In the bustling world of office dynamics, there is an unspoken force that is often overlooked. And, of course, we're talking about administrative professionals. They are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. As we approach Administrative Professionals Day, it's a good time to celebrate these invaluable team members.

But what to give these multi-tasking wizards? Fear not, because we've prepared a list of the top 20 gifts. They're guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces. From practical to pampering, there's something here for every administrative superstar.

After all, behind every successful team is an exceptional administrative professional. Let's make sure they know how much they are appreciated.

Professional Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day

Professional Secretary Day gift ideas are a thoughtful way to recognize dedication. These gifts increase productivity and efficiency. They show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Choosing professional gifts shows respect for their role. Therefore, we have prepared a list of such gifts:


Office Supplies Set

Office Supplies Set

Every administrative worker has to deal with a bunch of paperwork that needs to be filled out with pens, connected with a stapler, and put into a folder. Some employees sometimes find such activities as filling out documents quite boring. You can make your colleague's job easier by presenting as administrative gifts a stationery set of pens, paper, notepads, pencils, and more. To diversify the stationery, you can choose the original stationery options, making it a little more fun. So, you can look for pens with a figurine of a book hero at the end, beautiful folders with funny pictures, and order notebooks, choosing a design and a motivating inscription for them in advance.



gift certificate with green ribbon

Gift Certificates and Coupons

If you don't have time to choose an admin day gift or have just met a colleague and can't predict his taste. You can give a gift certificate for purchase in the store. If the person who works as an administrative worker is a woman, give her a certificate to a beauty store, a coupon to a spa, or an accessory store. If you are presenting a secretary gift to a man, look for certificates from a hardware store, an electronics store, or men's accessories.



Personalized Notepad Pen

Personalized Notepad Pen

This is one of the classic admin day gift ideas for a person who often deals with paperwork. Order a good, professional pen for your colleague, with which he can sign documents and fill out reports. You can engrave your colleague's name or put motivating quotes on it. It will be a good source of inspiration during the working day.




Point-based Employee Rewards

Point-based Employee Rewards


In a point-based rewarding system, an employer gives away rewards as points. The employees can then redeem and purchase any gift of their own. It is the most flexible rewarding system.





Comfortable Chair Cushion

Comfortable Chair Cushion


After a tiresome day at work, a cozy pillow can mean much more than just a gift. It is a small yet underrated gift idea for Administrative Professionals Day.





desk organizer

Personalized Desk Organizer


We all know how messy and cluttered our office desks can be. And one of the best administrative professionals day gift ideas is a desk organizer. A desk organizer will have separate small cabinets to hold the different stationery items.




ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic Office Chair


An ergonomic office chair is a thoughtful gift for the day. It provides comfort and support, reducing stress during long hours of work. Adjustable functions ensure individualized comfort for each person.




Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses


Refresher courses are great secretary day gift ideas. They provide opportunities to improve skills and knowledge. It will enable professionals to achieve high results in their work. Online or face-to-face options suit different learning styles.




earphones on the table

Tech Gadgets for the Office


Office tech gadgets are fantastic gifts for an administrative professional. They increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Such options range from wireless chargers to noise-canceling headphones. Such gadgets improve the working environment.



man is holding a leather briefcase

Customized Leather Portfolio


A leather briefcase is a stylish gift for Administrative Professionals' Day. It will add sophistication to their workspace. But at the same time, it keeps important documents organized and protected. Personalization adds a thoughtful touch.




Personal Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day

This holiday implies a formal setting. But if it's a colleague you've worked with for a long time, why not give a personalized gift? Personalized gifts are a special way to celebrate the individuality of each team member. Such gifts show appreciation for unique personalities and interests. It promotes a sense of connection and camaraderie in the workplace. Choosing to give personalized gifts adds thoughtfulness to the celebration. It makes each member feel valued and cherished. 


A Sweet Gift for Secretary Day

A Sweet Gift for Secretary Day

Sweets, including chocolates, are always a traditional gift for any holiday or event, even for Administrative Professionals Day. You can give sweets as an independent gift or complement them with the main administrative gift. It is also worth noting that administrative workers often deal with nervous types of work and get a portion of stress, which chocolate will help them cope with. Do not limit yourself to the standard set of sweets in a box when choosing sweets for a gift. You can find original options for sweet secretary gifts in the form of a bouquet, the core, petals made of sweets, gingerbread houses, and much more.


A Set of Cosmetics for Self-Care

A Set of Cosmetics for Self-Care

It is a good gift option for both men and women for Secretaries’ day. Despite the fact that administrative work is a profession, one should not forget that its owner is an ordinary person who also likes to pay attention to himself and his body. And taking care of it with a lot of cosmetic products. If the administrative worker is a woman, give her a set of cosmetic products, including a shower gel, shampoo, body milk, scented soap, various gels and foams for washing, foam and bath bombs, and aromatic products. To avoid choosing each product separately, pay attention to the gift sets you can find on the shelves of beauty stores. As a rule, basic personal care products are successfully selected and combined into great gifts for the secretary. If you are looking for a gift for a man, you can also use this advice. Look out for men's gift sets containing shower gel, shaving foam and gel and more as admin day gifts.


books as a gift

The Book Sets as a Secretary Gift

If you want to please your colleague or acquaintance who works as an administrative worker, you should take a closer look at such a gift option as a set of books. Perhaps your friend was talking about his favorite movie or books that he read in electronic form. Then this is a good reason to give him a set of books as an administrative professionals day gift idea. If you don't know about your colleague's book preferences, try looking at contemporary bestsellers and think about what genre of work your friend might like. You can also ask the bookstore clerk about which books are the most popular books.


white mug with quote on the table

Mugs with Motivational Quotes

A mug with inspirational and motivational quotes written on it can be another one of the great admin day gift options. Administrative workers like to take a break during work to drink a cup of hot coffee and relax. At this point, a mug of motivational quotes can inspire and encourage an employee, even if he is tired or the work has been somewhat strenuous. A mug with motivational words can remind your colleague what he is working for and why it is important. You can either order such a mug online or buy it in a store. As well as order the original version of the mug, having thought over its design and the quote you would like to put on it.


Tickets to Virtual Shows as Admin Day Gift

Tickets to Virtual Shows as Admin Day Gift

Virtual shows are a popular craze these days. After the advent of national locks, many things began to be released only in an online format. So, everyone can now find for himself what he likes, from online classes to online shows.

So, for example, your colleague can attend a concert by famous artists such as BTS, who recently held a virtual concert. Each viewer had the opportunity to watch the concert while in their online rooms.

Therefore, we can say that virtual show tickets are one of the best gifts for administrative professionals day.


SPA Package

SPA Package

After tenuous work schedules, and long shifts, your staff can use a relaxing SPA day. Every employee experiences pressure, fatigue, and physical and mental burnout.

Therefore, SPA packages are always suitable for secretary day gift ideas. It is incredibly therapeutic. It calms and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. Try giving this and let us know how much your staff appreciated it.




Box of Artisanal Cookies

Box of Artisanal Cookies

Anything artesian is always unique, and a box of cookies is even more so! That's why it's a classy secretary day gift idea. Wrap the package of delicious artisan cookies for the secretary in a beautiful gift wrap. By doing so, you will express your gratitude to the staff. An additional specialized note will put the cherry on top.  




person is holding backpack

Individual Backpack

If your colleague loves a sporty clothing style and sticks to it, choose a bag for everyday wear. Sometimes, it is difficult to find good Administrative Professionals Day gift ideas. Take advantage of this opportunity and give him an original backpack. Contact the designers and discuss with them what color of the pack you want to receive. You can also ask to put a picture that your colleague would like and a motivational inscription. Your colleague will be very pleased and grateful to you for such an administrative gift.



a man plays the guitar

Course for an Instrument Learning Session

All people love music, and most people would like to learn how to play some musical instrument, at least their favorite song. To learn this, you can give your colleague or friend who works as a secretary a course for learning to play a musical instrument. It will be a fun, impressive, and rewarding pastime for them as a secretary gift.



Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

This is one of the popular and wonderful gifts for administrative professionals day. Choose a beautiful bouquet, such as roses, lilies, or hydrangeas, and wrap the bouquet in a festive wrap. For example, “Casablanca” in a classic white color. Such a gift can be an addition to another gift or an independent holiday gift.




Tips for Choosing the Admin Day Gifts

laptop, flowers and gift box on the table

If you've got it down to choosing the right gift, here are some essential tips that will help make your gift even more perfect. So before you buy a gift, Read our recommendations: 

  • Consider preferences and needs. Think about what will make their job easier or more enjoyable. Personalized gifts show care and appreciation.
  • Consider their hobbies or interests. It will make the gift more meaningful.
  • Practical gifts. These will enhance your colleague's workspace and will be greatly appreciated. Look for items that match their job duties or professional goals.
  • Quality matters. When choosing professional day gift ideas, think about well-made gifts that will last long.
  • When choosing edible gifts, don't forget about dietary restrictions or allergies.
  • Think about the overall message you want to convey with your gift choice.

Choose something that reflects your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and dedication.


How to Present Administrative Gifts?

giving a blue gift box

Giving administrative gifts can be a meaningful gesture. Consider a personalized note expressing your appreciation. It will be a nice and meaningful element for your colleague. Also, we recommend choosing a quiet moment to give the gifts. 

It is essential to personally deliver the gift into your hands. It will demonstrate care for your coworker. If you give a gift in a group, ensure the recipient feels recognized and appreciated. Consider having a small ceremony to commemorate the occasion. 

Maintain professionalism when expressing gratitude and praise. Give the recipient time to admire and appreciate the gift. Offer to help if the gift requires assembly or installation. Finish with a sincere thank you to emphasize your appreciation. Remember, the presentation is as important as the gift itself, so make it memorable for the recipient.


Bottom Line

Whether you choose professional or personal gifts, this gesture shows your appreciation. Professional gifts increase productivity and efficiency, while personal gifts add personality to each team member. And to make the holiday truly memorable, complement any gift with a beautiful bouquet from Rosaholics. Our selection of congratulations will leave no one indifferent.



Who should celebrate Administrative Professionals Day?

It can be observed by all people whose profession falls within this field. The purpose of the holiday is to honor secretaries' contributions and professional efforts in all areas of activity, promote the job, and pay tribute to administrative staff for their hard work.

Is Administrative Professionals Day the same as Secretaries Day?

"International Secretaries' Day" was renamed "Administrative Officers' Day" in 2000, but it is celebrated the same day as before. From then on, all office and administrative employees could rightfully join the celebration. However, nowadays, outside the USA, the date is more recognized as the old way, as "Secretary's Day.”

What is a good gift for Administrative Professionals Day?

A gift for Administrative Professionals Day could be practical yet thoughtful, like a personalized desk organizer or a professional development course.

Is it a good idea to give a Flowers Gift Card?

While a Flowers Gift Card can be appreciated, consider if the recipient enjoys flowers. It's a nice gesture if they do, but ensure it aligns with their preferences.

March 13, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik