If you want to celebrate happy Administrative Professionals Day, the best way try such ideas as: 

  • Take into account the wishes about admin assistant day;
  • Leave them early from work;
  • Create a nomination program to highlight employee of the year;
  • Conduct a quiz on the knowledge of your team.

The profession of an administrative worker is challenging, at least because it is monotonous. A person who has chosen this direction for his field of activity needs to concentrate on filling out paperwork, communicating with clients, organizing essential meetings, etc.

Administrative workers have their own professional holiday, on which you can congratulate them and give them by holding an interesting event and giving a gift.

In this article, we have selected five fascinating and exciting ways to congratulate your employees on the day of the administrative worker and several gift options you can give them.

What to Do for Administrative Professionals Day?

There are many ways to congratulate administrative workers on their professional holiday. You can host quizzes, have a tea party, book a table at a restaurant, or just let your team take a break.

We have prepared options for you on how you can congratulate your colleagues on their professional day. Let's take a closer look at this list.

1. Take into Account the Wishes about Admin Assistant Day

Take into Account the Wishes about Admin Assistant Day

To make the holiday as pleasant and fun as possible, it is best to ask the administrative worker show they would like to celebrate this day. You can search the Internet for a list of ideas, ask your colleagues, or come up with the ideas on your own. Then you can print them out and ask your employee who you want to congratulate on the best options from the list or ask him to rank them. 

Following your colleagues' wishes is the best way to celebrate happy them with Administrative Professionals Day. Maybe they would like to play billiards or spend time in a restaurant. It does not matter which way they choose to celebrate the holiday. The main task is to find a joint collective decision that will suit the majority of employees. So, the holiday will turn out to be fun and memorable.


2. Let Them Leave Early from Work

Let Them Leave Early from Work


Many companies that employ administrative workers give them a day off on their professional holiday. Ensure you have enough staff in your office when you release the administrative staff from their work. Additional hours of rest on the day of an administrative employee can be either a separate gift or part of your congratulations on them. The best decision will connect the first and second options for celebrating this day. 



3. Create a Nomination Program to Highlight an Employee of the Year

Create a Nomination Program to Highlight an Employee of the Year

If you're looking for the best way to have a fun admin assistant day, you can run an employee of the month or year and award the winner. During the awarding of points, you can allow colleagues to vote for each other. Add these points to the total and find the best professional in your team. 

So, you will not only have a fun day as an administrative worker but also identify the best professional in your team who will receive an award for their work success and recognition in the team.


4. Conduct a Quiz on the Knowledge of Your Team

Conduct a Quiz on the Knowledge of Your Team

This is another fun way to have a fun day of administrative staff. Come up with interesting questions that will relate to data about employees, and the one who answers correctly will be able to earn points and compete for any prize. If you want to choose this option for an admin assistant day, we can give several tips such as:

  • Combine this quiz with the previous one so that the colleague who gets the most points at the end of the quiz can get enough points for the employee of the year scores to qualify for the win.
  • Find questions for the quiz on the Internet, develop your own, and consult with colleagues on this matter. 
  • You can show the team photographs of employees in childhood and ask for the name of colleagues, as well as compose several other questions based on the biography of your employees.

It is not only an excellent and fun way to spend the day as administrative work but also an extraordinary opportunity to rally the team  at Administrative Day 2022.


5. Invite Your Team to Lunch

Invite Your Team to Lunch

How often do you spend time with your employees? Perhaps your colleagues typically have to overwork, forget dinner or skip lunch. It's a good idea to rally the team and get a little distraction from the worker's problem by inviting the team to lunch. You can book a table in a restaurant or even order food directly at the office. Set the table, turn on the music, and let your team rest and talk about life's events. It will be one of the best ideas for Administrative Professionals Day.

So, we have discussed excellent options for how you can celebrate this holiday with your colleagues who hold the position of the administrative worker. However, as congratulation to your employees, you can use gifts and awards. We will talk about this in the next section of our article.

What to Gift Your Colleagues on an Administrative Day 2022?

In addition to holding a fantastic event for your colleagues, you can also give them gifts.

There are a number of valuable and important things that will be useful to every person, including an administrative worker. We have prepared a list of gift options for your colleague on an admin assistant day. 

Coffee Cup with Motivational Quotes

Coffee Cup with Motivational Quotes

This is the first one of the ideas for secretary day that we would like to tell you about. During a break, administrative employees prefer to drink coffee to cheer up and continue working with renewed vigor. Order original mugs with fun prints and motivating quotes for your employees. So, even if the work turns out to be strenuous, your employees will be able to enjoy aromatic coffee and get distracted during the break, boosting motivation and extra energy.


Read our Brief Guide on Flowers at Work to Your Colleague to find more information about the gifts.


Make a Good Portfolio for Your Colleagues

Make a Good Portfolio for Your Colleagues

Some companies create outstanding portfolios for their colleagues as a gift. It is just a perfect answer to the question “What to do for Administrative Professionals Day” for an administrative employee. A personalized portfolio may contain such vital things as:

  • Words of gratitude;
  • Positive feedback about the employee;
  • List of his awards and achievements.

It will not only bring you closer to your co-workers, but it can also help them later on when looking for a new job.


Send Flowers for Your Colleagues with Rosaholics

Send Flowers for Your Colleagues with Rosaholics

Flowers are always a good gift for any occasion, especially for happy Administrative Professionals Day. Our flower shop offers you a large selection of flowers with which you can decorate your office for a holiday and give bouquets to your employees. One of the best variants is the colorful “Sunny Fresh” composition. Order bouquets and receive fresh flowers directly to your office.


Bottom Line

Administrative workers have their professional holiday, on which you can congratulate them by holding an exciting event and giving a gift with our secretary day ideas. It's really important to reward people for their work. You have to prepare a program, provide the women with beautiful flowers, and decorate the hall for Administrative Day 2022. Professionals from Rosaholics can help you with all this, and you will be sure to be satisfied with the quality of our services!


How do you thank an Administrative Professional?

Flowers and sweets are a standard set of gifts that are also customary to use in the office as a present for employees. Sweet gifts and candies can be an addition to the main gift or be a surprise accompanying your holiday party.

Why do we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day?

We celebrate admin assistant day because it's a significant job. Secretaries have a great responsibility, so they should be well rewarded.

Who should you recognize on Administrative Professionals Day?

Management assistants, office managers, administrators, human resources, and clerical workers are the target audience for this holiday. And in general, you can congratulate all people in the position of boss' helper.

How much should you spend on a secretary’s gift?

In general, the contribution for a gift should not exceed 5-10% of your salary. But here, much depends on the occasion, the recipient himself, and the attitude of those around him. The gift should not embarrass the person by its cost.

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June 16, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik