Think of presenting a nice bunch of flowers that will convey your romantic feelings? A combination of warm, delicate and bright colors is ideal for this purpose. Such a variety of both tender and intense tints will show all the shades of love that you hold. Their number also matters. One or a few dozen flowers always mean love confession. This is why the  romantic rose bouquet will be the best gift for dating, milestones, anniversaries or to reveal your feelings.

rose bouqet delivery

Meaning of colors

Using of these tints is not accidental: all they express different kinds of love. A bunch like this is not only a wonderful combination of shades, it has a deep meaning. So, let’s take a closer look at what its colors symbolize.


Such flowers are traditionally associated with love. And it’s not about perfunctory emotions: red reflects affection, desire, passion and devotion. It also shows respect, commitment and appreciation. This color adds deep and strong feelings to the meaning of the rose bouquet


Its delicate tint speaks for itself. Pink flowers give a sense of sweetness, admiration and gratitude. They reflect fragile and so dear to heart feelings you don’t want to lose. The light shade of roses, intensified by their natural tenderness, symbolizes elegance, bliss, grace, happiness and gentleness. They will convey all the winged sentiments you have towards your loved one. 


This color adds energy and fervor to the rose bouquet. It reminds us of fire and that’s why of passion and fascination as well. Orange flowers show that you’re excited about your partner. They also express enthusiasm and pride. 


A tint like this is unusual: it consists of two colors - light-purple and deep pink. The first one is a symbol of love at first sight. It shows that this girl or woman has completely enchanted you. Such flowers are also a sign of the wish to develop relationship. Bright pink shade means thankfulness and recognition. The presence of these colors in a rose bouquet reflects both the sweet feelings of infatuation and gratitude for all the good moments you had during long-lasting relations.

You can still choose

Though it’s a finished bunch of flowers, you have options to make it special. Picking the colors and their combination is usually the most difficult part of buying flowers. Rosaholics does it for you. All you have to do is to choose some extra details. 


Did you know that it also matters how many blooms there are in a rose bouquet? This mix of tints has a romantic meaning, that’s why we offer 1,2 or 4 dozen bunches. 12 flowers convey the message that you love someone. Double or quadruple number intensifies it. So, depending on how strong your feelings are and how long your relationship lasts, choose the most suitable option. 

Greeting card

Want to send this gift for some holiday, celebration or anniversary? Or just don’t dare to confess your affection one-on-one? Supplement a rose bouquet with a card! You can write there your warmest wishes or the sincerest words that will reveal your feelings. They will make your present special, more personal and convey a little bit of your soul. 


When sending flowers, we always care about their safety and integrity. That’s why we wrap them with special paper. It takes no additional cost if it’s a standard one. But if you want your rose bouquet to make a bigger impression and look magnificent, choose luxury wrap. Its dark color creates the image of elegance and splendor. For those who care about nature and ecology, Rosaholics offers organic wrap. 

Date of delivery

It’s an important factor when it comes to sending flowers. Sometimes this process may take a few days depending on the place of destination and the work of post service. That’s why it’s better to make orders beforehand. If it’s a holiday and you need the flowers to be delivered on a certain date, note it, and we’ll try to adjust sending. 


To stay fresh for a longer time a rose bouquet needs water. But what if there will be none at the place of delivery? Take care of it and send a vase together with flowers. It’s design and transparent color give it a classical look. Afterward, the vase will suit any interior and stay longer than roses, reminding of its sender.


They are associated with romantic atmosphere, dinner and candles. If this is what you’re going to make for a loved person, Rosaholics is ready to help you! We can add petals to your order. Just choose how many you want to get (150, 300 or 450) and what color they should be. For this rose bouquet, red, white and mixed tints are available. 

Presenting flowers to dear to our hearts people is always pleasant and exciting. Apart from exceptional beauty and joy, they can bear a special meaning. Red, pink, orange and purple tints express all shades of love from passion and commitment to adoration and gratefulness. Such a bouquet is a good option for those who want to confess their feelings or say once more about them. You can order it here.

September 07, 2023 — Gabriela Perez