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VIP Clients

Set up a regular delivery schedule to keep your space blooming with roses just like our VIP clients Swan (Miami), Casa Tua (Aspen), and Justine (New Orleans) among others do on a regular basis.

Flower Subscription

Step into the realm of eternal bloom with our flower subscription service! Our exceptional floral compositions enhance your surroundings and bring a burst of radiance each month. Are you looking for a unique expression of love for someone special? Capture their hearts forever with a monthly membership to our delivery! A fresh and wonderful surprise will be waiting for them each four weeks with lots of colors and varieties of roses!

Flower Subscription: Brighten Your Life Every Month

Immerse yourself in the eternal celebration of the сharm of nature with the help of our service. This membership is designed to brighten up your life. It promises a monthly symphony of colors and aromas that will transform your surroundings. Our commitment is simple yet profound: to improve your life each four weeks. Imagine the joy of receiving a carefully selected bouquet, a radiant surprise, at your doorstep. Our monthly flower subscription is a constant source of pleasure. Each month brings a unique masterpiece, hand-crafted by our experienced florists. From subtle shades of spring to bold and bright tones of summer. Each season unfolds in the form of a stunning blossom arrangement. Why settle for fleeting moments of beauty when you can enjoy an endless cycle of freshness? Our membership is more than just a service. This is a journey into a world where flowers become constant companions. A diverse selection of blossoms ensures that every distribution will be a unique experience. Subscribe to us and let the rhythm of nature's elegance decorate your life each month.

Why Choose a Monthly Flower Subscription?

Our monthly flower delivery allows you to get between 2 or 3 dozen and recurrently receive roses. It gives the feeling that magic is constantly changing. Say goodbye to the fleeting nature of fresh blossoms. Enjoy a constant supply of beauty that never fades. Anticipation meets pleasure as you unfold a unique flower arrangement each month. Our experienced florists create designs to suit every season. This approach will provide you with an eternal surprise. Enjoy the luxury of premium flora without the premium price. Our membership service offers an affordable cost without compromising on quality. Get rid of the hassle associated with frequent trips to the florist. Let us take care of the details while you enjoy the сharm of regular blossom deliveries.

Rosaholics Monthly Rose Subscription: Elegance Delivered

Enjoy the epitome of sophistication with our Rosaholics monthly rose subscription. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of roses delivered to your doorstep each four weeks. Enjoy the charm of these symbolic blooms that embody love, passion, and elegance. Why roses?

  • Symbolic meaning. Roses are superior to simple flowers; they embody emotions. Be it romance, friendship, or admiration, these blooms express it all.
  • Incomparable elegance. Nothing compares to the regal beauty of a dozen roses. Elevate your space with the sophistication of these timeless flowers.
  • Long-lasting love. Our roses are carefully selected for longevity. They provide lasting сharm that captivates for many days.
Rosaholics offers fast distribution of fresh blooms. We have a large selection of the best bouquets for you. Our florists make sure that you receive only the best flowers each month. Try the best floral distribution from 2 Dozen Roses!

Flowers Delivery Subscription Options

Choose your floral symphony with Rosaholics. We offer the best monthly delivery of 2 dozen roses bouquets.

  • Receive a stunning bouquet of different blossoms every four weeks.
  • The membership is ideal for those who appreciate a variety of flowers.
  • Enjoy the unchanging beauty of a dozen roses each month.
  • It is an ideal option for those who crave the romance and elegance of roses.
  • Double the pleasure with two dozen roses or different blossoms every four weeks. Great for those who want an extravagant floral experience.
Subscription privileges:
  • Flexible plans. Choose between 2 or 3 dozen roses according to your preferences.
  • Fast delivery. Enjoy the convenience of quick and on-time distribution to your door.
  • Setup options. Customize your membership according to your preferred color schemes and blossom types.
Subscribe now and let the сharm of flowers decorate your life each four weeks. Join the blossom revolution and transform your space. Experience timeless elegance with our Flower Subscription service.