Sure, February 14th gets a lot of buzz — and BTW, if you still need gift ideas for your romantic partner, check out our special Valentine’s Day collection. But why should Cupid get all the love? After all, many of the things that we celebrate on Valentine’s Day — love, support, companionship, joy — are the same values that we appreciate in our favorite friendships and family relationships.
We've got recommendations on the best Valentine's Day flowers for parents, siblings, and friends. Share the love this year! Plus, with nationwide delivery with ultra-fresh flowers and easy online ordering, you've got no excuse!

Keep Friends + Family Close — Even if Separated By Miles!

When separated by distance, it can be tricky to maintain a close-knit bond, since regular communication is often impossible. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to remind those BFFs living far away that they’re still part of your innermost circle of friends.

Celebrate long-distance friendships this year by sending fresh flowers or a handwritten card to your besties. Sending a surprise straight to your friend’s doorstep can be a really beautiful gesture. Hint: Rosaholics makes this super easy by offering fun bouquets for friends in all sorts of colors, delivered nationwide! It’s such an easy way to show some love from afar.

Best Flowers for Friends: Sunny Fresh

With bright yellow blooms that look like sunshine, the Sunny Fresh bouquet is perfect for reflecting the happiness of friendship on Valentine's Day. Send these beautiful roses to your closest friends this year!

You can even send these flowers early, thanks to the 'official unofficial' holiday known as Galentine’s Day. Celebrated on February 13th (the day before Valentine's Day), Galentine's Day recognizes the unique beauty of female friendships.

Sending flowers to your friends can send a strong message: the sisterhood that stems from female friendships can play a beautiful, fun, and powerful role in every woman’s journey through the different stages of life. In short, this 'made-up' holiday is a pretty great excuse to treat your friends around Valentine's Day instead of putting all the focus on a significant other. Pretty cool!

In addition to friends, you'll also want to keep your close family members in mind on Valentine's Day 2023. It's best to find a bouquet that symbolizes long-lasting love and respect but doesn't feel too 'romantic' or 'passionate'. Here are our top picks for sending flowers to family.

Best Flowers for Parents: Breathless

The Breathless Bouquet offers a cheerful mix of fresh roses in peach, yellow, red and pastel tones — so pretty! While this arrangement is ideal for parents, it would also be perfect for sending to grandparents on Valentine's Day. It's a gorgeous choice that strikes the right balance of love, affection and admiration.

Also, you don't want to forget your siblings on Valentine's Day. These are among the most unique and precious relationships you can have in life, so you'll want to make sure they know you love them -- even if you don't always show it! 

Best Flowers for Siblings: Forever Roses

Forever Roses are unapologetically pink, so they're PERFECT for Valentine's Day. The light stripes along the petals add a wild effect that puts a spark in this bouquet, making it a great choice for sending to a brother, sister, or even a close cousin to show you care. 



Bonus: 5 Tips for Celebrating Valentine's Day 2022 with Roses

Let’s be honest: a fresh bouquet of roses is the kind of thing that can sweep you off your feet, whether it’s coming from a partner, a friend, or a family member. Take a look at these five tips for celebrating Valentine's Day 2023 with roses, and get ready to make your besties cry tears of joy!

  1. Pick Vibrant Colors - Red, white, and pink are pretty common colors for Valentine’s Day, so it’s best to pick alternative colors for friendship-focused gifts. Rosaholics has an amazing array of orange, yellow, purple, and tinted flowers. Fun varieties from the exotic collection are perfect for gifting to a bestie on Valentine's Day 2022. Try Blue Lagoon, Unicorn, or Purple Love!!
Blue Roses
  1. Assemble Your Own Bouquet - Tap into your creativity and assemble your own bouquet in honor of your friend! Pick a combo of your favorite color to go alongside hers for a symbolic arrangement that she’ll adore. 
  1. Set Up a Spa Day with Rose Petals - Get the girls together for a spa day at home! Let the tension fade away by celebrating Valentine’s Day 2023 in good company. Facials, scented candles, and loose rose petals scattered across the vanity can create the perfect atmosphere for friends to kick back and relax.
  1. Pack a Picnic and Be ‘Extra’ with Roses - If you're lucky enough to have nice weather, plan a luxury picnic for the girls. Of course, snacks and drinks are essential, but if you really want to make it special, jazz up the setting with a giant bouquet of fresh roses resting on the picnic blanket.
  1. Send Flowers to Friends at a Distance

     - For those whose favorite gal-pals are miles away, send fresh roses straight to their door to let them know how much you care. Rosaholics delivers nationwide, and you can even include a personalized note in your order, so it’s easy to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023 from a distance, too.

Browse all the gorgeous flowers that Rosaholics has available and celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023 in style!

July 20, 2023 — Aimee WF