Fresh flowers add a touch of elegance to Christmas home decor. Spruce up your Christmas decor with fresh roses in stunning holiday hues.

Our Christmas decorating tips go way beyond basic red and green roses – though we do have beautiful options for those classic bouquets, too. With metallic gold roses, silver roses, evergreen sprigs, and snowy white bouquets, we’ve got fresh flowers for every style of holiday décor you can imagine.

The holiday season is upon us. And we adorn our homes with twinkling lights and festive décor. Blooms stand out as a timeless and elegant way to bring the Christmas spirit to life.

The beauty and colors of blooms can transform any space into a winter wonderland. Whether you're hosting a party, a family gathering, or simply want to add a touch of holiday cheer to your living space, these flower arrangement ideas for Сhristmas are designed to inspire and captivate.

We will go from traditional red and green hues to unique and creative designs. Our florist-approved suggestions will make your celebration bloom with joy.

Get in the holiday spirit! Take a look at our top picks for the holidays, as well as on-trend flower décor ideas for the dining table, mantle, entryway, and more.

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Flower Arrangement Ideas for Christmas

Christmas tree in the room

At Rosaholics, our dedicated florists are here to transform your celebration into a blooming wonderland. Whether you're seeking traditional elegance or a modern twist doesn't matter. Our curated selections ensure there's a design to suit every festive taste. We pride ourselves on offering personalized help. It ensures your holiday décor is as unique as your celebrations.

Let our florists guide you through the season with expert insights. And let's make your celebration truly unforgettable.

Flower Centerpieces for Christmas

The holiday season unfolds. And the magic of Christmas comes to life through the artistry of bloom arrangements.

In this block, we unveil innovative and fresh ideas. They can infuse your festive decor with the timeless beauty of blooms. We will go from classic bouquets to contemporary and unique designs. Our curated collection promises to inspire and elevate your celebrations.

Join us on a journey. There, tradition meets innovation. And it creates a floral tapestry that resonates with the joy of the holidays.

Perfect Christmas Bouquet: Eve

Soft red and green hues blend together on each rose of the Eve Bouquet, a fresh flower masterpiece that captures the spirit of the holidays and brings instant color harmony at any time of the year. A touch of white blends together in these beautiful rose petals for a swirl of soothing color.

Made up of all real roses, the Eve Rose Bouquet is a great gift to send for the holidays, or to buy for yourself and enjoy at home anytime.

Create a magical ambiance with this flower centerpiece for Сhristmas. This classic arrangement captures the essence of the season, exuding warmth and elegance. Perfect for adorning your dining table or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.


Jolly, Jolly Juniper Roses

christmas bouquet - juniper-roses

For those who flock to fun Christmas decorations, the Juniper Bouquet will blow you away. Flashing red and green petals splashed with white party paint, Juniper roses are a dazzling vision of holiday magic. Great for holiday parties with friends or for sending to family members who love the Christmas season.

Because these roses are so eye-catching, we recommend placing them in a simple white vase or clear glass vase to let the roses steal the spotlight. Another idea is to jazz up plain red poinsettia plants by tucking in a few flashy Juniper roses. This is a great way to add extra color and character to basic red poinsettia plants.

Infuse a sense of playfulness into décor with this flower centerpiece for Сhristmas. This lively combination brings a festive and cheerful vibe to any room. Place them in a festive vase or use them as a striking centerpiece for your holiday celebrations.


Blue and White Roses for Hannukah

Blue and White Rose bouquet

With a mesmerizing swirl of blue and white on each rose, the Blue Bay Bouquet is a beautiful choice for families celebrating Hannukah. Set this fresh flower bouquet anywhere in the home - it looks great in a simple vase set atop a crisp white tablecloth!

With this flower centerpiece for Сhristmas, you can celebrate the Festival of Lights. This stunning arrangement of blue and white roses symbolizes the colors of Hanukkah. And it adds a touch of grace to your holiday décor.


Symbol of Peace: Pure White Roses

Christmas Pure White Roses - Casablanca bouquet

An all-white palette is a popular choice for the winter holidays, as it symbolizes peace and purity. A simple evergreen tree with white lights can be beautified by adding fresh white flowers into the mix!

The Casablanca Bouquet is perfect for an authentic farmhouse décor palette or elegant all-white dinner table decor. Tuck these fresh white roses into lush green garland hung above the mantle or into the Christmas tree itself. The pop of white creates soothing color contrast with fresh greenery, capturing the calm and serenity of this winter decor style.


Holiday Blessings: Silver and Gold Roses

christmas roses - golden frost rose bouquet


Add elegance to holiday décor with the shimmering gold flowers in the Golden Frost Rose Bouquet. Tuck these flashy metallic blooms in a white vase for a major statement piece. Elevate décor with this flower arrangement idea for Сhristmas!

Silver and gold Christmas decorations capture the magic and significance of the holiday season. If silver and/or gold is your style, you can dress up your holiday decorations with roses that reflect the same sentiment. Plus, these flashy bouquets are perfect for transitioning right into New Year’s celebrations.


Merry Grinchmas

green roses - naughty or nice bouquet

Lean into the Grinch vibe with all-green holiday décor. Two different holiday bouquets nail this trend perfectly. 

And if you want something a little more elegant, the Naughty or Nice Bouquet offers a fantastic blend of green and white colors in a swirl pattern on each rose. Absolutely gorgeous, this bouquet is an awesome sight to see.


Classic Christmas Style

Marshmallow Rose Bouquet


Sometimes a classic take can bring all the feels. Red, white and green are the go-to colors for Christmas, and the Marshmallow Bouquet reflects that familiar charm.

Fresh white roses are tucked between sprigs of green and red for a classic color combo that will look great in any home. This is the ultimate holiday bouquet, so show it off at the focal point of any room – entryway table, mantle, dining room centerpiece, etc. For the timeless beauty of traditional colors, the classic flower arrangement idea for Сhristmas is perfect.


Creative Flower Décor Ideas for Christmas

Christmas tree

Bouquets are beautiful on their own – there’s no question about that. But decorating for Christmas is all about feeling festive and putting your own spin on the setting. Don’t be afraid to get creative to take your Christmas decorating up a notch! This means having the guts to take apart a fresh bouquet and get crafty.

Not sure what to do when it comes to decorating for the holidays with fresh flowers? 

Here are a few Christmas flower decoration ideas:
  • Add fresh flowers to the Christmas tree. Whether you use a fresh tree or a fake one, you can always add an element of beauty by tucking fresh roses into the Christmas tree. Choose a contrasting color, like white, pink or light red, so that the roses are noticeable against the green branches. Then, trim the stems shorter, leaving about 3-4 inches of stem beneath the flower head. This gives you just enough length to secure the stem to the branches of the Christmas tree with a ribbon or twine.
  • Make your own Christmas wreath or Advent Wreath. You can never have enough wreaths around this time of year. Making your own wreath with fresh flowers lets you pick the precise colors you want.
  • Double the impact with mirrors. This trend is all about creating dimension and ambiance by lining up mirrors of different sizes along a shelf, mantle, or dresser. Then, place your roses along with candles and other small Christmas trinkets on the shelf. With mirrors in the background, you can get wonderful illumination and a 360-degree view. The key to making this décor trend look elegant is to keep the mirrors matching. All frames should be the same color – we recommend gold, as it goes really well with other Christmas décor.
  • Tuck a single rose in each stocking on Christmas morning. What a gift! Putting a single rose into each stocking is a wonderful way to spread the love and make sure everyone in the family feels special on Christmas morning. If you want to pick a different color for each family member, you can always Assemble Your Own Bouquet, so that everyone gets a unique rose variety in their stocking.
  • Welcome visiting family members by leaving a special holiday bouquet in the guest room. Lots of people have family in town during the holidays. If someone is staying in your guest room, make them feel extra special by leaving a holiday bouquet in their room or on the bedside table. Include a note so they know that the bouquet is just for them. Putting a fresh bouquet in the guest room is a classy touch that will make visiting family feel fully welcome.



This festivity, let the beauty of blooms transform home into a festive wonderland. From traditional bouquets to creative décor ideas, there's a floral arrangement for every taste and style. Whether you choose Christmas flowers or opt for more modern decoration ideas, doesn't matter. The joy and warmth of the season will blossom throughout your home.

Don't hesitate to explore these ideas. And make this celebration truly special with the help of our expert florists. For personalized help, visit our florist at Rosaholics Customer Service Hub.

From all of us at Rosaholics, Happy Holidays!

There are so many ways to make fresh flowers part of your Christmas décor. We can’t wait to see what you do with your roses this holiday season! Tag us @rosaholics on Instagram to share your Christmas decorating ideas with flowers.


What are the best flowers to use for Christmas arrangements?

For Christmas arrangement, opt for classic choices. They're red and white roses, poinsettias, holly, and evergreen branches. Don't hesitate to get creative with unique blooms that match your holiday theme. The beauty of floral arrangements lies in their versatility.

How can I make my flower arrangements last longer during the Christmas season?

Change the water regularly. Trim the stems at an angle and keep them in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Using flower food can also provide essential nutrients. They extend the life of your arrangements.

How can I incorporate lights into my Christmas flower arrangements?

Incorporate lights into your flower arrangements. Consider weaving fairy lights or LED string lights through the flowers. Or place them in transparent vases. This not only illuminates your floral display. But it also creates a warm and inviting ambiance for your holiday celebrations.

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