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The red rose is associated with love and passion, while pink flowers symbolize thanks and respect. Appreciation is the essence of peach flowers, while yellow roses are associated with kindness and pleasure. White roses are associated with innocence and elegance, while tangerine roses are stick to vigor and zeal. Violet flowers tell about amazement and love at first sight, while the dark rose can represent fresh beginnings and courage.

Looking for Special Occasion Roses

Rosaholics offers a wide variety of roses to the occasion: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Only real, fresh flowers from our genuine rose farm are sold. Our flowers are always real and never artificial. To generate eye-catching displays and unusual hues, we rely on artistic approaches.

Our award-winning farm blends stunning horticulture with eco-friendly conservation activities for the public in lush terrain, where the greatest roses flourish owing to the availability of natural sunshine and high elevations.

Only weekday shipments are made. When you see the luxury blooms and premium grade freshness that comes as a result of your roses being carefully collected and prepared on the farm for your receiver, being a little flexible on the delivery date is well worth it. 

After we have delivered your order, we will provide you with a tracking number. You may monitor your shipment by clicking the link and pasting the code.

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Do roses like the sun or the shade?

Direct sunshine is ideal for roses. A minimum of four hours of direct sunshine is suggested for optimal results.

How frequently should a rose bouquet be watered?

Every 2-3 days, completely change the water. To prevent the flowers from drying out and wilting, keep the vase filled.

Are the roses naturally colored?

To obtain a wide spectrum of hues, our floriculture professionals employ several artisanal techniques. Various dyes, paints, and stains, as well as natural crossbreeding processes, are among them.

When should I place my order?

Our flowers are cut fresh when you purchase them, ensuring that they arrive at their peak of freshness. On most purchases, we provide delivery in 3-4 days. Only Preserved Roses can be delivered the next day.