6. Grazie Mille Fresh Flower Bouquet - A mix of white florals with a touch of green gives a refreshing alternative that still works well for Gender Equality Month. 

7. Assemble Your Own Bouquet - Why not create you own blend of purple, green, and white roses by assembling your own bouquet? Pick and choose precisely how man stems you want in each color for a creation that's uniquely yours.

Remember, Rosaholics delivers nationwide, so your roses arrive superbly fresh straight from the flower farm in Ecuador. Pick out a bouquet for yourself or surprise a friend! Join us in celebrating Gender Equality Month 2021 and let's all continue to fight for equality across the globe!

July 20, 2023 — Aimee WF