The Mystery and Magnetism of Blue Roses

Have you ever seen blue roses? They've been a subject of legends, poems, novels, movies and even scientific research for many years. Though they are still considered exceptionally rare, some flower shops are beginning to seek high and low for blue roses, since they tend to impress and mystify customers with their unique color tone.

Like all novelty roses, blue roses can take some getting used to, meaning some people tend to fall in love with them immediately, while others are thrown off by this unusual gift and maintain a preference for traditional colors. You may be thinking — wait, do blue roses really exist and what is their meaning? Take a look, you may be surprised!

Rosaholics offers a variety of blue roses and assorted bouquets with various blue tones. You can choose from the darkest shades of navy blue to the lightest baby blue hues, depending on whether you prefer deep colors or delicate tones. For those who want something special and unusual, we have flowers with mixed tints, too! You can also create a bouquet yourself, picking the tones you like and combining them with other colors. Assembling your own bouquet is a great way to make your gift unique and unforgettable!

The History of Blue Roses

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Because the idea of blue roses in the wild captures an elusive feeling, the history of blue roses is mostly associated with depictions in art and culture. Most references to the blue rose are found in stories, plays, music, and artwork. In many of these, there is some element of mystery, magic, deception or discovery, which is right in line with what blue roses symbolize today.

Some of the most popular references to blue roses include Tennessee Williams' play The Glass Menagerie, which is a classic stage production, and Joni Mitchell's song "Roses Blue" from one of her earliest albums. Unlike other more common flowers, there is not a single history or background for blue roses. Rather, blue roses appear throughout art and literature in different ways with different meanings.

What Blue Roses Symbolize

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Since these flowers do not exist in nature, they create a sense of mystery, ambiguity and secrecy. They also reflect the wish to achieve something impossible, symbolizing big dreams. There are a lot of wild roses growing in the world, but none are naturally blue. People have tried to find them or create them artificially, but because of the absence of a necessary gene, blue roses remain super rare. That’s why these flowers have become a symbol of dreaming big and aiming for the stars. 

When it comes to emotions and relationships, blue roses are often used to symbolize hope, and they sometimes are used in situations where love is still secret, impossible or unfulfilled. A lighter tint, like baby blue, may be a sign of falling in love at first sight. Since this color represents peace and reliability, blue roses can also express the wish to build stability in a relationship based on trust and commitment.

Traditionally, it was thought that people of royal families had blue blood. That’s why flowers of this color are associated with kings and queens, majesty, and regal magnificence in some cultures. In the modern era, sending blue roses to a partner can show them that you think they're royalty!

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Another meaning behind blue roses is the start of a new beginning. To get such a bold shade requires extra effort and determination, so these flowers express the excitement people have when starting an adventure. For some, receiving blue roses can give hope for a chance to make dreams come true. Above all, blue roses retain a sense of mystery and imagination, making them an exciting flower to receive and display.  


When to Present Blue Roses as a Gift

"Extraordinary" is an understatement when it comes to describing blue roses, and that’s why they are often used to impress or surprise someone. There is no single special occasion for them, so blue roses are a great choice for almost any celebration or just as a gesture of courtesy. They will especially be appreciated by those with creative flair. 

Giving brightly tinted blue flowers to a woman means wishing her dreams come true, as well as adoration of her mysterious allure. You can present a bouquet of blue roses either to a beloved one as a recognition of their uniqueness and elegance, or to a person you respect and are grateful to, or to significant others as a sign of their importance in your life. But before doing this, make sure that the recipient is aware of the meaning of blue roses  especially if it’s only the beginning of your relationship.

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BLUE LAGOON ROSES by Rosaholics 

Given that these flowers are a symbol of a fresh start and dreaming up all the possibilities that life has to offer, they are a great present for the grand opening of a new café, restaurant, store, gallery, or to celebrate the launch of a fashion line or new product. Blue roses also represent the idea of change for the better. Send a bright blue bouquet to a person who has started a new job, received a promotion, or decided to participate in a new adventure.

In many countries, blue is regarded as a traditional color to represent masculinity, so they are a great choice for baby showers or families welcoming a new baby boy to the family. For these events, softer shades of blue are wonderful, like the roses included in the Serendipity Rose Bouquet.

Blue roses are also a good gift for a bride who has selected blue as one of her wedding colors. Bring blue roses to the wedding shower, and she'll love the thoughtful gesture!


As you can see, blue roses are super versatile. No matter what the situation, their extraordinary color makes them unusually striking and suitable for almost any event. 

DIY Blue Roses: How to Make Blue Roses at Home

If you are fascinated with these charming flowers, you may want to create them yourself. Why not give it a try? All you need is blue food coloring, water, white roses, a vase, and a napkin. Just follow these steps:

  1. Fill the vase with water, about half way up.

  2. Depending on how dark you want the petals to be, add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water. The more you put, the darker shade of blue the final tint will be.

  3. Take white roses and make small notches with a knife at the bottom of their stems, i.e. near the cut line. The additional notches will help the flowers absorb the water quicker. 

  4. Be patient! When the petals get the shade that you want, remove the stems from the water and pat down with a napkin to dry the stems.


It’s a simple process, but it takes up to 5 or 6 hours for the blue color to appear in the petals. Depending on the quality of the food dye, the color may not be as intense and smooth throughout all the petals. In any case, it's a fun DIY project for making blue roses at home. If you want to experience blue roses that have been tinted professionally, Rosaholics knows how to get wonderful shades and combination colors. Impress loved ones with the most exceptional blue roses they have ever seen!

With bold colors that aren't often seen in nature, these are the flowers that catch the attention of almost everyone. Their mysterious allure and undeniable beauty makes them desirable for almost any celebration. A bouquet of blue roses will add a wonderful sense of creativity and fun to your greetings and won't easily be forgotten.

How Long Do Blue Roses Last?

Like any cut-flower bouquet, the length of how long blue roses stay fresh truly depends on their original quality and care. Rosaholics invests in extremely careful cultivating techniques and relies on direct shipment from farm to door so that customers can enjoy super fresh blue roses that last much longer than those you pick up from a local flower shop.

In addition, you can always help make your blue roses last longer by taking good care of them. Cutting the stems and keeping the water fresh are just the start. Check out all of our tips for getting the most out of your blue roses and making fresh flower bouquets last longer!

You can order our beautiful bouquets for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any occasion in our Rosaholics store.


What do 12 blue roses mean?

Florists have a “rule of a dozen”: if there are more than 12 stems in a bouquet, numerical symbolism is not taken into account. 12 blue roses mean adoration and respect, care for the gifted person. In many countries, it is considered a symbol of nobility, generosity, and charity.

Why are blue roses rare?

Blue roses are a rare variety obtained not so long ago. To date, the most successful variety has been bred by Japanese breeders. The unique color of the petals was obtained due to the use of a gene that provides the synthesis of a blue pigment. Difficulties in growing are the main reason for the rarity of blue roses.

Are Blue Roses lucky?

Blue roses do not occur naturally. This color of the petals is the result of the selectors. Due to their rarity, they are believed to be given for good luck.

Is a Blue Rose a flower of love?

Blue roses are a symbol of rare nobility. They are often associated with blue blood and are given as gifts to prominent people. They are not a symbol of love, but you can give them as a sign that you think the person is special.

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