Do you want to make flowers the centerpiece of your wedding? May is the most suitable month for this. There are plenty of beautiful flowers in bloom during this time of year. Among popular flowers in May for weddings are:

  • Roses;
  • Peonies;
  • Ranunculus;
  • Lilacs;
  • Tulips.

Whether you are looking for a fragrant bouquet or a colorful arrangement, there's sure to be a flower that fits your style and taste. Because the most significant number of flowers bloom in May, and their assortment is vast. It is why sometimes deciding on bouquets and flower decorations for a wedding is challenging. After all, when choosing them, you need to consider the lifespan of flowers, their color, and their combination with other decorations. To make it easier to decide, you need to familiarize yourself with each flower separately. So you will understand which option is fitter for your wedding theme. Keep a list of popular flowers for spring weddings:


1. Roses


May is the beginning of the peak season for roses. It means they are readily available in various colors and types. It makes it easier for brides to find the best flowers for May wedding.

Roses have long been associated with weddings and used in celebrations for centuries. So choosing these flowers in May for a wedding can be a nod to this long-standing tradition. More often, roses have an association with love and romance. It makes them a symbolic and significant choice for weddings.

As for their use, you can experiment with them in any number of variations. After all, roses are versatile in red, pink, white, and many other colors. You can use them in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and more. This opportunity allows you to create a romantic and tender atmosphere for a May wedding.


2. Orchids


    Orchids can bloom all year round. But in May, their exotic beauty stands out from other flowers. Thus, in this period of spring, they are in great demand for May wedding bouquets.

    Orchids come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It makes them a versatile choice that can fit into many different wedding color schemes. The specialty of orchids is their unique and exotic beauty. It can add an element of glamor and sophistication to any wedding decor. 

    Besides all this, these May flowers in season have another great advantage. They have a long vase life. It means they can last from several days to weeks after being cut. So, making wedding arrangements and centerpieces with orchids is an excellent solution to keep the wedding atmosphere fresh for the whole festive day.


    3. Peonies

    peonies may wedding bouquet

      Peony is one of the most popular flowers for spring weddings. It is delicate and very fragrant. Even one such flower is enough to make all others look monotonous. Peony is always the center and main accent of any wedding bouquet. So, there are many options for May wedding bouquets with peonies. 

      You can create a mono bouquet or combine them with other flowers. In May, the peony has a particularly attractive appearance. After all, at this time, it has the peak of flowering and varies from purple to deep pink colors. Thus, you can create a glamorous atmosphere at the wedding even without extra flowers. 

      Combining a couple of shades of peonies is enough, and your lovely wedding bouquet is ready. The main thing is to choose early varieties that are so popular in May. Then they will be more stable and with lusher buds.


      4. Ranunculus


        It is one of the few flowers for a spring wedding with a unique charm. Blooming ranunculus is always stylish. It is a popular wedding flower that comes in a variety of colors. It includes white, pink, red, orange, yellow, and purple. So you have plenty of options to choose from.

        One of the most significant advantages of ranunculus is its variety in sizes. They can be from tiny buds to large blooms. So, by making a ranunculus May wedding bouquet, you can create a dynamic composition.

        To give a particular specificity to the bouquet, combine ranunculus with other blooms. It looks great with roses, peonies, and dahlias. Also, add some greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, for depth. You will make the wedding atmosphere chic with the right approach to creating a bouquet. 


        5. Gardenia


          Gardenias are often associated with May flowers in season. Because they typically bloom during the late spring and early summer months. They are highly fragrant and have sheer beauty. Precisely this makes them a popular choice for weddings.

          But gardenias are a bit delicate and can be challenging to work with. They have a relatively short vase life. So you should cut them as close to the wedding date as possible. If you wish, you can entrust this matter to florists. 

          Generally, if you are willing to splurge a bit, they can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your wedding decor. Delicate light shades of these flowers in May can become an unreal addition to the bride for a wedding.


          6. Sweet Peas

          Sweet Peas

            If you are considering using sweet peas for your wedding, there are many reasons why they can be a great choice. These flowers for spring weddings have a gorgeous appearance and loveliness.

            Sweet peas are relatively affordable compared to some other May flowers in season. So they can be a budget-friendly option for brides who want attractive blooms without breaking the bank. You can use them for centerpieces, decor, or a wedding dress. Their sweet fragrance adds a lovely touch to any wedding space. 

            You can use them even without additional colors in the combination. They look great on their own. The main thing is to choose the right color for the wedding theme. 


            Order a Bridal Bouquet of Flowers with Rosaholics

            Rosaholics is a flower shop specializing in high-quality and unique floral arrangements. And wedding bouquets are no exception. We offer a variety of bridal bouquet designs, including classic and modern styles. So, you can choose an option that best fits their personal preferences and wedding theme. Besides, we have a lot of flower shades. It especially applies to roses. We specialize in their cultivation and have a large assortment of them. So, you will get a chic May flower bouquet by combining roses with other blooms:

            • You only need to visit our website and choose the composition you like. 
            • If you wish, you can assemble a floral composition on your own
            • Provide details such as the wedding date, time, location, and delivery instructions. 
            • And we will deliver you the best flowers for your May wedding.

            As you can see, ordering a bridal bouquet with Rosaholics is a simple process. You only need to choose the desired sort and shade of roses. After that, we will prepare everything for you as best as possible. But if you can't settle on a specific flower option, we have prepared a list of the most popular May wedding bouquets:


            Say Yes bouquet

            1. Say Yes

              This option is exceptionally suitable for wedding themes. It even applies to the name of the bouquet itself. The gentle pink shade of roses creates a charm of tenderness and lightness. The variant of such flowers perfectly harmonizes with the bride's wedding dress. Also, this bouquet can serve as a decoration to complement the atmosphere of the wedding hall. After all, you can combine this classic shade with everything around.



              Lover bouquet

              2. Lover

                A wedding can not exist without red roses. Although red is a classic color, its bouquet variation makes it incredibly unique. It is especially true of this May wedding bouquet. Its rich red petals create fiery and stormy emotions. And the green leaves that appear in the middle of the buds give uniqueness and brightness to this composition. By selecting such a bouquet, you can fill the hearts of the bride and groom and all the guests.



                Cheshyre bouquet

                3. Cheshyre

                  Roses are the star of any wedding when it comes to rose-pink flower compositions. A delicate combination of light pink colors creates a sense of romance. Thus, this variant can become the central decoration of your wedding aesthetic. Besides, these kinds of flowers in May for a wedding convey dedication. It is exactly what brides need on this important day. 



                  Casablanca bouquet

                  4. Casablanca

                    The central flowers in this bouquet would be creamy roses. These roses can vary in shade from soft ivory to a pale blush. So, it creates a romantic and elegant look for your marriage. It can be both an addition to the festive table and the main bouquet for the bride. Gentle classic color will match any outfit and wedding theme.



                    A Few Words from Rosaholics

                    There are a lot of options for flowers in May for weddings. Because this is the month of intensive flowering of the most diverse flowers. It especially refers to roses that bloom in May in all types and varieties. To create a glorious atmosphere from them, contact Rosaholics. Working with a florist, you can select the perfect floral arrangement more easily. Besides, we will help you choose the right petal shades to make a specific style for your wedding. 



                    What is the most popular flower in May?

                    Rose is the most popular flower in May because it's a symbol of love and dedication.

                    What flowers are best for a May wedding?

                    The best flowers for a May wedding include such options: roses; peonies; ranunculus.

                    What are simple spring flowers for a wedding?

                    Among such flowers can be sweet peas which are simple but attractive at the same time. Also, it can be tulips and peonies.

                    What is the best flower for a bride?
                    March 26, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik