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Blue Lagoon Bouquet | Classic Blue Rose

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Have you ever wanted to purchase a beautiful, stunning dozen blue roses? 

It may seem impossible since, despite blue being a standard color among other flowers, blue roses are not. Luckily at Rosaholics, found a way to bring blue roses into your home without any side effects or allergic complications.

Our exclusive blue roses are perfect as gifts or if you're looking for a colorful accent to a dull room. The vibrant color lights up any room with unparalleled beauty. They are fresh and organically grown from start to finish; they do not only light up the atmosphere with immense beauty but a sweetening fragrance as well which well up emotions of happiness and joy among people around. What is a public gathering without the perfect arrangement of blue roses to thrill the eyes and scintillate the nostrils?

Rosaholic’s artsy and exclusive blue roses are developed by our renowned Ecuadorian farm. These dazzling blue roses are affordable and available for delivery today! Our blue roses are available in cute (1 dozen), perfect (2 dozen), and abundant (4 dozen) sizes. Order now and get these blue roses delivered to your doorstep! You can purchase your exclusive classic blue roses bouquet today with a total of $106.00 including shipping fees. We provide you with a limited and unique supply of blue roses with high-quality service delivery and interactive sales process.

How to order blue roses delivery

At Rosaholics, it is our ultimate goal to not only grow the best roses in the world but also see them bring unbeatable smiles to the faces of our numerous clients. This desire is why we have carried out adequate research on the growth and care of roses, a practice which our family receives accolades for time and again. With help from our friends who are prominent rose farmers and renown in Ecuador, we can finally deliver the perfect blue roses to all of our clients from all over the world. 

You can buy our exclusive blue rose bouquet as a gift to your loved one or personal delivery. If it is a gift, write down your message to the recipient. While placing your order, you have to choose your preferred date of delivery and also choose between three available wrap types. We can make exclusive blue rose bouquet delivery from Ecuador to anywhere you want us to in the fastest time possible and without as much as a single dent or brush on the merchandise. 

All our roses are delivered in the best state, and they are the pride of our eyes. We will help you grow, dress, and package them properly for the perfect occasion and our work is never complete until a satisfactory reaction is observed on our clients, including you!

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