Only at Rosaholics, you can become a floral designer with the click of a button! While there are many masterpieces to choose from, creating your own bouquet is a great way to personalize the experience. You get the fun part (choosing the flowers); we do the dirty work (cutting, cleaning, prepping, packing)!

If you want to create something special, assemble your own bouquet by picking individual stems from our collection. This is a great way to put your own meaning into the bouquet and get the perfect balance of colors that you love.

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Otherwise, read on to learn insider advice on how to create a floral masterpiece that’s all your own.

Create Contrast with this Special Formula

Solid-color bouquets are gorgeous and sophisticated. But they’re also easy to get! Rosaholics has a whole rolodex of solid-color bouquets to shop any time of the year.

But the beauty of designing your own bouquet is that you can get creative and combine colors the way you want. If you feel like going crazy and adding colors at random – go for it! But if you want to create a custom bouquet that still looks professional, here’s a tip.

Balancing color is a good way to keep it classy. But even numbers can appear too forced and lose their spontaneity. Instead, use a contrasting color as an accent or highlight for the bouquet.

Accented color contrast can be created using a ratio of 3:1. Try pairing a bold color with a natural contrast, like blue and white. Stick to the ratio of 3:1, meaning 3 blue roses for every 1 white rose. Then, use the ratio to scale up until your bouquet is filled completely. For example, if you’re sending just a single dozen, your bouquet will have 9 blue roses and 3 white roses. If you’re sending 3 dozen, your bouquet will have 27 blue roses and 9 white roses.

The 3:1 ratio is an excellent guideline for success when you’re creating your very first bouquet. Not only will this 3:1 ratio create natural color balance, but it also adds up to a dozen quite easily! And we’re always looking for a way to keep the math simple.

Balance Exotic Blooms with Basic Beauties

Another strategy for creating a unique, custom bouquet is to use one rose variety as a grounding visual element. In other words, if you’ve got a bunch of bold blooms – think Rock in Rio, Savage, and Azure – in a single bouquet, you’ll want to include several basic varieties to help direct the eye to the exotic stunners.

For example, use natural roses (white, yellow, red or pink) as a base. Then add a few exotic blooms into the mix. This floral design strategy helps the exotic blooms stand out and draw attention without the bouquet looking too chaotic or disorganized.

Fillers Are Your Friend!

We love a clean and crisp bouquet of all roses – it’s chic! But if you’re going for a more dynamic style, then you’ll want to add fillers to your flower bouquet.

Hydrangea and baby breath are two classic stems that add a soothing touch of green or soft white to the arrangement. These fillers are dainty, delicate, and sweet – plus, they add awesome shape and energy to the bouquet.

Adding fillers is a good way to boost the volume of the bouquet, but fillers can also change the tone and appearance of the flower bouquet overall. Fillers tend to make roses look friendlier and dial up the fun – which means they’re great to include in bouquet gifts for a friend, parent, colleague, or non-romantic recipient.

Make it Meaningful with Special Color Combos

Love – Blush tones are perfect for romance and love. Try blending different shades of pink roses and red roses for a lovey-dovey look. Then, toss in a few cream or white roses for extra depth.

Friendship – Yellow flowers are great for symbolizing friendship. When you assemble your own bouquet, you get the choice of blending sunflowers and natural yellow roses exactly as you like. Why not mix it up and include both varieties in your custom friendship bouquet?

Adventure and Discovery – Blue roses and green roses symbolize journey, creativity, courage, and new experiences. These colors are perfect for creating a custom bouquet for a loved one leaving town, starting a new job, or making an important lifestyle change.

Get Well Soon – Stick to lighter colors for a get well soon bouquet, as dark colors can feel heavy on the eyes. Instead, explore pastels and cheery bright tones like yellow and peach.

Baby Shower & Gender Reveal – Pinks and blues are classic, but don’t be basic! Mix it up with various shades of blue or pink tones. And if you prefer a gender-neutral gift, light green, lavender, and yellow roses are a safe – and beautiful – choice.

Try Limited Edition Roses

Check out the Limited Edition Roses that are available when designing your custom bouquet! These varieties are crafted in house and inspired by various cities, sports teams, seasonal styles, and more. Because the Limited Edition Roses tend to be flashy, it’s best to pair them with a solid neutral color, and don’t forget the 3:1 rule!

How to Use the Online Bouquet Designer Tool

Using the online design portal is super easy! Use the dropdown menu to pick a variety, then specify how many stems of that type you want to add to the bouquet. (Pssst – one stem is the same as one bloom). You’ll notice that flowers are organized by category, which makes it super easy to find the varieties you’re looking for.

Basic Tips for Thoughtful Gifting

Sending a personalized bouquet as a gift? Be sure to use this checklist to make sure your present is prepared to impress!

  • Add a personalized note to send a warm & fuzzy feeling.
  • Include Luxury Wrap in your order so the roses arrive in style.
  • Pick colors and varieties that you think the recipient will love.
  • Order early! Since the flowers are always cut fresh, delivery can take a few days. Make sure to plan ahead.

Assemble Your Own Bouquet

June 19, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik
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