One of the main holidays for husband and wife remains the birthday of their family. Traditions in many countries worldwide call for celebrating anniversaries only a few times. Besides gold and diamond weddings, we have a dozen other occasions to congratulate each other. After all, you have courageously walked with each other through all the sorrows and joys. A wedding anniversary is a great excuse to remember their wedding vows. And you and your spouse can relive feelings that may have cooled somewhat. But the choice of a gift can be a headache: you do not want to present a too practical or too sentimental gift for the anniversary for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, if you are thinking about what to give to your beloved for the wedding year, our top 22 gift ideas are for you.

Choosing a gift for the dating anniversary gift ideas of loved ones is not easy. To help you with this task, check out our wedding anniversary gift ideas.


Amorous Gift for Girlfriend for Anniversary

You want to please your beloved on her wedding anniversary with a special romantic gift. It should be something you can't buy in any store. So it will cause a storm of joy and convey the depth of your love for your girlfriend. It's not an easy task! Especially if the budget is limited. But remember that one of the best presents is an arrangement of her favorite flowers. If you suddenly do not know about them, you can buy roses. It is universal and a great option. Colors of flower dating anniversary gift ideas can vary depending on the preferences. But pink and red roses are the best choice. Also, you may bring your beloved girlfriend's e-book or day in SPA. Different sports and outdoor activities can become a win-win option.

We can help you solve such problems with presents in no time. So continue reading to learn about all good anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.


Bouquet of Flowers

1. A Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are a classic and romantic gift for your girlfriend on your anniversary. You can choose her favorite flowers or a mix of flowers. So it will create a beautiful and meaningful arrangement. If you're unsure what type of flowers she likes, you can ask her friends or family members for suggestions. Roses are always popular for romantic occasions. But other options can be just as lovely like:

  • lilies;
  • orchids;
  • daisies. 

Consider adding a personalized note or card to the bouquet to make it even more special.



2. Jewelry

It is a timeless and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend for anniversary. You can choose from various options, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches. Consider her style and preferences when choosing jewelry. So she will love and cherish it. You can also opt for custom-made or engraved jewelry to add a personal touch. Some popular jewelry options for anniversaries include:

  • birthstone jewelry;
  • heart-shaped pendants or lockets;
  • infinity symbol jewelry;
  • jewelry with a special message or quote engraved. 

Whatever you choose, a piece of jewelry is a special way to show your girlfriend how much you love her.



3. Underwear 

Oddly enough, this savory surprise for a girl for the anniversary is a great success. Let famous clothing brands serve as your reference point. Also, try to choose the right size. If you have not given such a gift yet, prove yourself, because who does not risk?



kissing couple

4. “Love Story” Photoshoot

In the list of good anniversary gifts for a girlfriend must be a joint photo shoot. You know how girls feel about this matter. Use a gift certificate. So together, you can choose the:

  • right day;
  • requisite;
  • location.

So you will make your other half a little bit happier.


Scratch Map of the World

5. Scratch Map of the World

Its main difference from the usual wall map is the presence of an erasable layer. So you can mark the countries that you have already visited together. This gift will decorate the interior. Also, it will be a wonderful reminder of your travels together.




6. Smartphone

This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend. Most often, it is an iPhone of the latest model. This is an expensive and status gift. But not all women dream about Apple products. Thus, knowing exactly what she wants is desirable before buying such an expensive gift.



Chocolate Covered Strawberries

7. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If your beloved adores sweets, prepare for her an amazing dessert with your own hands. It can be chocolate-covered strawberries. The preparation of this delicious treat is very simple. You must arm yourself with the necessary ingredients and follow the instructions. You can also complement such a sweet anniversary date gift with a bouquet of her favorite roses.


Baking Molds

8. Baking Molds

You can encourage your spouse to make cakes together. After all, we know from movies how romantic this process is! A timely gift - a baking mold - can help. Choose metal, ceramic or silicone molds - they are easiest to use at home. You can also buy a ready-made set of products for her favorite cake right away. 



Digital Photo Frame

9. Digital Photo Frame

Before giving the gift to your girlfriend for the anniversary, upload your photos to your device or memory card. The ideal option would be photos from the wedding. So, it will be nice to review them on the anniversary of the significant event. And after that, you can replace them, for example, with shots from a trip.



A Set of Wine or Champagne Glasses

10. A Set of Wine or Champagne Glasses

The gift will be a great decoration for the festive table. For each drink, there are models of a certain:

  • shape;
  • height;
  • thickness of the glass.

So it will affect the taste of the drink. An elongated glass with an elongated shape and a thin, graceful stem is used for champagne. A large volume and a rounded bowl distinguish wine glasses. So, beautiful glasses are good anniversary gifts for a girlfriend.



11. Cosmetics 

Cosmetics will finish our list of anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend. Especially if you know what types of products she likes to use. When choosing cosmetics, it's important to opt for high-quality products. So they will be safe and effective. Look for trusted brands that use good components. These brands have a reputation for producing quality products. When selecting cosmetics, consider the girl's skin tone, skin type, and personal style. You can add the gift by choosing products with her favorite scents or shades.


Good Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Even the toughest of men enjoy, like children, when they receive a gift from their wives. Sentimental gifts give men emotions. And photo and video memories of the years lived together can breathe new feelings.

  • tools;
  • gadgets, etc.


Active and inquisitive husband will like trips, puzzles, and sports equipment. If the man has an interesting hobby or passion, it is easier to choose an anniversary date gift

  • For a fisherman, give fishing tackle;
  • For a driver - car accessories;
  • For a traveler - travel accessories.

Want to surprise your loved one but don't know what to give your husband for his wedding anniversary? Then read our dating anniversary gift ideas below.


Classic Wristwatches

1. Classic Wristwatches

Despite the popularity of smart devices, such models are still relevant. Fans of classics wear them every day. And someone uses them to complement their business image. In any case, a good wristwatch will be a worthy gift for a man. You can look out for global brands. But, if they are not affordable, buy something from the mid-segment.


Electric Fireplace

2. Electric Fireplace

Burning by the fire, looking at the flames, and listening to the soothing crackle of logs is very pleasant. You can also do it in an ordinary apartment building without a chimney. An electric fireplace - a gift, unusual in every sense - can help. You can choose a table or floor model, depending on the budget.



Massage Device

3. Massage Device

Massage is a good gift for an anniversary for a boyfriend. He can use it for relaxation and to keep himself toned. Moreover, regular massage procedures are effective for the prevention of various diseases. It is best to choose a model based on the person's occupation. For example, the one who spends a lot of time at the computer will enjoy the neck and shoulder girdle massage. But the massager for the feet will come in handy for those whose work is literally on their feet.


Coffee Machine

4. Coffee Machine

This is an ideal anniversary date gift for a man who is partial to coffee. Your man may be very pleased with this gift. A coffee maker or machine is suitable for making ground coffee. Some devices have a built-in grinder. A capsule machine only works with coffee from capsules. This machine is cheaper, but capsules can cost a lot of money with regular use.


Terry Robe with Embroidery

5. Terry Robe with Embroidery

Coming home after a hard day's work, your spouse can relax and unwind, wrapped in a comfortable terry robe. You can personalize the gift with an embroidered monogram with your husband's initials. And by ordering a set of two robes - for yourself and your loved one - you get a cosy home family look.



Cooling Stones for Drinks

6. Cooling Stones for Drinks

Connoisseurs of the rich taste of drinks use stones for cooling. So, consider these stones as good anniversary gifts for your boyfriend. They hold the temperature perfectly, do not absorb odors and do not dilute like ice. Stones should be placed in the freezer for at least one hour before use and then washed with a normal detergent.


Flask in Leather Case

7. Flask in Leather Case

The flask's contents will keep you warm on a chilly day. Flasks come in the following types: 

  • compact pocket with an additional soft case, which is located on the belt;
  • steel with a screw cap. 

Such a surprise is perfect for fans of hunting and fishing. You can also accentuate the flask case. Have his initials embossed on the leather, or order the item from his favorite brand.


Car Seat Covers

8. Car Seat Covers

This is probably the most versatile gift for an anniversary for a boyfriend. After all, every driver needs to keep the interior clean and tidy. The most popular materials for covers and capes are:

  • velvet;
  • velour;
  • jacquard;
  • eco-leather;
  • imitation suede. 

You can also choose contrasting colors. This will help to create an individual image in the car. Be sure your man will appreciate it.


Leather Belt

9. Leather Belt

A good belt will emphasize a man's status, and will judge his style and impeccable taste. Choose classic leather models to match the color of your shoes. Avoid unnecessary details and ornaments on the belt plaques. It is easy to miscalculate with them and not get into the giftee's preferences.



Barbecue Grill

10. Barbecue Grill 

For lovers of kebabs and trips to the countryside, choose a quality barbecue grill. It will be a good anniversary date gift. The latter is convenient to take on outings, and the grill - to install at the cottage or on your property. Quality models will last more than one year and will please their owner for a long time.



11. Pen

And the last but not least of dating anniversary gift ideas is a pen. A customized pen can be a thoughtful and practical gift for a man. Especially if he is someone who appreciates well-crafted writing instruments. Choose a well-made pen with durable construction and a smooth writing experience. Look for high-quality materials like metal or wood, and consider the ink refill quality.


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What color roses do you get for your anniversary?

Pink roses can be perfect anniversary flower choices for both newlyweds and older couples.

What wedding anniversaries are special?

This is probably the most well-known as the silver anniversary. It's the 25th anniversary and the most appreciated one.

Is the anniversary the day you start dating?

People often celebrate the day that they had their first date with someone if they aren't married or engaged, but the official celebration is when you are married.

How can I surprise my partner?

You can read our article, search for some information on the internet or ask friends about it.